Friday Four-Finding Childcare Alone

Mainstream childcare is expensive! The good news is that help is out there! You just have to know where to find it. You have to open not only your mouth to ask, but your home to give back as well.

Queen City Stay At Home Moms are open to watching each other children when needed. They work as a team. Every mom in the group understands what each one is going through and the obstacles to finding  suitable work, and affordable yet adequate childcare. They also offer their members  a discounted childcare service rate through The Big Sister.

Not everyone is in Charlotte, but the concept could work ANYWHERE. Here’s what I would do as a parent without local/ willing relatives or other support:

  • While out with the kids, observe the other moms. Notice if they would be someone you would want your child around. If so make a connection with them. If your child naturally navigate toward their child encourage them to introduce themselves….make friends. Then dive in on the parent. Go on exchange mommy cards.(Create your own mommy cards here)- please 🙂
  • Look for mom groups that match your lifestyle. A good moms group will make your journey in motherhood much more blissful. Of course you get what you you put in it, but building your mom tribe is never a bad idea. If you are active within the group, (keyword is active) you pretty much have created your own childcare system, especially if they have teen children… (In Charlotte? Click Here)
  • Speaking of teens- HIRE ONE! Retired women maybe an option too.Right now in Charlotte, are non certified sitter can get at least $9/hr. Add CPR beatification, more experience and other professional training and your rate goes up even more. If promise to feed them well , you may save even more. But don’t will happen with “busy-hard to listen little ones” No one wants to watch brats ..not even family members.
  • Find a job that offers free child care benefits. They are out there. Try

big BROTHER little.jpgI will tell you this, the better behaved your child is, the least they have to do, the easier you are to work with, the better your chances are for securing both affordable and adequate childcare.

Show The Teacher Some LOVE!!!

  1. a person who teaches, especially in a school.This is a wide group. I think it’s fair to say that mothers are the first teachers. Then there are public /private educators, professional tutors, coaches, professors, counselor; and ministers to just begin with.
 This week we are showing supper- duper love to all the teachers in our life!


So when you post a greeting, use #TeacherAppreciationWeek – okay?! 

With that being said here’s my salute to educators everywhere!

I LOVE WyZant! They have the best tutors available. Check them out!

Any home-schoolers here? Yes, we deserve our props too. Too many of us are doing it alone! Find a groups to support your efforts.They are out there, especially online. Not only will you resources increase, but so will your support circle as well. Don’t do it alone.

I appreciate what Senator Jeff Jackson said about Teachers in North Carolina


Homeschoolers just do it best* 🙂 We have all day –AND night educate our children.


Now time for the rewards! Below is a short list of perks for being educators/ teachers.  to check and make sure they will acknowledge your status. They can’t say anything but yes or no. Need a template for homeschoolers? Leave the request below & I’ll send over a sample. You’ll only need to print sign and laminate*.

Nominate an inspirational teacher to win a classroom grant.

Almost done, and so happy about that. My husband hates for electronics to be on while it’s thundering and lighting.

Thank you to our teachers, educators and administrators for making a difference every day in our community! Join us on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at a participating Metro Charlotte Area Chick-fil-A restaurant from 6:30AM to 10:00PM and receive one free Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit or Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich. One per person. Valid ID required. cfl

And check out Cassie’s Sweetz! She’s that teen vegan baker. She’s offering 50% off any Teacher gift sets! They start at just $16.00


Click this picture for more offers from your Charlotte Vegan teen, Cassie’s Sweetz! 

Click here for Teacher Gifts your child can make Easily!

Last but not least, if you really want to show your school teachers some love….. RAISE THEIR PAY!!! Okay gotta go, the children and I are studying now.

Wednesday Wow: 2016 NC Sheroes~”Moving Forward” Award Ceremony

shero cape shero

NC Sheroes Empower Other Women! 

“If I want to see change in this world, then I must be the change myself. If I want to empower and inspire women then I must be transparent and authentic in my own life.”


North Carolina have some amazing women. Behind them are equally amazing supporters like Momsrising, QueenCity Stay At Home Moms and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library, offering support along the way.

On Saturday, April, 02, 2016, I had the honor of hosting the 2nd

#NCSHeroes Award Ceremony!

If I was stuck on a island, I would be happy for any of them to be there with me. It’s because of that impression, that I was thrilled to be the host of this positive day of celebration. I’m about to tell you about each of them, but first Momsrising has a message to share—–

Doula, Melody Gross, of Nefer Mut Birthing, -Birth On; You ROCK! She reminds me of my favorite doula quote-  “The way a woman gives birth can affect the whole of the rest of her life. How can that not matter? Unless the woman herself does not matter”” B. Beech and B. Phipps

Daniele A. PapaGeogiou, of W.I.N.G.S. HOMESCHOOL Group. It’s great to have such a resource among us to lead and guide us toward a rewarding stress free homeschooling life. ROCKSTAR!

Miss Cassandra Prressley of Cassie’s Sweetz. I only wish that I was that focused at 15 years old, -Little lady,you Rock!  Yummy! Look at her menu! It’s crazy! Cassie’s Sweetz

Award winning musical artist, Tawana Ross, of BedRock Gospel. Thank you for helping other find their Rock! If you want to really be inspired by her just enter #BedRockGospel She is AMAZING!

Race Car Driver, LeeAnn “CarChick” Shattuck of The Car Chick . When most women just want to put IN gas, this fierce woman is hitting the petal to the metal. AND  then telling us ladies how to get in the car of our dreams! Yes, Yes, She ROCKS!

Yogi, Asha Sims, of Ashakti Wellness, I took away many things from her. The most important one was  – well two- were 1.  You can work out from your seat and 2. Your mind must be protected.

Last but most least, the informative, Jennifer Tremblay of Empowering Health . She had the room smelling like a spa as everyone entered. She works with her daughter. Both are  graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Find out more about  them at



Our panel was so diverse and knowledgeable. Representing women from many walks of life including the automotive industry.and new this year, the teen Entrepreneur. Respectively, LeeAnn “CarChick” Shattuck , a race car driver as well as an automotive expert and Cassie Pressley of Cassie’s Sweetz. She’s a vegan baker that specializes in smash cakes, lactation cookies, raw cakes, and other clean treats.

We also received a nice chair yoga exercise from Asha Sims, of Ashakti Wellness.


It was not your typical award ceremony, but what would you expect from a team of women planning it from the beginning to the very end. Thank you all to those who supported this celebration of Sheroes! Can’t wait to see you next year.

Here are more pictures from last Saturday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next year, they will receive actual crowns! Which one of these do you like?crown Want to nominate your shero for next year? Be our guest? ( CLICK HERE For Entry Form)


Friday Four: NCSheroes 2016-Why It’s Awesome!

It’s back! NCSheroes! NC Sheroes is a yearly celebration of amazing women from the state of North Carolina! These women are trailblazers in their own rights ranging from the music industry to homeschooling with out fear. It will be held at Beatties Ford Road Library, in Charlotte NC on 04.02.2016 at 11;30am -1:30pm I have four reasons why you should not miss it!

  1. Our awardees:

trTawanna Ross is not only a Property Manager at Charlotte Housing Authority, and CEO of Make Jesus Famous, she is also  a full time mom!

Tawana Ross is a voice to the nations. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, her anointed voice is as “one crying in the wilderness” while giving God the Glory always. She is humble, yet her determination to fulfill her calling from God has captured the attention of the nations. Tawana’s character, integrity, agape love, and scriptural honesty provide her the ability to touch the hearts of individuals and the Church.

She does yearly toy drives, concerts and mission trips through out the year and you can find out more about Tawana  HERE, on Facebook-and by phone -704-763-9353
Bedrock Gospel


Danielle Appleman Papageorgiou has been homeschooling, or “lifeschooling,” for 14 yearsd
and has run the WINGS Homeschool Group for the past eight. She has a passion for helping other homeschoolers learn how to homeschool in a way that does not compete with family life, but actually enhances it…homeschooling done in a spirit of freedom, not legalism. Danielle has been married to her amazing husband, Jon, for 16 years and they have three talented and fun children on earth, Konur (14), Elleina (12), and Korban (4), as well as a baby girl, Myla Grace (born at 14 weeks) in heaven. Konur recently released a computer game online (




Cassie Pressley is a 15 year old vegan baker from Charlotte NC. She is a Jr. at Providence High School and she creates clean treats. Her signature line includes smash cakes, raw cakes and lactation treats. As an amateur baker and home-school to public school student, she  began following the lineage of great chefs in her family and  days of Spring break under  Ms. Renora, a family friend. After watching documentaries on documentaries on animal cruelty  Cassie was inspired to combine her passion for vegan-ism and anything sweet to establish Cassie’s Sweetz. She delivers locally and ships anywhere.


kLeeAnn Shattuck is the co-owner and Chief Car Chick of Women’s Automotive Solutions as well as an automotive expert, speaker, author, radio & television host, and champion race car driver. LeeAnn is passionate about educating women about cars and about empowering them to make informed decisions when purchasing, selling and servicing automobiles. Known around the world as “The Car ChickTM”, LeeAnn has been featured on national radio and television programs and regularly co-hosts the internationally syndicated radio show, “America’s Garage”. She also stared in the Speed Channel’s new reality show, “R U Faster Than a Redneck”, along side comedian Jon Reep, NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace, and Dukes of Hazard star John Schneider.
LeeAnn’s Dream Car: That’s a tough one. So may cars, so little time… but, I’m a Porsche girl at heart, so a 911 Turbo convertible. (No offense, Maggie.) Click here to find out more about LeeAnn   Shattuck    Office: 704-248-8706


Melody Gross is the owner of NeferMut (beautiful mother) Birthing in Charlotte, Northdr
Carolina. NeferMut provides labor/doula support  for mothers and their partners including physical and emotional support, advocacy and evidence based information. Melody received her training with Ubuntu Birth Workers Collective. She holds a professional membership with Evidence Based Birth. She is also the co-founder of Charlotte Doulas of Color. As a passionate advocate for pregnancy choice for women of color; Melody will also include Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Consultant to her list of capabilities.







Jennifer Tremblay is a Charlotte-based Certified Holistic Health Coach, specializing in natural health solutions, including Essential Oils… plant-based medicine. She has a passion for sharing healthy tips and recipes, and helping others to get and stay well. And, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… her daughter, Samantha, is also a Certified Health Coach. Jennifer earned her MBA in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices in 2008 and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013. She coaches and teaches both in-person and online, and has authored several books and safe Cleanse programs. While she primarily works with women between 40 and 65, she also has a special place in her heart for those struggling with disease, and the people who love them. She has seen first-hand with her husband (of 31 years), Paul, who has Parkinson’s disease, how switching to better food and lifestyle choices has dramatically improved his quality of life and slowed the progression of the Parkinson’s symptoms. She enjoys playing tennis, rollerblading and organic gardening.


2.  It’s on a Saturday! Everyone has something important to share, and if that beautiful energy is wasted, then the world never gets to see it, and a girl misses out on what it feels like to be strong, free, worthy and capable. What better day to gain knowledge, self improvement and be entertained? These women have such incredible stories to tell. They will inspire to you reach your dreams regardless of your today. It’s worth  two hours of your time. Especially if you have a young child(ren).  This is where you should be with them!


3.It’s designed to support, strengthen and empower women to grow into the best versions of themselves.It is very easy to tell girls, ‘Be strong, you are beautiful, you are capable, don’t do this, do that, don’t worry about that, who cares what others think, etc. What is missing is 
the idea of instilling worth. That’s what this ceremony does!


4. There will be free parking, free admission and free refreshments! What more can you ask for? See you Saturday!


Thank You and Love to all of our Community of Sponsors, Partners and Supporters, QC Supermom


Charlotte’s Journalism Camp For Kids

Charlotte Youth Broadcasting Camp is a three-week summer broadcasting program for teens. Rising 8th-12th graders experience a unique curriculum designed to develop and support students’ journalism and  media genres. This creative 3 week program encourages students to challenge themselves technically and artistically through study and hands-on practice. Student participants are trained in the fundamental principles, techniques, and craft of broadcast journalism. This is accomplished through a combination of lecture, demonstration, in-class hands-on production, and the students’ own work. Moreover, the participants in the program will be uniquely positioned to benefit from the full service  in dept media culture and professional exposure of the Charlotte- Mecklengburg Area.



Broadcast Journalism Camp Dates

June 13th – 17th  T.V. Broadcasting Week

June 20th – 24th  Radio Broadcasting Week

June 27th – July 1st Sports Reporting Week   (final session)


A Typical Day At Campmeda

  7:30 am Early Drop Off (breakfast snacks served)
  8:00 am Camp Starts!
  8:45 am Learning Activities and Morning Ice-Breakers
  9:45 am Break
10:00 am Learning Activities On-Camera 
11:15 am Learning Activities Journalism 
12:15 pm Lunch (Provided by Sponsors and CYBC)
  1:15 pm Learning Activities Sports Reporting
  2:15 pm Break
  2:30 pm Learning Activities Radio Broadcasting 
  3:30 pm Learning Activities Digital Creations
  4:30 pm Daily Recap
  5:00 pm Free time and Pick Up!
  6:00 pm Final Pick Up!!



N. Patel

Lake Norman, NC

My business partner told me about this camp. One of the things that caught my attention was the diversity amongst the campers. It was boys and girls of all races. The fact that the camp is being organized by a national broadcaster, professional guest speakers, media projects and lunch being included provides the most value and quality for the price.

   1.) Pay by March 31, 2016 for the 1st week of  camp and get $25.00 off weekly fee.

           Mention Code: CYBC1 

   2.) Pay by March 31, 2016 for any 2 weeks of  camp and get $55.00 off total cost. 

      Mention Code: CYBC2

  3.)  Pay by March 31, 2016 for a11 3 weeks of camp  and get $90.00 off total cost. 

         Mention Code: CYBC3

Cost – $ 300 per week    This fee includes full day instruction,  lunch and 2 snacks

J. Mitchell

Charlotte, NC

“This camp has had a big impact on my daughter. I sent my daughter to this camp because she has a tremendous desire to major in journalism. I wanted her to get first hand knowledge and experience. She has already given me a to-do list of what to get for her to pursue journalism like an I-pad, editing software and internships. It has help my daughter to possibly decide which college to attend. I believe my daughter will be successful because of her attending this program.”



Can not be combined with any other specials or promotions.Past guest speakers have been Thomas Davis(NFL) and Michael Metcalf (NASCAR) during Sports Reporting Week, TV reporting week Ken Lemon of WSOC, Coleen Harry of WBTV, Jason Brown of TWC14, Christina Watkins During Radio Week past field trips have been The CW, Charlotte Today Show, ACE and TJ radio Show [iHeart Radio].

*sibling discount only applies after 1st sibling (from regular camp fee).

Questions? Contact Ms Antriece at 704-222-6925  or log onto —> today!

About TobyMac: HITS DEEP TOUR 2016 Concert Review

It was February  in  Charlotte, NC at the Time Warner Cable Arena. After various amazing acts, “HE” arrives on stage!  Well after that, it a just magic!

TobyMac is one talented man! He is cool as a cucumber and smoother than yogurt! I didn’t want to leave. as he sung, my daughter whispered (well  yelled, you get the point) “Ma, they are singing their hearts out!”

I have never seen the arena that packed! They poured in from all age groups. Soon I found myself nodding my head and throwing my hands in the air to his urban , spiritually hyped flow! It was that awesome of an experience.

If you have never attended one of his concerts, and want to feel a bit of his incredible energy….. click below. (be nice guys, my camera was struggling from my upper level seats)

To see more videos click here! If I didn’t learn anything else. I learned not to judge a book by it’s cover and people love good music! TobyMac is amazing! Go see him in concert if you have a chance. I asked around and discovered that folks come in from as far as Raleigh NC and Columbia SC.  So yeah, he’s worth the drive. Now, be sure to get your tickets early; as you seen in the video above, he draws a full house.

I’m so happy I was afforded this opportunity as a blogger to witness this powerful experience! I gotta jump on Youtube now and learn the lyrics to some of my newest favorite songs!

Here’s where he’s going next–>

February 23
Oklahoma City, OK
Chesapeake Energy Arena

February 25
Rio Rancho (Albuquerque), NM
Santa Ana Star Center

February 26
Phoenix, AZ
Talking Stick Resort Arena

February 27
Inglewood (Los Angeles), CA
The Forum

February 28
San Diego, CA
Viejas Arena

March 3
Las Vegas, NV
Thomas & Mack Center

March 4
Reno, NV
Reno Events Center

March 5
Fresno, CA
Save Mart Center

March 6
Sacramento, CA
Sleep Train Arena

March 10
Seattle, WA
Key Arena

March 11
Portland, OR
Moda Center

March 12
Boise, ID
Taco Bell Arena

March 13
Eugene, OR
Matthew Knight Arena

March 15
Kennewick, WA
Toyota Center

March 16
Salt Lake City, UT
Energy Solutions Arena

March 18
Denver, CO
Denver Coliseum

March 19
Kansas City, MO
Sprint Center

March 31
San Antonio, TX
AT&T Center

April 1
Bossier City (Shreveport), LA
CenturyLink Center

April 2
Belton (Waco/Austin), TX
Bell County Expo Center

April 3
El Paso, TX
Don Haskins Center
121 Glory Rd, El Paso, TX 79902

April 5
Lubbock, TX
United Supermarkets Arena

April 7
Wichita, KS
INTRUST Bank Arena

April 8
Omaha, NE
Baxter Arena

April 9
Milwaukee, WI
UW – Milwaukee Panther Arena

April 10
Moline, IL (Quad Cities, IA)
iWireless Center

Which one will be be going to? Let me know after the show, okay?!

See you later aligators,



Friday Four: Turning Dreams into Reality

I like to drop treasures along for others to use after they have proven to be an asset.. Because I know the struggle when you try to do something different- something positive -something different, for yourself and family. I hope these four tips make your journey a bit easier.

How to Turn Dreams into Reality

1. Tell someone else what your hopes and dreams are – and what you plan on doing to get you there. Speaking out our plans and goals helps us commit to persevering. But be mindful. There are people out there that will attempt to steal your ideas.

2. Put it on your calendar and carve out some time to invest in your dreams – every day, if possible. Be realistic.

3. Start with something small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s also motivating to see your Star Seed Self succeed (and that becomes more likely if you start with baby steps.)

4. Leave reminders everywhere to motivate you to “keep going”. Reward yourself along the way.


5. When you feel like giving up – just stop and focus on “right now”. Doing that will stop you thinking up a whole book of excuse. For me, looking at my children is all the motivation I need.  Can You Believe It…. they want to eat  EVERYDAY!


Come join me in my next adventure…….minion 700

Dad v/s Dad-Daddy’s Home (review)

Anyone Can BE A daddy, it takes a real man to be a co-daddy!


See this movie on Christmas Day!

Parents, you know those pictures your baby brought home from school? The ones with stick people? Go grab them out of the file cabinet and take a look at them. If you had a broken leg, or a dagger in your head, or anything else hurtful like that, chances are your kid(s) don’t like you. It’s not my words, it’s what passive, step daddy, radio executive  Brad said.


In a perfect world, you get pregnant, then you, your man and baby live happily ever after.The End. I know it doesn’t always work that way. It didn’t for me. And that’s not a bad thing.


In the movie,  there is a single mom of two small kids. Their dad, Dusty  walked out and Brad happily  rushed in bearing huge smiles and groceries filled arms! Unlike the kids dad, he is responsible, wants kids, stable, and just an all around safe bet for the family.

Unfortunately,the kids don’t like him because he isn’t their dad. Normal Right?  Dusty returns and the battle of testosterone begins!  He now wants his family back.He moves in the family home, making breakfast with his big muscles,charming and Fix It Duck self.–Just a bad arse*– But mama, keeps holds it together and it ends like a well written 21st century fairy tale.Daddys-Home-(2015)-poster

No spoiler alert here but I will add, that the children WIN!

I tend to look deeper when I watch movies. I look at the roles each character plays. Both dads brought something amazing to the family.

There was a load of messages in the movie. 

~ Some fights can be danced out

~Children are taught racism from their role models

~ Blended families can work and it’s worth any and all efforts from both natural mature  parents

~ Take advantage of any and all parenting help.

Young crushes are still so very cute ! This movie is chock full of button popping laughs. See it on Christmas Day!!

Friday Four: Things You May Not Know About Me

As a blogger and mom coach I share a lot. It helps others see that the differences we have are not differences at all and that everyone has there own cross to bear.  However, even in one on one coaching sessions, I hold back bits of information. BUT I was in a sharing mood as I pondered on what to write for today’s post.  Secrets! Everyone LOVES SECRETS.  Here’s four no one knows about me! Ssssh, don’t tell a soul.


  1. I have put out one of my own children. I was raised a certain way. Certain things were just never even considered acceptable or possible. Because I refuse to be mainstreamed by these new age parenting gurus, I chose to rely on what my mind and heart says is right. At the time I put her out, I felt that reality need to set in. When I’m feeding , housing, nurturing, and struggling for you and other influencers can entice you with more worldly and  defiant ideas, it’s a good time to open the door and let the child see for herself if it is really glamorous as it’s stated. At 16, she’s isn’t a complete fool, so it may work out for her, is what went through my mind. So she stayed out for 36 hours and begged to come home. The grass was not greener and although she was safe, she knew that the pressures of real life isn’t what she wants – just yet.
  2. I hate shopping and I’m  dressing handicap. I don’t understand how shopping assistants can do their jobs everyday! I thank GOD for my infinity belt. It’s simple to put on and it goes great with everything! First let me say, If I had to describe my uh, dressing style, it would be somewhere between, “I don’t plan to get out and ” Not a soul knows me there, so I’m good.” That theory used to work well for many years. Lately, not so much. Between hanging with Queen City Stay At Home Moms and business errands for Queen City Stay At Home Moms, I’ve had more people approach me with “Heeeeey, I know you…. You’re the mom coach or you’re the one that is everywhere, knows everything, and trys out all those cool things.” I like that- trust me, I do but here’s what I do— Click Here-—.
  3. My family would rather eat from Golden Corral than my kitchen. They love my veggie lasagna, cabbage and sweet potato fries….and that’s it. They LOVED when my son comes home because food is it very best! They say my Johnson & Wales relationship takes over.  (mind you, I earned two degrees- NEITHER, the B.S. or A.S are in culinary.)
  4. I don’t believe that energy can be destroy. It just comes back in another form. I trust that after death a person’s spirit is sent back.   I swear that I’m raising at least three of my elder  family members right now. And that’s not a bad thing!im

Well, there you have. Did any of that surprise you?