I Will Now Pronounce You Husband & Wife…SELECTING A WEDDING OFFICIANT

Before you say “I do”, do a little homework on who you select to marry you. The right marriage officiant can make a world of difference in your wedding, marriage and entire life.

A religious ceremony, performed by an ordained officiant such as a priest, rabbi, or minister, is recognized not only by the state, but also by the affiliated religion. 

A civil ceremony is performed by an officiant who has been certified in accordance with state laws — a county clerk, justice of the peace, mayor, or celebrant affiliated with a nonreligious organization.

wedding party in Charlotte

The officiant you choose can enrich your overall wedding experience and help you prepare for married life. Getting to know your officiant and discussing what you can expect from each other will help eliminate unnecessary anxiety on your wedding day.

Planning my wedding was one of the most empowering things I have ever done. I loved everything about it. Our wedding was a love story. I’ve learned that every couple has one. As a recent Universal Unitarian Wedding Officiant I love helping couples share their story. Being a wedding officiant as I’ve learned is much different than planning a wedding.  Learning on the job has been a blast. I’ve put together a few things that should be covered by both the couple to be wed and the officiant. This is kinda large in volume so I broke it up in two blog post. 

wedding cake After the date has been confirmed, find out: 

  1. What is your main responsibility as an officiant?
  2. Can you recommend other wedding vendors?
  3. How much interaction can we expect leading up to the wedding? Are you available for questions?
  4. What is your biggest challenge when officiating a wedding?
  5. What is the funniest or oddest moment in a wedding you celebrated? 
  6. What is your wedding officiant attire?
  7. What is your rock bottom wish for every couple?
  8. Will you be responsible for mailing the license to the state after the ceremony? 
  9. Can you do personalized rituals within the ceremony, e.g, Hand Blessing, Rose Ceremony, Unity Candle, or Sand (uniting of your two families) Ceremony? 
  10. Do you require any pre-marital counseling or religious class?
  11. Do you have a written agreement or contract?
  12. Would you like to join us at the reception? 

What are your credentials? charlotte Marriage offiiant

Ensure that the officiant is licensed or registered to perform a wedding in your state by contacting the city clerk. You can also ask the officiant which seminary he or she was ordained through, then contact that seminary. Years down the road, you wouldn’t want to discover that your marriage is not legal.

How much do you charge?

Know what, exactly, you will be paying for. Talk about deposits and types of payment, as well as cancellation and refund policies. Inquire about fees for traveling out of town, which include transportation costs, hotels and meals, and costs of (commuting) time. The wedding officiant is the person who must fill out the wedding certificate and send it in. Wedding Vendors in Charlotte

Here are a few important questions to ask yourselves:

  • Do we feel comfortable in the presence of this officiant? Does he or she seem flexible?
  • Does he or she seem genuinely interested in us as a couple, and honor our spiritual beliefs?
  • Do we intuitively feel we can entrust ourselves to this person for this important and tender part of our wedding?

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LOVE, Jabela

Friday Four: APPLE CAMP (Intro To Coding for Kids)

Whitney Houston sung it best, children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way….. 11850992_10155922453620252_1128459361_n

The middle boys spent 3 days with the great folks of APPLE to learn a bit about programing! Since my skills weren’t the best I figured I would take advantage of a free workshop offered my local store. The invite read:

 Apple’s program is for kids ages 8 to 12 and focuses on teaching kids to “shoot their own footage, create an original song in GarageBand on an iPad, and put it all together in iMovie on a Mac.” The workshop runs over three days, with 1.5 hour classes. At the end, kids can present their masterpieces at the “Apple Camp Film Festival” and take home their completed movies.

APPLE CAMP In SouthPark Mall

Oh yes, we’re in! Any type of computer programming can help kids develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills rings my ears to join in! It encourages them to be not only consumers of technology but also creators.

This drag and drop programming opportunity for the boys was awesome. Here;s four reasons why every child should participate in one coding class!

  1. You get a chance to learn something new, It may spark a inner techie in you!
  2. The child gets to explore on someone else’s technology. Your Ipad and tablet will be safe. No repairs to worry about. You couldn’t be in better hands than at the place where the sale began at. On top of the will learn a new skill by professionals.
  3. Being proactive in your child’s education/ intelligence wellness helps them become life long problem solvers. In other words, they will think better. N more running ont walls.
  4. Build on that. If your child enjoyed it, encourage him to keep going. Do you know how many people have computers? They will never be broke or bored! As technology evolves, so will his income, learning, influential opportunities

Eaim and Amen

Also check out these links:

Problem Solving Games-  Here are three games that my kids have particularly enjoyed. They teach basic problem solving ideas in different ways:

Programming Tutorials From Made With Code by Google: Google’s Made With Code project has a mission of encouraging girls to pursue careers in computer science. The Made With Code projects are easy to follow, and if your kids are completely new to coding, don’t fret. There’s something for both intermediate and beginning coders. Plus, there are even more tutorials in the Resources section with new offerings released periodically.

Many students don’t have access to computer science courses until college, and that’s a missed opportunity to introduce younger students to programming. There are many tools out there that provide a great introduction to computer science for students, but here are a few of our favorites.

First, here’s a story about a 9-year-old writing full-blown iPhone apps

Coding For Kids directory

Like the Apple CAMP- these are FREE:  These use similar controls to drag blocks into a workspace, but it only runs on the iPad. The controls and characters are not as extensive as Scratch and Tynker, but Hopscotch is a great tool to begin helping students without coding experience learn the basics of programming, logical thinking and problem solving.

Scratch   Tynker  Hopscotch  Coursera.org

Daisy the Dinosaur      Cargo-Bot  AND HERE FOR MORE



Get your little ones in a class right away! They are NOT too young to learn.


Vinegar: it’s Not just a Kombucha thing!

The brand we keep in the house for EVERYTHING!

The brand we keep in the house for EVERYTHING!

Many folks think vinegar is just for drinks but it isn’t. Get maximum use for this super liquid by trying one of the tips below!

add vinegar

Vinegar is kind of the “superhero” of green household cleaning products. It can be used in various ways to keep your house sparkling clean and using white distilled vinegar as an all-around cleaner is preferable to store bought harsh, toxic chemical blends because it is safe to use. One reason some people may steer clear of using vinegar is because of the not so pleasant aroma. Personally, I like it, and once it dries there’s no smell at all! I also adore the fact that white distilled vinegar is CHEAP.

Here’s some idea for Cleaning with Vinegar

Windows & Mirrors – Fill a 16 oz. spray bottle with ½ vinegar and ½ water to clean windows and mirrors then wipe down with newspaper for a streak-free shine.

Microwave– To clean out a dirty microwave put 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 5 minutes. Let stand for 15 minutes and wipe out with a damp cloth. This will loosen the food particles for easy cleanup.

Dishwasher – To help remove the film left over from your dishwasher soap you can fill your rinse dispenser with vinegar and your dishes will come out squeaky clean.


Refrigerators & Counter Tops – Keeping a spray bottle on hand filled with ½ vinegar and ½ water makes it easy to grab to clean the counter tops. Use it to clean out the refrigerator on a regular basis too. You won’t have to worry about using this solution around your food because it is non-toxic and all natural.

Crusty Coffee Pot – To keep your coffee pot free from nasty buildup, use a full pot of straight vinegar and run through a normal brew cycle. Then run two regular pots of water through the brew cycle. Do this once a month and your coffee pot will thank you.

Underarm Stains – To get rid of these unsightly stains many people just throw the shirt away but you don’t have to. Use full strength vinegar in a spray bottle to soak the stained areas. Leave in for 15-20 minutes before washing as usual and you should be rid of the underarm stains and any associated odor.

Cheap Fabric Softener – You can use vinegar in place of your normal fabric softener in the rinse cycle for the same (or better) effect for a lot less.


Bathroom – Pour in one cup of full strength vinegar into your toilet, leave it for 10 minutes and then clean as usual. Your bowl will be clean and fresh.

Grimy Tubs/Showers– (I added this for my daughters) Use vinegar, the half and half mixture in a spray bottle, to keep your shower clean. Just grab it when you’re done showering and spray down the shower, tub and shower curtain, let it! Even when cleaning around kids’ bath toys.

Our Moms say “Buy Some ACV Today!”


One thing I love more than savings money, having great times with my family and morning hugs is discovering ways do live better so I can continue to do everything I mentioned above. Some say that Apple Cider Vinegar is the ticket. It’s been whispered about for years.

Check this out! I asked my moms from  Queen City Stay At Home Moms to share their tops testimonies and here’s what I got. I’m sure you’ll find something to help you if needed.

10 Amazing Facts About Apple Cider Vinegar 

Hair rinse: Skip harsh shampoos and wash away buildup with an apple cider vinegar rinse. When used as a follow-up to baking soda, this do-it-yourself treatment makes strands shinier, reduces frizz and seals cuticles. It also simulates the scalp to promote hair growth.

Toner: Psoriasis sufferers praise apple cider vinegar for reducing inflammation. Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and rub on your T-zone or other dry spots to prevent breakouts and minimize blemishes.

Mouthwash: Mix apple cider vinegar with water, then swish around in your mouth. This antiseptic will break down plaque and bad breath-causing bacteria.
Face mask: When you combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. Leave this detoxifying, deep-pore treatment on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Bath solution: The next time you get ready to slip into a warm bath, add one to two capfuls of apple cider vinegar. It draws toxins out of the body, leaving behind toned and moisturized skin.

Wart removal: Can’t afford surgery to get rid of warts? Try placing a cotton pad soaked in apple cider vinegar on top, then secure with a bandage. Leave on overnight and remove in the morning. If you stick to this consistently for a week, you should start to see results. (Warning: Don’t pick at your skin as the wart dries up.) cider

A mom from Queen City Stay At Home Moms said: “I drink it every morning in 16 ounces of hot water, soak my scalp and hair in it to deep clean my scalp which really helps clear up the seborrheic dermatitis that forms there, and I’ve used it to clear skin rashes on my daughter. Works like it’s Magic!!!”

Foot soak: Go the natural route with your at-home pedicure and use apple cider vinegar to soothe aching and swollen feet. This provides instant relief for pregnant women, runners, high-heel lovers and flip-flop wearers.apple-cider-vinegar-healing-body
Sunburn remedy: Laying out in the sun is fun until you get burned. Relieve pain and minimize peeling skin by applying a wash cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar to the area.

Age spots and varicose veins treatment: Many women claim that drinking apple cider vinegar (with water) maintains youthful-looking skin. But a way to stop signs of aging, including age spots and varicose veins, is to simply dab it on before going to bed.
vinegar cider
Deodorant: The smell of apple cider vinegar is putrid, but it pales in comparison to underarm odor. Rub a little into your pits and the odor will eventually neutralize.

Do you use apple cider vinegar in your beauty regimen? Give us the deets. For more information click the images and go to the sites.

Friends don’t let friends take bad cough medicine

Homemade Cough Syrup


You won't need loads of crazy chemicals to get better!

You won’t need loads of crazy chemicals to get better!

Because our family eats MOSTLY whole, nutrient-dense foods, and because we have been blessed with healthy immune systems, we rarely catch the bugs that make the rounds. (For this I’m definitely grateful!)

But when sickness does overtake us, we reach for natural and traditional remedies to heal our bodies whenever possible. The original version of this recipe appeared in the 1982 edition of Herbally Yours.

Cough Syrup

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp fresh grated ginger OR 1/4 tsp ground ginger 1 clove garlic, grated (optional) 2 Tbls raw honey 1 Tbls apple cider vinegar 2 Tbls water (optional)

Place all ingredients in a small jar with a tight lid and shake to combine or whisk vigorously in a medium bowl. The mixture will stay fresh for several days, especially if stored in the refrigerator, but try to use it all with in the first two days.

Take 2-3 spoonfuls every few hours or as needed.

The Ingredients

The cayenne pepper has capsaicin, which acts as a pain reliever. Even though it’s also what makes hot peppers spicy, capsaicin interrupts the pain message between the nerves and the brain, thus alleviating the pain sensation. It is warming and stimulating to the nerves, thus increasing blood flow and promoting healing.

Ginger is a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-nausea agent. It likewise is warming and stimulating to the nervous system and is helpful in relieving chest congestion. I prefer using fresh ginger because it is more potent and the juice is especially helpful in this recipe, but ground ginger is certainly a worthy substitute.

Garlic is known for its anti-viral properties and stimulates the immune system. Include the garlic in this recipe if you are fighting a particularly nasty viral infection.

Honey is soothing, tasty, and coats the throat. Raw honey is packed with nutrients and enzymes and is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial substance, due to the propolis, which is what the bees themselves use to seal the hive from bacteria and infection. One study has shown that buckwheat honey is especially effective for cough relief.

Apple cider vinegar has a plethora of beneficial uses and in this case provides antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. It also provides a large number of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids, which boost the immune system and promote healing in the body.

Note: And obviously, due to the honey content, this syrup should not be used with an infant under the age of 12 months.


I hope this helps Jennifer & others!