I Will Now Pronounce You Husband & Wife…SELECTING A WEDDING OFFICIANT

Before you say “I do”, do a little homework on who you select to marry you. The right marriage officiant can make a world of difference in your wedding, marriage and entire life.

A religious ceremony, performed by an ordained officiant such as a priest, rabbi, or minister, is recognized not only by the state, but also by the affiliated religion. 

A civil ceremony is performed by an officiant who has been certified in accordance with state laws — a county clerk, justice of the peace, mayor, or celebrant affiliated with a nonreligious organization.

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The officiant you choose can enrich your overall wedding experience and help you prepare for married life. Getting to know your officiant and discussing what you can expect from each other will help eliminate unnecessary anxiety on your wedding day.

Planning my wedding was one of the most empowering things I have ever done. I loved everything about it. Our wedding was a love story. I’ve learned that every couple has one. As a recent Universal Unitarian Wedding Officiant I love helping couples share their story. Being a wedding officiant as I’ve learned is much different than planning a wedding.  Learning on the job has been a blast. I’ve put together a few things that should be covered by both the couple to be wed and the officiant. This is kinda large in volume so I broke it up in two blog post. 

wedding cake After the date has been confirmed, find out: 

  1. What is your main responsibility as an officiant?
  2. Can you recommend other wedding vendors?
  3. How much interaction can we expect leading up to the wedding? Are you available for questions?
  4. What is your biggest challenge when officiating a wedding?
  5. What is the funniest or oddest moment in a wedding you celebrated? 
  6. What is your wedding officiant attire?
  7. What is your rock bottom wish for every couple?
  8. Will you be responsible for mailing the license to the state after the ceremony? 
  9. Can you do personalized rituals within the ceremony, e.g, Hand Blessing, Rose Ceremony, Unity Candle, or Sand (uniting of your two families) Ceremony? 
  10. Do you require any pre-marital counseling or religious class?
  11. Do you have a written agreement or contract?
  12. Would you like to join us at the reception? 

What are your credentials? charlotte Marriage offiiant

Ensure that the officiant is licensed or registered to perform a wedding in your state by contacting the city clerk. You can also ask the officiant which seminary he or she was ordained through, then contact that seminary. Years down the road, you wouldn’t want to discover that your marriage is not legal.

How much do you charge?

Know what, exactly, you will be paying for. Talk about deposits and types of payment, as well as cancellation and refund policies. Inquire about fees for traveling out of town, which include transportation costs, hotels and meals, and costs of (commuting) time. The wedding officiant is the person who must fill out the wedding certificate and send it in. Wedding Vendors in Charlotte

Here are a few important questions to ask yourselves:

  • Do we feel comfortable in the presence of this officiant? Does he or she seem flexible?
  • Does he or she seem genuinely interested in us as a couple, and honor our spiritual beliefs?
  • Do we intuitively feel we can entrust ourselves to this person for this important and tender part of our wedding?

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LOVE, Jabela

Wednesday Wow: I am NOT a Hoarder! I Recycle

If I throw away all of those mixed matched gloves, I could never make such great crafts.

If I throw away all of those mixed matched gloves, I could never make such great crafts.

It’s not trash unless there is a big hole, a couple of large stains AND 2 sizes too small for the youngest in the house. I hate throwing things away! Although my husband would call me a hoarder. I beg to differ. Call me an extreme recycler at best. What ever will I do if Michelle Obama daughters   stops by for crafts or  tea and I don’t have their favorite tea or  age appropriate craft to share?… because my kids and husband were happily tossing my supplies out the back door???

By definition, I’m good. As it states: Hoarding is a compulsive disorder in which a person collects mass amounts of objects, creating large and potentially dangerous mountains of stuff in their home. Often, the hoarder will not be aware of how out of control their addiction is, but will continue to purchase more.

I have these yoga pants. Every time I put them on, my teen daughters start to team up on me.They ask  “Are you really gonna wear those again mom”? Now a days, I just slide them right on up and grab my keys while heading to the door.  After all, I buy my clothes, they fit well and they feel so darn good when I put them on, almost like they were made just for me. So much  that I modeled in them with Noah at a recent Fashion Show at my favorite consignment store.  I restore! Doing this increases both our creativity and savings account. Name it, I bet with a little thinking. And thinking some more,it can have a second life.


For example, baby tees. I had a few bleached ones. A few of them, I put printer printed letters on them, others I redesigned them with bleach.

Bleach Art:  ‘Add more bleach!’ Why throw away a spotted shirt? Using bleach pens, paint brushes and a few stencils, you can have a brand new baby T. Best of all, it

takes very little time.

To make little monsters: draw the monster with a bleach pen, outline the bleach with black


 fabric paint, and add buttons for eyes ) Now, it becomes the cutest “T”you’ve ever seen.
red eyes

 Now speaking of tea.I purchase and drink over 3 boxes/containers of tea a month. I love great full body tea. So once I got my compost bin going, I was very happy to find a loving home for the used


ones, but I’ve learned that they may be missing a hole ‘nother phase in life before the big “last stop.” -think eye packs…..

 My rule of thumb is simple- it doesn’t always work, but it’s my plan.  1. Write everything down online. 2. Keep flat surfaces clear. 3. Find a place for everything. 4. Never leave a room empty handed. 5. File, don’t pile. 6. Purge and declutter often. 7. Make a plan. 

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I do fear that my family will submit my name to the producers of Hoaders. Till next time, think 3R (recycle reduce reuse) QC Supermom

The Review of The Rise Of The Guardians

A movie themed play date, how cute!

Last week we had the best play date. Instead of making color with food items and then create works of art with our hands, we explored The Rise of the Guardians.

We gathered 12 of our most creative kids and turned them loose with crayons, pencils, coloring sheets and tattoos. Guess what? They loved it! We threw in a couple of trailors from the movie. 

Our goal was to get them familiar with the characters before actually watching the upcoming screening. Once we got to the movies it proved to work as we planned! They stayed on the edge of their seats, following the scenes zap by zap and hope by hope. It was funny to see how tight a few of the 2 year olds were holding their toy elves.

Not only did they recognize each character in this epic 3D movie, but even the more fierce parts were less intimidating for them because they already knew the good guys from the bad ones.

Parents view: 

We parents loved the music, the message of self-discovery, common day relevance, and even the music was exciting! This is not your regular 3D movie. It’s a wonderful film for our children, teaching them that positive thought and cheerfulness gets you . Every moment was beautiful to look at and you get lost in the saga of Jack Frost, Father Christmas, The Sandman, Easter Bunny and The tooth fairy. If you are like us,you will feel happy that these characters actually exist for your little ones. You will be taken into caves, window tops, fighting a greyhound and painting eggs, collecting teeth etc. Yes, a must see it is! 

Teens View:

Santa was cool! We’ve never seen an Easter Bunny like that before and the Tooth Fairy, she was beautiful.Seems like I’ve seen Jack Frost before. He was a regular guy with super powers-coooool! Bottom line, nothing beats a great 3D movie with awesome characters!

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 On November 21st, be sure to go see it after your Thanksgiving dinner!  Till next time- QC Supermom

Wednesday WOW!: Disney on Ice “Worlds of Fantasy” – Review

Charlotte NC, Disney on Ice “Worlds of Fantasy” – Review

We had another great family event in the Queen City. Last night, Disney On Ice “Worlds of Fantasy” premiered at the Time Warner Cable Coliseum. It was unbelievably packed and everyone was just as excited as my children were! We seen some of the most amazing costumes ever from the tiniest of spectators!  It’s things like that I like to see. How others prepare and enjoy themselves to attend live shows . Did they like Disney as much as my kids & I do. Just looking at the little smiles and big, bright, souvenir hibiscus, plastic, flower hats in the lobby – BEFORE the show, I’d say YES.  Everyone was totally ready for what was about to happen live…… (Even the ones that came in representing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness as I did).

The World’s of Fantasy tour featured Car’s, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. I was really curious to see how they would portray the cars show on ice, but confident that we wouldn’t be disappointed. The best hint I can give is to just think of it as a intense highlight of old favorites, while giving everyone a sneak peak of a new Disney movie called Tinker Bell.   (We’re sold- I think we’ll watch it) 

Minnie and Mickey started the tour in a shiny red car that careens around the rink, much to the delight and awe of the young crowd. When the car breaks down, rusty old Mater shows up to tow it, joined by the lovely-in-blue Sally and some of her friends, sporting high-gloss paint, tail fins and white-walled tires. It was amazing to see the cars looking just as they do in the movie but on ice ya’ll!!

Next on stage was The Little Mermaid. The music and colors were fun, bright and just great. And that  Barbie…..she’s still fly after all these years!

I’ll tell you something else. It was jammed packed with learning moments.  It covered self acceptance, team work, loyalty, sweet friendships  and even betrayal. At some point when Andy had to give up the toys I was fast to use it as a learning opportunity for my 3 and 5 year old.  The simple  minute skit help explain to them at least three lessons:

1. It’s great to share your things with others if you no longer need them.

2. It’s smart to take good care of your toys, otherwise they will collect all of their parts back together & pull your toes once you fall asleep.

3. As people get older, they change friends as they move from preschool, up through high school to college and beyond. Some are like silver and others are like gold. Mom will always be there no matter what!

The end of the show took place in Pixie Hallow with Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends. It was so fun seeing the fairies take center stage and the plot line was really fun. I can say out of all the Disney on Ice shows we’ve seen, nearly faultless ice skating and all it was fantastic! It was filled with tremendous feats of skill and talent, excellent choreography, strong plot, costumes just out of this world. A first class production.  This show really offers something very special for everyone in the family. 

I took my 13, 12, 5,3,2, and 4month old. The 4 month old did well. He slept through most of it. When he was awake, he did just fine watching all the wonderful excitement that he could handle.  The little green army men seemed to be his favorite part.

Here are my tips for taking a nearly three-year-old:

  • Take their favorite toy (as long as it’s not too big!) or dress them up. It makes a great conversation piece when they get older.
  • Try and make sure their view isn’t blocked as best that you can.  The ushers at Time Warner Cable are very attentive to everyone’s needs, so this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Talk to them throughout the show about what’s happening. It’s just another way to maximize their learning time. (Yes, I homeschool)
  • Take a sweater! It’s Disney On Ice…..burrrrr!……ice = cold! 🙂
  • Take them for bathroom/potty break at intermission and of course before it begins!
  • Feed them before you leave out for the show, That stuff is EXPENSIVE.
  • Above all, let them be kids. Watch them jump, sing (The Circle of Life”, “Be Prepared”, “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” to name a few) & wiggle! 

Now, how do I get this pixy dust out of my eyes? 🙂


The show runs until October 14th. The following are showtimes still available to purchase tickets at www.timewarnercablearena.com:

Thursday, Oct. 11 @ 7:00pm

Friday, Oct. 12 @ 10:30am & 7:00pm

Saturday, Oct. 13 @ 11:00am, 2:30pm & 6:30pm

Sunday, Oct. 14 @ 12:00pm & 4:00pm

Promo code: MOM is still available for use on selected shows & times (expires 10/14)

Please make a note that you will still be responsible for service, facility and handling fees.

This is solely the opinion of  QC SuperMom . Other people may have different experiences with the show.

Thanks to Feld Entertainment, my family was able to enjoy a night out at the Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy show. We are no stranger to the Disney on Ice shows and have seen many since my 2nd son was two. We have come back time and again for the wonderful family time that is affordable and remember-able.

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