Labor Day 2013 was for the Monkeys!

Since 1882 families have been kicking their shoes up and sitting back to bid adieu to summer ‘s baring heat. How did you celebrate? We didn’t do anything too elaborate. No grill out. No yard party. No t.v. games at all. We just chilled and guess what? It was all good.

A few minutes more & MJ would've been trampled!

A few minutes more & MJ would’ve been trampled!

Labor Day is the first Monday in September. Many people mark Labor Day as a reminder to hide white shoes in the closet ( don’t ask me why, I wear mine all year round.) while others use the day as the last chance to surf the waves or host other outdoor events, and even to celebrate the beginning of football season.

Jump! Jump Jump! Burn ALL of that energy out before coming  back home!

Jump! Jump Jump! Burn ALL of that energy out before coming back home!

This year, we just hung out with a bunch of jumping monkeys! No worries, No stress, just happy and  content. We got lunch from the market, jumps from the happiest place on Earth & great company! What more could we ask for?

MJ himself came out to say hello!

MJ himself came out to say hello!

Can’t wait to see what the next few Labor Days will be like……

Sept 7 2015     Sept 5 2016     Sept 4 2017

Sept 3 2018     Sept 2 2019       Sept 7 2020

Till September 7, 2015 be blissfully laborious – QCSupermom

What A New Mom Needs


The postpartum period begins after the delivery of the baby and ends when the mother’s body has returned as closely as possible to its pre-pregnant state. This period usually lasts six to eight weeks. Sociologically, she has other needs. See the soft reminders below.

  1. Save me some money. Offer to take my baby pictures. You know those hospital pictures as overpriced. I may have something cute to put my lil one in & I’d rather pay you.
  2. Ask me if I mind recycled gifts, like a stroller, car seat, crib, clothes, diaper bag, etc. I just might need it.
  3. Make us a big salad, a big pan of lasagna with a nice homemade dressing on the side and a gallon of mint tea and clean the kitchen completely afterward. Drop it off, wash your hand if you want to hold the baby, do that and leave shortly afterwards.
  4. Come over about 2 pm in the afternoon in your work clothes to water my plants, feed the dog and dust my house. Hold the baby while I have a hot shower. Let me take a nap, while you fold all of the laundry or do some.  Ashley - Doula
  5. Put a sign on my door saying “Dear Friends and Family, Mom and baby need extra rest right now. Please phone first. All donations of casserole dinners would be most welcome. Thank you for caring about our family.”
  6. Remind me to keep myself up. If you gotta find my black yoga/leggings pants or scarf, high lyrca -cotton cami, please remind me to wear it. If we’re going, remind me to grab  my cover up or
  7. Take my older kids for a really fun-filled afternoon to a park, Imaginon or Monkey Joes and feed them healthy food from Earth Fare.

Ashley Cassie sweetz Never be afraid to ask for help. These are the kindnesses that new families remember and appreciate forever. Things that really make a difference are the services for the body and soul. Most of your friends and family members don’t know what they can do that won’t be an intrusion.