Wednesday Wow:A well trained child rarely becomes a stupid college student

I know that I should be all giddy and full of composure. But that neon sign saying “Your children are growing up- prepare now!” has gotten 4 extra bulbs. In less than 2 years, I will have another child graduating from high school. The next year, the same thing. They are leaving me and it’s ….gonna….be…..okay.

For some reason, this seems much harder than it was with my son are few years back. Because my son has always been on the go, playing basketball all over the East Coast from a very young age, we’re used to him being away for long periods of time.

Last week, she asked to go out to a teen foam party downtown. My response was, “Sure,what time should I be ready?

I digressed and she, her sister and cousins went out together. I didn’t have a valid reason to refuse her. Security was there, everyone was checked at the door, and last but not least her dad and I had already grossed her out and given her a solid education on PROMISCUITY.

Party tonight, college tomorrow  THEN hit repeat !

Party tonight, college tomorrow THEN hit repeat !

Thank God for Lyft! Lyft is a service where you claim a driver via android or iphone app and rates are typically cheaper than a taxi because the driver is using their personal car. Anyone can use it. I think I’ll pass the details to my son in college as well. ( If you have seen a pink mustache on a car in the city, that is Lyft!) The girls rode home from the party for free with them. They were timely AND home before 10:30pm. (My QC Supermom free ride code is listed in video!)

So I guess I need to begin preparing now. Not only will I be without my favorite teenaged partners in crime, I’ll be outnumbered again in the house,as it will be my husband and the four boys.

Here’s what all moms could do to start preparing now for the big day:

1. Encourage your child to decide on the qualities she wants in a college.  Your job is to be the supporter now. Don’t be PTA mom in the parking lot. Let your child go into the dorm on their own, find the RA and locate their room. She is learning to be an adult now.

2. Go tour the college for a weekend. If it’s out of town find good hotel and dining deals online. Or see if you have family in the area to visit. While there,help your child find the dorm R.A. (Resident Assistant), who is your kid’s safety net. If you have any special medical, banking, social, etc,.that’s the person to discuss those needs with privately.

college student advice

3. Get technology savvy.  There is Sykpe, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat,and Instagram available today. Check in via phone or e-mail, and send cards and care packages to let your child know that you are thinking of him/her. Make sure your child feels connected with the family by sharing events and activities at home. I loved it when my parents send me large sharable boxes.

4. Re assure her that she’s ready and her confidence will comfort you. Your adolescent is likely to face increased social pressures in college, with less adult supervision. Talk to your child in advance about sex, drugs, and alcohol on campus, and explain the consequences of risk-taking behaviors. Discuss ways in which your college student can ensure his/her safety while fully experiencing college life.

What ever you do, don’t say, “What am I going to do without you?”

He spends just about all of his time with his brother when he comes home.

He spends just about all of his time with his brother when he comes home.

You’ll do great,

QC Supermom