The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ ends on a cliffhanger!

“WoW!” That’s all I can say. The story lines, and all the way up to the thigh grabbing  ending was just……..WOW! Nothing was predictable or dull about this movie! This blogger life granted two of my daughters and myself the opportunity to see the movie before it was open to the public.  So we grabbed our cozy covers, some quick in and out snacks and ventured out. Any reason to spend time with my girls are enticing to me but come on……. “The Avengers?” My husband side eyed us the entire time as we got ready to go!

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So the movie picked up the story from Wakanda  and infused other powerful Marvel characters —including Bucky, Black Panther, Groot, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Mantis, Drax, Star Lord, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man. Needles to say it was action packed, funny, heartbreaking and left us with a sense of defeat.

I will not deliver any spoiler alert to you but definitely recommend that you go see it.

DISCLOSURE: I did not grow up following the Avengers so all of this is new to me. However, if you grew up in this time or is currently a fan of the collection you already knew how and what happened.  And for you I have just 4 (four) words for you; “Free Comic Book Day! ” Yes On The Same Weekend!!!

 Free Comic Book Day 2016

Free Comic Book Day, takes place on the first Saturday of May, it’s an annual promotional effort by the North American comic book industry to help bring new readers into independent comic book stores

Here’s what’a happening in the Queen City-
Join the Beatties Ford Road Library on May 5th for our 5th Annual Free Comic Book Day.
From 10 am-4pm, come pick up some Free New/Used Comics, strike a pose in our superhero photo booth, play video games and so much more.

*Hickory Grove library will also hold its 1st Free Comic Book Day event

also –>  on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 (10:30 am – 1:30 pm) Spandex City in Charlotte, NC is your must-visit family-friendly destination!  Doors open at 10:30 am! This year, there are 50 different Free Comic Book titles! Each family will receive a grab bag of Free Comic Book Day comics, plus a Free Marvel Comic and a Free DC Comic!*

Those of you, like myself who only pick comic books up only to place them on the book shelf – venture out to a local celebration. Not only can you get a free comic book, you may also be lucky enough to see a few animated friends while there!

I’m sure you’ll see a bunch if you are planning to attend the Comic Con at the Convention Center. and not to mention…… FREE BOOKS –  (You can’t really go wrong with free comics featuring DC and Marvel superheroes, right? But remember to check and ensure your little ones choices are age-appropriate. )

Speaking of Heros, the founder, is also hosting a family fun event at his store Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find.

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If these events aren’t close to you, use this link to find a closer bookstore. Use this FCBD Store Locator. Sweet right!  Have fun!


“Free Comic Book Day is a great event for the whole community. Bringing everyone together, finding books for everyone to enjoy, and seeing people of all ages-children, teens, and adults-sharing our passion for comics is incredible,” 


Friday 4: World Breastfeeding Week

Noah nursing…..just as he was moments ago at the library.

This has become to be known as World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) celebrated every 1-7 August to commemorate the Innocenti Declaration. World Breastfeeding Week was first celebrated in 1992. Now it involves over 170 countries and is endorsed by UNICEF, WHO and FAO.

Yes it was almost two weeks ago, but I have to share what happened! Even with all the information out there nowadays promoting breast-feeding and nursing mothers’ rights, there are still breast-feeding-phobes among us. And what’s even more disturbing is that some of these phobes are parents themselves.

The recent incident at Beatties Ford Road Library in Charlotte, NC is a perfect example. Watch The clip here . After a complaint from other library volunteer, a library employee asked me to either stop breast-feeding my 2month old or go to the nursing room around the corner out of respect for others. How is asking a woman to feed her baby in a cold windowless square respectful? I was nursing rather discretly if I do say so myself.  Just watch the clip for more info.

Apparently some still think a woman breast-feeding her baby is more obscene than women walking around in skimpy bikinis. My response will always be: “If you’re not prepared to have tough conversations with your children, then you should rethink parenting.”

According to an editorial by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner David Horsey, “From business offices to high school classrooms, modest displays of cleavage are commonplace. Bolder up-front fashions are standard at dance clubs, proms, beaches and bowling alleys. Breasts are so out in the open in America these days that it has become ho-hum. Yet, when a new mom exposes far less skin while trying to satisfy a hungry baby, some people still get upset. Yes, some of them are crudely sexualizing this maternal function, but many others with a more traditional way of looking at the world are simply made uncomfortable when they observe a breastfeeding woman. For them, nursing is a purely private act and it should stay that way.”

Eating has never been a private act. If someone at your table was eating with his mouth open, would you ask him to go finish his meal in the bathroom because you’re seeing too much?

If you’re one of those folks who get uncomfortable around a nursing mother, give it a break /get over it. It shouldn’t upset you;I’m giving my hungry baby a meal.

Thanks for stopping in. Feel free to leave your comment below! -QC Supermom

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