Friday Four: Dogs have super powers!

Why we love Star Pressley, the super terrier albino.

6 years ago we got Star from my sista’. She is a terrier. Not sure what type, but she’s amazing!

Right off the bat, our little albino terrier stole our heart. She was obedient, fast, tiny and just a real sweetheart. You couldn’t ask for a better play mate for the boys out side and a petting buddy for the girls in the house. Even my hubby liked her, even though he has yet to admit it.

She kept us laughing and on our feet. The kids loved feeding her and even grew to love grooming and picking up after her. Some of the lesson we learned from star could only be taught by a non human. Like compassion, non verbal communication,coping skills and yes even self esteem.

Star was our first family dog and we loved having her! I would catch the girls reading, talking to her like a true friend. When we moved, we had no where to put her, but my dad helped out so off to South Carolina she went.

She looked a mess when we picked her up. But my 15 year old looked GREAT. 1 out of two aint that bad. As my daughter was staying down there also. Fast forward- once we got back to Charlotte, we couldn’t wait to roll in the grass, race,play tug-n-drag with our smallest bundle of joy.

Instead, she growled at the neighbors and boo-boo in front of the dogs next door fence,then scratched our 3 year old in the face. At that point, I WANTED to escort her myself to the time out pound. When it a choice between my lil ones and a pet, my children’s safety will always come first. I just wish that he didn’t interfere with her lunch at that time.

After I got my whoosaaah on to control the anger. I realized that she being with my dad with little to no human interaction has taken a toll on her.

A year, salon visit, 2 hair bows, a bandanna  green tea and potato soup later, she’s back happy here with us again.Over time with patience, I know she’ll get back to where she was  a year ago. We love our all in one exerciser, clown, dress up doll, play-buddy, stress relieving, feisty little girl and can’t wait to declare her our best friend again.

If you are looking to get a dog for your family and is wondering which breeds are best, here is a list of the top 10 breeds for kids. Please consider going to the shelter first to find one.

Best Dog Breeds For Kids*
1. Golden Retriever
2. Labrador Retriever
3. Poodle
4. Irish Setter
5. Vizsla
6. Newfoundland
7. Collie
8. Bull Terrier
9. Beagle

10. Bull Dog (that one shocked me I must say)

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