The Good Food Force 2014

IMG_0974Last week I attended a PTA meeting at my daughters charter school. On the agenda was FOOD. The principal was concerned because the students were wasting more food than eating and it was costing them too much money to continue to pay for the current outside caterer.We came up with many options that included

  • Inhousing lunch time prep and distribution by the culinary students
  • Having children bring in thier own food,and microwaving it if needed
  • Installing Fresh food vending machines
  • Creating partnerships with local resturants for year long agreements for donated food

IMG_0884Well, right off the microwave thing was out of the window.I don’t want to microwave or pack food in plastic containers eaten by my daughter.

My preference was to build a garden on the property and have the culinary students not only maintain it but prepare the other students food with the harvest.

We can even apply for the Field to Fork Grant (The Field to Fork Program provides 6-month grants for supplies and guidance of growing a pizza garden full of spinach, tomatoes, and herbs.
Applications accepted through Friday, November 21, 2014.
CMS elementary classrooms are eligible. Multiple classes from a school are welcome to apply. Download an application at 
) I’m sure there is one in your area if you look,google, or ask around.

IMG_0877Just to be clear, this isn’t a Charlotte school problem, it’s a kid problem. Everyone is strategizing on how to get healthy food to – and inside children affordably?

Last weekend in Washington, DC we came up with a plethoria of strategies. The main point was not only to make good food famous but to build a network to support your efforts as a mom, consumer, and voice for your family!IMG_0914 Ronald, Skittles,and even the USDA, are not the boss of our kitchen!

Here are some more quick facts (via MomsRising) to ponder!

  • Nearly 1:3 kids in America are at risk for nutrition-related diseases like Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Schools play an important role in keeping kids healthy. 40% of students buy one or more snacks at school each day.
  • Children are also heavily influenced by junk food marketing. 73% of the foods advertised on t.v. shows for kids are for convenience / fast foods and sweets

Why we’re so excited about the Good Food ForceDon’t miss the 5th!
The timing could not be more urgent for us to speak out in support of healthy school foods, and against marketing junk food to kids. Check out these useful fact sheets on both issues.

Want to know more?
We’re always looking for new members. Please contact us at

Don’t miss the 5th Annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair in Charlotte THIS SATURDAY (always the 3rd Saturday in November) See more about that here: Take a look at the line up:

11- 11:20 am Mr. Nigel’s Music
11: 30 -11:50 am : Re-Fashion Show
Vendor Showcasing ( Preparedness Consulting Group, LLC– 2014 PRESENTING SPONSOR )
12:30 – 12:50 pm Yoga with Asha Sims
1- 1:20 pm Martial Arts Demo w/ Jeremy Kempka
1:30- 1:45 pm Cooking With Kids Demo

See you there!tc