Wednesday Wow: I have a mind virus stuck in my Messiah Trap.

In all of my life  I have never heard the term ” Messiah trap.” It refers to someone who tends to help other more than them self.  Mind virus is another word that was new to me until today. Both words make really good sense when defining someone that has a deep seeded fear of succeeding.nelson

I had to meditate on this post. I wasn’t sure if I wanted such a  vulnerable side of myself to the world wide web for all to discover.

But maybe it will help others. Who knows!

Some times I ask myself: “If I made a million dollars this year in sales generated from mom consulting, nursing cover ups, Cooking with Kids Classes, and other services that I provide for my moms support group, what would I do with for my self, also I ask, If someone I admired, said that I was amazing, how would I respond? I can see myself, just smiling and quickly throwing back a compliment, because I’m not the best compliment receiver. 

So am I a procrastinator (mind virus) or am I stuck in the Messiah Trap    (wanting to help others reach their goals MORE than I do mine)

 With 6 children in the house,it’s hard to make regular time for my other pursuits. I figure, if the old saying is true”What’s for me is for me. It won’t go anywhere. I can pick up my “steam ” once my youngest gets 6 years old. But to my defense, It has word.I have done ALOT OF GREAT THINGS that happens to be inline with what I want to do later on a full time basis.This year alone, I have created job sharing opportunities for my moms group, negotiated many group discounts and even organized some amazing mom support workshops and events. So I’ll give myself a little break.bc

A friend said to me a few days ago, “Kelle, any time you start something big or life-changing with labels like not good enough you shut down your growth before you’ve even begun. Messiahs come in various varieties. You may see in yourself any of the following: pleaser, giver, rescuer, counselor, teacher, protector, or crusader. Whichever combination, you are susceptible to becoming overextended and over invested in the lives of others.”  a big part of letting go of the messiah trap is connecting to others on an equal footing. Taking your turn as well as giving other’s theirs. Not only do we all need support, but we deserve it as well..Although it felt weird to hear my name in the same thought of a Messiah, I understood the message. I’ll continue onward towards my next goal in small steps. My mom’s group, Queen City Stay At Home Moms will be hosting a EFT event  at The Baby Grocery Store in a few weeks. I heard the tapping can help me get over my subliminal fear of success . We’ll see how that goes.


Wednesday Wow: Swag!! The Re-Used Edition

Swag is great! I love to see lil Wee’s ripping the pathways. But does swag HAVE to rip my purse too?

I say heck’s to N-O!

One area of our budget we have really been able to save on is clothing. Thrift stores  (and even yard sales) are great places to find kids’ clothes for less. I love that I can get name brand, good quality clothing that last through several children for a fraction of the cost. Someone once told me that, although my children didn’t mind wearing second hand clothing when they were little that would all change when they reached the teen years. I disagree, so far I have three lil boys and  two teenage girls that love shopping at the thrift store.

I asked my kids what they thought of shopping at the thrift store and here are some of their responses. I did not prep them at all. I just took out the camera and asked who wanted to talk about thrift stores, these are honest opinions from my kids.

 I have nothing in my closet but Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister. I’m beginning to get a little tired of me dressing the almost EXACT same way everyday just with different colors. I dont dress to impress other people, I dress to impress myself. Lately most of these outfits i get come from second hand stores. I love them. 13 Deanna


Having ‘swag’ is your own personal style and personality.Not following behind trends.You have to have a confidence to yourself, like you’re the hottest thing when you walk in a room. 12 Cassie

I have loads of fun dressing my younger 2 boys, but the 2 older ones, and daughters, I can call it a wrap. Because they do appreciate great finds at “Make mamma happy prices!” i think more moms would shop if they saw great things from the racks, as well as hearing someone say”Heay, it’s okay to shop here!” So, that’s just what we’ve (my Queen City Stay At Home Moms & I) have been doing for 3 years now.  We  help moms by bringing that same message on home with a Re-Fashion Show at The Total Children’s Wellness Fair 2012.

by proving that you inevitably don’t have to spend $80 for a t-shirt for your son.

Look at these cute pics I grabbed off line. Would your lil one rock it?  

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Here are just a few of my most favorite places to shop for my children

in town-

and online-

Watch this swag video. Bill Cosby is in it! 🙂

Fitted Jeans:…


And fresh shoes:…

if you prefer skateboarding shoes:…

Printed T’s:…

these kind of vests:…

Put together outfits with these types of clothes using neon colors or Pastel colours, etc, you cant go wrong.


I avoid the over priced thrift stores and try to shop on the special sale days. You do have to know your prices to make sure you are getting the best deal.

(thrift shopping tips here!)

and here!

Children With Swag-  QC SuperMom

Nobody has everything, but everybody has something. Use what you have right now! Use it wisely, freely, with love. Wherever you are, use your time, energy and talents to do the best you can right now.