I Will Now Pronounce You Husband & Wife…SELECTING A WEDDING OFFICIANT

Before you say “I do”, do a little homework on who you select to marry you. The right marriage officiant can make a world of difference in your wedding, marriage and entire life.

A religious ceremony, performed by an ordained officiant such as a priest, rabbi, or minister, is recognized not only by the state, but also by the affiliated religion. 

A civil ceremony is performed by an officiant who has been certified in accordance with state laws — a county clerk, justice of the peace, mayor, or celebrant affiliated with a nonreligious organization.

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The officiant you choose can enrich your overall wedding experience and help you prepare for married life. Getting to know your officiant and discussing what you can expect from each other will help eliminate unnecessary anxiety on your wedding day.

Planning my wedding was one of the most empowering things I have ever done. I loved everything about it. Our wedding was a love story. I’ve learned that every couple has one. As a recent Universal Unitarian Wedding Officiant I love helping couples share their story. Being a wedding officiant as I’ve learned is much different than planning a wedding.  Learning on the job has been a blast. I’ve put together a few things that should be covered by both the couple to be wed and the officiant. This is kinda large in volume so I broke it up in two blog post. 

wedding cake After the date has been confirmed, find out: 

  1. What is your main responsibility as an officiant?
  2. Can you recommend other wedding vendors?
  3. How much interaction can we expect leading up to the wedding? Are you available for questions?
  4. What is your biggest challenge when officiating a wedding?
  5. What is the funniest or oddest moment in a wedding you celebrated? 
  6. What is your wedding officiant attire?
  7. What is your rock bottom wish for every couple?
  8. Will you be responsible for mailing the license to the state after the ceremony? 
  9. Can you do personalized rituals within the ceremony, e.g, Hand Blessing, Rose Ceremony, Unity Candle, or Sand (uniting of your two families) Ceremony? 
  10. Do you require any pre-marital counseling or religious class?
  11. Do you have a written agreement or contract?
  12. Would you like to join us at the reception? 

What are your credentials? charlotte Marriage offiiant

Ensure that the officiant is licensed or registered to perform a wedding in your state by contacting the city clerk. You can also ask the officiant which seminary he or she was ordained through, then contact that seminary. Years down the road, you wouldn’t want to discover that your marriage is not legal.

How much do you charge?

Know what, exactly, you will be paying for. Talk about deposits and types of payment, as well as cancellation and refund policies. Inquire about fees for traveling out of town, which include transportation costs, hotels and meals, and costs of (commuting) time. The wedding officiant is the person who must fill out the wedding certificate and send it in. Wedding Vendors in Charlotte

Here are a few important questions to ask yourselves:

  • Do we feel comfortable in the presence of this officiant? Does he or she seem flexible?
  • Does he or she seem genuinely interested in us as a couple, and honor our spiritual beliefs?
  • Do we intuitively feel we can entrust ourselves to this person for this important and tender part of our wedding?

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LOVE, Jabela

Friday Four: The Total Children’s Wellness Fair ’13 Line up

This years Total Children’s Wellness Fair is almost here!

November, 16th 2013 500 W. 32nd St. Charlotte NC 11-2pm

November, 16th 2013 500 W. 32nd St.
Charlotte NC 11-2pm

Can you believe it? The fair is THIS WEEKEND!!!

So who is coming to Charlotte’s ORIGINAL, 4th Annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair THIS Saturday? Here’s a partial list.  There are a few I want to leave as a surprise!

Sassy FIT Balance Consulting
Monkey Joe’s Park Road

Oneaka Dance Company

Earth Girl Products by Asha
Baby Signing w/ Tracy

NC Herbal Group
Re-Fashion Show Wellness Ridge
Gracie Barra Charlotte – (Jiu-jitsu)

Kidtastic Getaway

Sugar Bear Skincare

Stand & Deliver Communications
Cooking W/Kids

Earth Fare

Credible Cravings

Avon w/ Felicia
It Works Scentsy
Exodus Chiropractic

South Hill Designs
Heartsavers ( CPR)

Credible Cravings
Muslim M.o.m.s.


FINANCIAL Workshop W/ Hope
Chef Michael v/s Chef David

Delta Zeta Pearlettes
QC Stay At Home Moms

Sai The Violinist
Charlotte Babywearers

Diaper Cakes By Joanna Z.

Green Sprouts

Mecklenburg County Fruit and Veggie Coalition

Citi Side




Wednesday Wow! Our weeklong hotel diet


Today makes the 3rd day that my family has been living in a hotel, waiting for the home closing. I was at the grocery store today to pick up a few items to take back to the hole. (that’s what I call the hotel room.) The hotel is actually nice. As you know, I’m a BIG chatter. I’ve never met a stranger.  Soooooo in conversation, the produce guy asked me about the Naked Juice that I just placed in my cart.

I told him that I’ve never had the coconut water but I did know that coconut water is good for a BUNCH of things. He told me that it sound pretty good for the price.  Then I told why I had to grab the last 6 packs of it. To my surprise, he told me that he had been living in a hotel for months and have gained more weight than he liked. He asked for tips………..(people actually pay me attention. Imagine that???? 🙂

Anyhoots, I was  happy to give him my best advice for eating well while staying in a limited resource hotel.

First and far most have a diet  plan.   Lists may not excite you like they excite me (I FRIGGIN’ LOVE LISTS), but planning is super important!  Think about what you plan on eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks for the upcoming week.  What utensils do I have to work with? If you don’t have bowls, don’t buy soup in a can. If you don’t have an oven, don’t buy raw chicken. Luckily I had access to a fridge and a microwave

2. Know your surroundings. Where is the nearest BilO.  (Yeah, you might as well enjoy the benefits of their fuel perks program & save gas while you feed your family)  Wal Mart has been a life saver for our personal hygiene, can’t find and baby related items. Knowing where the library is and free places for the kids to eat helps also!

3. Think outside of the box.  There are SOOOO many thing that you can in the room on a multi purpose need.  Here are a few. Shower rail- dryer, Ironing board and iron- grill cheese sandwich maker,  cups, tooth brush holder, Make your hotel room coffee pot your friend!

It’s not just for coffee anymore!  Pack miso soup packets or stock up on canned beans and/or soups at the local convenience store or market and heat up quick and healthy dinners in the comfort of your hotel room. This way you not only save time and money but you are sure to eat well before running out for a day of adventure.

Ice bucket, don’t chuck it!

Use the ice bucket as a mixing bowl and the ice tongs to toss dressings and sauces into salads, noodles, etc.

We’ve even been able to continue homeschool. There has been no change there.


Here are some additional resources:

Just a yummy list of eateries-

Everyone is looking to save a little money these days and with hectic school schedules and extracurricular activities sometimes it’s easier and cheaper ( and healthier- thanks EarthFare) just to take the family out. But taking the family out doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. Charlotte has dozens of restaurants that offer free (or very cheap) food for kids on every single night of the week.

Kids eat free in Charlotte

Kids eat free here too


These photos are of our dinner at EarthFare South Park and a few snacks from our suite at the hotel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.











Boxer Joe F., singer Heavy D. and “The Fair“NOT!”

Last week was such a WEEK!  Anything that could happen just about did & you really just had to charge it to the game of  life!  

One of the worlds greatest boxers, Joe Frasier died, then R & B singer, his Hotness ‘ Heavy D. followed. (My cousin dated him- when he was just Dwight) but that wasn’t how my week started.

Oh no. no. no‘!

Sunday evening , I got a call & I was told that I couldn‘t have the fair at my church because of structural and other liability issues. OKAY!!!! Now- Really? I‘m thinking- Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – heck- 6 days BEFORE  the wellness fair & I‘m JUST now being notified??  What planet does that make sense on????    So Monday, I took that day to regroup. I battled with the idea of just canceling it or finding another spot quickly. To me securing another place would prove 2 things; where’s there a will there’s a way, & that I was totally committed to the kids, event partners, and event sponsors. So Tuesday I got to calling & typing. I had a new spot by Wednesday. Now, I had to do everything all over again. (Yes, I micro manage, & yes I‘m working on that) From the list of 17 partners we started with, it had dwindle down to just 8- oooooookkk!

Job Corps- ran out of supplies, Curvy All Over, was getting out of the hospital, Carlos. V., Smile Starters, caught – a brain draft……..I could go on & on with the list, but I’ll save that for another post. I could understand why they were no shows for the most part, but I wont take much from their professionalism.

But Earth fare South Park ( Children Chef competition), Jr..League WearHouse,(Re-Fashion show) Niki Barbar of Aquarian Hands, (a birthing consultant)“Jamel”(oooooooooo- that boy can sang- click the link!), Hope S. Piggie, a certified C.P.A. (She hosted a dynamic workshop called from Piggy bank to bank accunt) Photographer, Alvin was there to take “Shutterfly”sponsored photos,  (inbox me if you want a few free prints for the holidays) Oneaka Mack, the beautiful choreographer, shared a wonderful African dance demo- (video will be in next fb post.) and Wanda B, of Physical Perfected, (completely held it together ) – they came out and just ripped it for our crowd of less than forty chaps from the neighborhood.

We didn’t waste anytime. The workshops were hosted, {CHECK} the awesome door prizes were awarded, {CHECK} the youth gained great insight to wellness {CHECK}, our event partners felt that their time was well invested {CHECK} we listened to “Jamel” {Ooh-DOUBLE CHECK} and we left! {Yes, sounds like another successful Total Children‘s Wellness fair to me!} Folks that arrived after 1pm was shocked to see the parking lot of the Boys & Girls Club on Milton Rd. was cleaned out. To them I say, enjoy the soon coming photos and videos  and of course be on time next year.
God willing, the Total Children Wellness Fair will be hosted again on the 2nd Saturday of September, from 11-2pm. In closing, look what my horoscope said yesterday about me.

Sunday, Nov 13th, 2011 — Once you make up your mind, no one will be able to talk you out of your decision. You are ready to stand behind your commitment today, making you a formidable opponent if your judgment is questioned. Nevertheless, your stubbornness can be misleading because you’re interested in discovering what’s real, and are not as close-minded as you sound. Back up your penchant for the truth by showing your intellectual flexibility when it’s appropriate.
Yup- that’s KelleKeisha- QC Super mom!


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