Wednesday Wow:Halley Berry’s Daughter said WHAT?

himThis has been a busy week. I’ve been all over the place with workshops, births and the children’s educational pursuits. The other day, something came to my mind, and I had to remember why is it that I never talk about my husband.

Yes, the wind beneath my wing, my main cat, my biggest driver, baby daddy, my King, anchor, my barrel of crazy. “Rajah.”

I think because of my mission is to uplift motherhood so much I’ve always focused on strengthen the mother child bond over the husband-wife connection. Let me put a pause in the thick of things to shed light on the importance of a great marriage via Nahla Berry.

I came across this heading, ”  Halle Berry’s Daughter Creates “Top Ten” List For Married Couples  ” It was a  segment of Late Show With David Letterman with an adorable “Top Ten Ways to Stay Married” list, created by her 6-year-old daughter, Nahla.

My first thought was…. how in the world would she know such things, but if you listen in, the little angel has a pretty good head on her shoulders. Bless her heart.

In the comments, someone mentioned that she know these things because of her moms failures. I say whatever it takes to make you a better person- go for it. I learned a lot watching my parents and other couples around me. I knew right away what I wanted and didn’t want in a relationship. I also watch myself. I didn’t want to ever be ” that type”  of wife. You KNOW WHAT I’m talking about. Go on and let your mind drift  anywhere you like.

When I met my children’s father, I MUCH thinner, more wild, and less enlightened. I’ll be the first to tell you that, over the last 16 years, I’ve been able to improve on two of the three things posted. He can accept that because I have accepted his changes as well. Why? Because he is still a great partner, meanest cheerleader and respectful friend. I guess it’s fair to say that, I get more production over problems with him.

The SUPER parents

The SUPER parents

In closing, I thinks it’s a great list and should be considered by any soon to be bride. Take a look and tell me what you think while I figure out wear I’ll wear my wedding dress to next.

Friday Four: So why did I get married?

Today is my wedding anniversary! Whoot Whoot! Time for our our yearly review. Sounds weird to you? Hmm, if so think of it this way, today is for validating why we got married and it’s still worth it staying that way.

09.20.13 Perkins-Pressley Wedding

09.20.13 Perkins-Pressley Wedding Anniversary

Last week I asked myself do I really want to do a post called “Why did I get Married?” Then it hit me why not? My husband and I fight like siblings, make up like lovers and push each other like competitors and inspire each other as only true frienamies could do. We’re far from normal but we are so good together.

Rog “Mr Fix it”: 10 years my senior. Engineering student. 20 year Jack Of All Trades. (carpenter, mechanic & musician) Very neat and organized.”Universally Spiritual”. Super fit; athletic. Oldest of his 5 other siblings. Major Crap talker.

I SAY: (He wants me barefoot & pregnant in the kitchen)  

Hubby & FIL

Hubby & FIL


Me feeling bright and shiney

Me feeling bright and shiny

Kelle “Mama Of All Mamis”: Johnson & Wales graduate. Never lived on my own. Not Laura Ingles. Love being different. Used to be a gym rat.NEEDS ANOTHER MINI VAN!!!! 🙂

HE SAYS (She’s so spoiled. She thinks money grows on trees! )

We:   Were told to get a reality show FAST!  9 kids (8 living) busy household, enjoys open family discussions. Homeschooling, & the funniest thing ever is when we moved our entire household,washing machine, dressers, yard tools and all with one minivan.

First Attraction

We met in a night club!  Yup! I know what “they” say, but it’s true. He was skipping from the bar to dance floor. He wasn’t what I was used to,so I didn’t pay him much mind. But that Halley Berry Catsuit I had on some 15 years, 70 lbs ago hooked him.He wouldn’t let up for anything. Of course he didn’t get my number. I took his and played the waiting game for a few weeks.

I KNEW that I was committed to him when

Our savings got so low that he took a job that required him to leave out at 4 am and paid minimum wage. One day out on the town, with the kids, I seen an ex and he was doing well. Living Large Legally at that!!!! Sure I was tempted but it hit me “Girl, your man is out there working like a slave to provide, gone bout your business and cut “your own grass”! That was the smarted move I ever made. There has been countless times that he came through in action, proving that I married the right person for me – for life.

Talking Walls 

Family.....Love.....the end.

Family…..Love…..the end.

One day he will realize that I, his Scorpio, baby girl, wife, mother of all his children, is always right, and that he should drool after every word that I speak. — sike—- I actually love that he has a strong mind. Him being a oldest child, veteran and leo has it’s perks. He’s a leader for sure. I admire that about him. BUT GOODNESS!!! We go at it! Sometimes it IS in front of the kids. Yes, that’s not good at all. When it happens we make up in front of them as well. (Did I just admit that you my 40 readers lol?)

The Best Song I think of dealing with him would be Jill Scott’s “I AM Not Afraid”


There are parts of our life no one will ever know. Everything isn’t everyone business. Even as a blogger, there are just some things the public,including family and friend don’t need to know. HOWEVER, I gotta tell you about this awful storm back in 2004 or so. The power went out. We had no heat, or lights. The girls were 3 and 4. We knew that we had to do something quick to keep them warm and safe. We decided to take them to my aunt and uncles house in South Charlotte. When we got there neither of us want to leave the other in the cold house. So we left the girls, happy, warm, well cared for and left to face the cold house together. He hated that I was about to freeze with him. I hated the idea of him freezing alone.When we got back home we barricaded ourselfs in our bedroom with steam from our bathroom shower.

Visit  The Nest for more intimate resources.

What’s up for Review  us3-001

More “us” time. At times I wonder if we could be as content if the kids were not around. Our strong personalities clash like a brass cymbal at times but going to the car auction, grocery store and hospital for childbirth does not count. I guess we enjoy our own craziness.We get us, and that’s enough!  Lately we’ve tried to do better a couple of plays here and there. For them  and the hope of more to come is enough for now.

This Dr Lee says that he can help couples.

Till the next shopping trip with the hubby, I’m off to enjoy the day with my husband. ~The Queen City Supermom