Friday Four: There’s NO Shame in getting help.

Another Queen gone way to soon! The Baltimore native and Morgan State University student was a visionary advocate for black women and girls passed away at 22 from an apparent SUICIDE. Yes, it happened almost 2 weeks ago. But I’m sharing it because not everyone knows about it, AND because I know depression is real.

#KarynWashington; creator of For Brown Girls.

#KarynWashington; creator of For Brown Girls.

I was fortunate to always have a supportive role model to approach for insight and guidance. Even when I didn’t know I needed the attention, I got it. Karyn had thousands of fans, but obviously no one she felt close enough to confide in. She was indeed strong, but strong people also need support.

No attack on the church. I’m just saying that sometimes you need a good ole couch, a strong ear and a voice of wisdom.

I Almost Let Go Kurt Carr

Things You Can Do: As moms, it’s our job to always be available to listen and call in help as needed.

  • Help remove the stigma and myths that suicide contradicts gender and cultural expectations: Religious stigma of suicide as the “unforgivable sin”; African American men are “hard” and do not take their own lives; African American women are always strong and resilient and never crack under pressure
  • Remove stigma associated with seeking and receiving mental health treatment
  • Know that “tired” is a word moms often use to express hopelessness, depression
  • Recognize warning signs and help a friend or family member get professional help

Karyn Washington was suffering and battling with depression & dealing with the death of her mother. Even the strongest women may be hurting inside. Never underestimate the power of mental illness & depression. Find time to talk to the ones you love. Rest in Peace #KarynWashington; creator of For Brown Girls. If you or anyone you know is in danger of harming themselves click here for resources and someone you can talk to.