Wednesday WoW: Find The Greatness Within

The 4th annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair is THIS Saturday. Will you be there?

A New vision CDC & Queen City SAHM 2013 TCWF

A New vision CDC & Queen City SAHM 2013 TCWF




The more I look at the flyer, the more I prop back and think to myself, “Girl, this is one excellent line up! ” The children will walk away from the fair empowered with total children wellness intellect. Talk about an Easy-Peasy Day for parents!

  I already know what will be tweeked for next year Yes, I’m nervous, but yeah, a girl gotta put those nerves on the back burner and enjoy the ride. Sure my eyes are strawberry red, but It’s so worth it. It’s great to know that you are part of the solution.


A few weeks ago I ran into a lady that worked for a nonprofit agency that helps people get a better focus in life. I actually was a client of hers some 10 years ago. She shocked me when she told me how much her co workers thought of me. They told her that I was smart, and that I was going to help alot of people!” I had other memories of them, which included fussing and occasional smiles. Our chats always ended with a supportive tight hug.

Ms Workman and Mrs Clara from Charlotte Area Fund are both gone now. But I sit here tonight thinking of all the times they encouraged me to crawl, cry, claw my way onto my goals. For that, I am grateful and humbled.

Today, there is a team of people that believe in my brand, QC SuperMom so much that they are taking time, money & other resources to join me in the 4th Total Children’s Wellness Fair . That is INCREDIBLE!!!


Bilo, The Charlotte MCFVC loaned us a few friends!

Bilo, The Charlotte MCFVC loaned us a few friends!

Someone spoke a word of encouragement to me. I put the work in myself.  I am the mother of 9. We lost a 11yr old daughter in ’05. Then my mom in ’06. We were displaced for 6 months. I was told in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to stop BFing my son. I home-school. I work from home,I’m married to a 1st born, older veteran, who is very traditional. Our income is not that impressive. We share a car. I could go on and on.

Instead I’ll say this, stay in your lane. Never compare your chapter 15 to someones else. As long as you are trying and steady moving you’ll be just fine.. You’ll get there if you want to. See you Saturday! Haven’t RSVP’d yet? Click HERE! 


Street Promotion #2. The kids are enjoying learning the marketing ropes.

Street Promotion #2. The kids are enjoying learning the marketing ropes.

The kids in the board room making decisions about the Total Children's Fair

The kids in the board room making decisions about the Total Children’s Fair


This is shameful, but I've been living of unsweetened Jasmine Tea and Dove chocolates. SssSH!

This is shameful, but I’ve been living of unsweetened Jasmine Tea and Dove chocolates. SssSH!


Don’t EVER allow ANYONE to speak negative into your spirit! There is great in YOU but it’s YOU that have to work on maximizing it! #noexcuses

Friday 4: World Breastfeeding Week

Noah nursing…..just as he was moments ago at the library.

This has become to be known as World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) celebrated every 1-7 August to commemorate the Innocenti Declaration. World Breastfeeding Week was first celebrated in 1992. Now it involves over 170 countries and is endorsed by UNICEF, WHO and FAO.

Yes it was almost two weeks ago, but I have to share what happened! Even with all the information out there nowadays promoting breast-feeding and nursing mothers’ rights, there are still breast-feeding-phobes among us. And what’s even more disturbing is that some of these phobes are parents themselves.

The recent incident at Beatties Ford Road Library in Charlotte, NC is a perfect example. Watch The clip here . After a complaint from other library volunteer, a library employee asked me to either stop breast-feeding my 2month old or go to the nursing room around the corner out of respect for others. How is asking a woman to feed her baby in a cold windowless square respectful? I was nursing rather discretly if I do say so myself.  Just watch the clip for more info.

Apparently some still think a woman breast-feeding her baby is more obscene than women walking around in skimpy bikinis. My response will always be: “If you’re not prepared to have tough conversations with your children, then you should rethink parenting.”

According to an editorial by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner David Horsey, “From business offices to high school classrooms, modest displays of cleavage are commonplace. Bolder up-front fashions are standard at dance clubs, proms, beaches and bowling alleys. Breasts are so out in the open in America these days that it has become ho-hum. Yet, when a new mom exposes far less skin while trying to satisfy a hungry baby, some people still get upset. Yes, some of them are crudely sexualizing this maternal function, but many others with a more traditional way of looking at the world are simply made uncomfortable when they observe a breastfeeding woman. For them, nursing is a purely private act and it should stay that way.”

Eating has never been a private act. If someone at your table was eating with his mouth open, would you ask him to go finish his meal in the bathroom because you’re seeing too much?

If you’re one of those folks who get uncomfortable around a nursing mother, give it a break /get over it. It shouldn’t upset you;I’m giving my hungry baby a meal.

Thanks for stopping in. Feel free to leave your comment below! -QC Supermom

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