Friday Four: My hula hoop doesn’t like me!

I recently purchased a fancy hula hoop from a thrift store and fell deep in love with it, I’ve read that it’s good for your inner workings (IBS) and that it burns up calories galore, but things aren’t going well. I keep it up for a few rounds and then it falls… 

My question is should hooping only be for skinny people? ‘Can a big girl hula?QC Super mom hula hoop training

The hoop is such a powerful, transformational tool to help all of us on our journey in embracing ourselves, no matter what our size. If you don’t give hooping time, you won’t be able to improve. Plus sized hoopers may throw in the towel more easily because we’re often told we can’t do things. Sometimes we even tell ourselves that. Therefore it’s up to all of us to promote prioritizing practice. This will allow the body to get to know itself again and get used to movement. Move with your body and make friends with it.  Hooping.Org

I found this video and within the 1st few minutes, I thought she was high or something. but after a few minutes in, I couldn’t stop watching. She gave me hope. I will not give up just yet ya’ll! Check her out. 

Here’s four tips I got for plus sized hulas like myself to ponder:

1.Practice -Practice-Practice. If you don’t give hooping time, you won’t be able to improve. So practice.

2. Get the right size hoop for your body.( Don’t even go to WalMart for it)

3. Try different ways of moving inside the hoop, and give each style/direction 10 serious attempts before moving on next.

4. Love your body now! Don’t wait till it’s thinner.

in closing, I’m still trying – AGAIN. I’m sure that I’ll never completely quit this journey. I am a fluffy women and won’t begin to use my weight as a handicap. One day, I’ll upload a video of myself doing this as Hippy Hip did in her winning video. 

QC Supermom