My 5th Doula Baby is here!

My daughter texts and say,”Mom, please come do your doula thing. I’ll pay you.” Now, how can I say no to an offer like that? So off I went. When I walked in the laboring mom was not alone. She had a her mom, boyfriend, little brother, and dad there,doula her Shawnte so obviously I didn’t know how I would fit in, but very soon, I seen the need.  This teen parents had so much on their mind. Missed working hours, their own major medical appointments, and feeding their own younger children. I sensed quickly that although they were physically there with Shawnte’, they we’re not mentally. That’s why my daughter asked me to come.

Me giving a pain relieving massage.

Me giving a pain relieving massage.

As I entered the door, I sprung into work. after saying hello to everyone, I asked mom to be how she was feeling and gave her, her very 1st gift, a much needed massage. While doing so, I asked her if she knew what was about to happen. How her body would open up a like a lotus flower. I also asked her what did she know about labor and delivery. To my surprise that she knew nothing ,so I filled her in with a clear conversation and pictures between labor pains.

That conversations seemed to relax her a lot, so then we started to discuss other birthing things. When it seemed like she was getting uncomfortable, I started reciting labor affirmations to her. With her being  teen, AND having so many people in the room, she couldn’t really focus on what I was saying so I tried something else….. The birthing ball and Youtube! This warrior was smiling, and singing Katy Perry’s “Hear Me Roar.”

Cervical Dilation



After cries, scratches, moaning, even more questions, and 30+ hours later Destyn arrived via C Section. No, it wasn’t our plan, but he’s here, healthy and well loved. Mama  deserves a recovery smoothie, Post recovery smoothie by Jabela The Doulaand I earned one on one time with my newest love! All hail Prince Destn!! And yes, my daughter will pay her bill, in spite of the fact, that I loved the job.:)  Whoose next?

Newborn Blessing and birth announcement

Friday Four: 4 Reasons 2 Smile

I am listing my 4 reasons to smile right now. This week was really crazy. If you read Wednesday’s post you’d see why I am smiling today! No time to be down ya’ll!

1. My practitioner called. She said that my last blood lab test, you know the one I was completely frightened about Wednesday was a false read. I’m as healthy as a horse! Whoot-woot!

2.     WE’RE  MOVING!     The Veterans Administration has FINALLY came through! We are now back on an active hunt for a 4 bed/2 bath home. Talk about a long 3 months of hard living. Our kids are champs!


My first born is on his way home as I type !!!! Yippie!  College has done him well. Now that we can’t “see” each other everyday there are I love you’s all up & through our conversations. His thinking process is just better! (He’s no. 30 in that picture.)


On May 9th, we celebrated my transitioned daughters 18th b’day with The Ronald McDonald’s House -Charlotte. On the same day they opened their doors, she was born, so it just made sense to celebrate together! I along with other supermoms collected loads of supplies for their pantry. SaMya would’ve LOVE it.

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