Charlotte’s Best Vendors: Family Events (#TCWF2016)

This Saturday is going to be AMAZING! The excitment is taking over me and fustrating my husband at the same time!

The 6th Total Children’s Wellness Fair is a parents dream come true for the Queen City!  There will be doulas, Babywearers Of Charlotte, live horseriding, Cooking With Kids Challenge with Chef Michael Bowling, a dance party with Smoothie Bar,The Scholar Mom, amazing vendors…and SO Much MORE!

If you know me, you know I beleive in teamwork and mutally rewarding relationships that  include respect,  good customer service and business integrity.  Every last vendor is smart, kind, resourceful and just real people want to see you live better. I just cant say enough about them.  But I can tell who each of them are!

Starting with our special guest:


Zianna Oliphant, the 9yr old superhero that spoke at the Charlotte City Council Meeting in September. She will be there for a special Meet and Greet.  I don’t know about you,but I love sharing inspirational people with my children. My hope is that it’s contagious!



Click Here to meet our 2016 Total Children’s Wellness Fair Vendors, Sponsor and Queen City Stay At Home Mom Team!


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We want a full house. Please share. Entry, and Parking is free for this family friendly event! You don’t even have to take my work for it….. these fine folks share this (without any envelopes under the table 🙂 )

Location: KIPP Charlotte 931 Wilann Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215

Time 11am- 6pm

When: SATURDAY, 11.19.16

Wednesday Wow-StoryTime Yoga for preschoolers


“Five sun salutations a day will go a yogi-long way!”  I teach them. If they were younger, I’d set a little tune to it, (and I do anyway, just for fun and myself! Because I like to sing!!)

I love the look on my kids face when I say time to go to Yoga class! I attended yoga classes years ago at the YMCA and knew it would do wonders for my sons. As they are 3 of the most busiest fellas I know. It’s been said that yoga is responsible for stress reduction, mind- body connection,and physical strength.

This morning my boys enjoyed another session of Story Time Yoga.

Their bodies are powerful tools,used  in experiencing the world. When they are encouraged to experience somatically the heroic journey for themselves through reenacting a story, greater self-awareness occurs. It wakes them up from the inside and it is amazing to watch!









I read that more practitioners and more parents are becoming aware of the benefits of yoga and seeing their kids can benefit too,”The things that benefit an adult will also benefit a child.

What to Bring/Wear to Yoga:    Dress for movement.  Tights are not recommended.

In Story time Yoga class, the kids participate in an interactive mind/body storytelling session,the instructor uses props, oral storytelling skills and various yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques to ensure that each child is enraptured and engaged with the 45 minute session.  Within 15, 30 or 60 minutes of a session, children are  more calm, more attentive and more in tune with their bodies and surroundings. They learn new vocabulary, get a sample of different cultures, learn words from different languages, spark their creativity and imagination, and spend time interacting with others in a safe community environment. The result is healthier minds and bodies, and more joyful and peaceful children We can’t wait till our next class.

Since I discovered that any story can be used to teach yoga to children as long as it’s a  little silly and playful, I may practice it in the house till then.


If there are no children’s yoga programs in your area, your kids can still benefit from the practice. “There’s great resources online and through books and even DVDs”.

Try Yoga with your lil one(s) today-use this!

To see more pictures from today’s story time yoga, click here!





Get fun coloring pages related to kids yoga

Till next time,  Namaste!                  QC SuperMom


Oh yeah, to win those Disney On Ice:Dragon tickets, follow these instructions:

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