Operation Scarf Bombing In The QC!

It’s sweeping the country! Now it’s here in the Queen City! Scarf Bombing! Yes Charlotte, it’s our time to pay it forward with a good deed.

A few weeks ago, I had to pick my oldest daughter up from the transit around 9:30pm. My younger daughter was riding with me and she said “Ma, that guy is shivering on the bench. What do we have in here to give him?” Well, we didn’t have anything. But I promised her that  after we got her older sister back home, we would find him something to keep him warm. Once there, we picked up  that we use when we sit outdoors . It was one of our most compact blankets. We then zoomed back down Beatties Ford Rd. to give it to him. We were happy to see that he was still there and alive. He graciously accepted. No questions were asked or any words spoken during the warm, cozy ride back home. I was happy that she had a heart to care for someone else and I think she was happy to be a giver of something of value and much needed. Yet we knew there were others like him. Balled up in tents-cities’ and benches throughout the Queens City.

If you see a scarf wrapped around a tree nearby, here’s one possible explanation.

It’s called scarf bombing, similar to yarn bombing and it’s basically placing scarves or other knitted clothing around the city. Most have cards saying that the scarves aren’t trash, but instead donations for those who need them.  Scarf Bombing

There are reports from all around the nation including these from Oklahoma City to Jacksonville to Fort Wayne, Raleigh, NC. even in Ottawa, Canada and now Charlotte NC!

We even a Facebook event! Gloves, hats, and other warm items are also welcome for our operation on  December 14th. Our goal for the 1st year here in Charlotte is 100 scarfs*!  We will accept donations at 4 different locations in Charlotte if you can not attend. Those locations will be listed on the Facebook page. You may also contact me,directly at (704)756 9947 or message me at QCSuperMomInfo@Gmail.com

Pioneer Square at night with downtown city lights with a homeless man sleeping on a park bench Seattle Washington State USA

Pioneer Square at night with downtown city lights with a homeless man sleeping on a park bench Seattle Washington State USA

It’s not exactly clear when the whole practice got started, but some sites suggest the scarves first started popping up in 2010. See how Michelle Chance-Sangthong Warms The Needy With Free Scarves. Now it’s on us!

We already have “Hallie” an awesome teen coordinator anxious to get started at her high school. Her mom shared: ” She’s excited and so am I. THANK YOU! You have no idea what a blessing this is for her right now.”

Come on Queen City, let’s show our  Southern Hospitality in the most meaningful way. Everyone that can help is encourage to do so in their own special way! Thanks in advance.

Jabela, QC Supermom

Chase the Chill of Central GA tied 144 scarves to trees for the taking.

Chase the Chill of Central GA tied 144 scarves to trees for the taking.

Friday Four: Taste Testing Fun!

I was asked: What potential invitees, templates for interactive activities, and types of foods to offer during a taste testing.

Well let me jump right into it.

  1. KNOW YOUR GOALS. Before doing a taste test, establish a few goals that are easy to communicate. Are you implementing a taste test program to expand children’s food choices? Promote or introduce local foods? Encourage healthier snack or lunch choices brought from home?

     2. LOCATION-

Yogurt shop              Sandwich shop           Pizza shop        Bakeries                Schools

Libraries                    Churches                     Parks                  Rec Centers         Farm sites

Really just about any specialty shop will jump on this opportunity! 

Here’s a great timeline I grabbed from the DOE

Pick two or three items you are considering for a taste test. Poll some of your school’s students, administrators, teachers, school nurse and parents. Ask them which they would like to sample. The school community will take a greater interest if they are part of the planning.-Ruethers

apple-comparison  3.  Food Selection and Safety- This is a big one.

— Make sure your packaging is professionally done, and meets all federal, state and local labeling laws. To learn more about these, go to http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/label.html.

— You have to be especially careful when listing your ingredients — too much detail and you’ve given away your recipe, too little and you haven’t sufficiently warned people with food allergies (for help with disclosure laws regarding the most common allergens, go to http://www.foodallergy.org/advocacy/labeling.html).

— Make sure to state clearly, both on the label and verbally to each taster, if there are any ingredients (such as peanuts or gluten) that you know a significant number of people in your community are allergic to.

Most attendees at street fairs and church functions won’t sign liability releases, but you can give each taster a one-page flyer about your products (perhaps with a coupon toward a future purchase) that contains all of your liability disclaimers and warnings; and if you do not know the Heimlich maneuver, make sure there is someone nearby who does (please don’t laugh — when people are eating and giving you verbal feedback at the same time there is a greater than usual choking risk).

4. Getting Help  This could be the most challenging part. but it can be done! Need                ideas? See here!

BONUS TIPS: The Invite-


Chili cook off

You are invited to put your culinary skills to the test
at John and Jill’s first annual chili cook off.
You think you have the winning recipe to beat your fellow contestants?
Chili will be judged on spiciness, flavor and originality
in a blind taste test.
Prizes awarded for first, second and third place.
Bring the heat and come hungry.
Destined to become a tradition.
Date and time
City, State


In addition to making sure your food samples are tasty and appealing, think creatively about other ways you can make the overall taste test experience fun. This way, students will be likely to eat better.

  • Place signs and posters throughout the school and at the cafeteria entrance. This will generate interest in the taste test.
  • Use posters and balloons to make the taste test visually appealing.
  • Play music as part of the promotion to generate excitement.
  • Include games related to the foods being served: play “Match the Grain Game” (asking students to look at whole grains in their original form and see if they can identify them), or play the “Mystery Game” (placing fresh fruits and vegetables in a paper bag and asking students to identify them by touch).
  • Ask servers to wear costumes or dress in the color of the day (based on the color of the food you’re serving). This can be especially fun if you’ve recruited the principal to be one of the servers! tcwf fruits
  • Give away gifts and prizes. Stickers with healthy food messages and age-appropriate key chains, pencils and other school supplies are fun for younger and older kids alike.


Take advantage of the taste test as a time to communicate core messages about the featured foods, especially their health benefits.

  • Place decorative, informational posters in the doorway of the cafeteria on a taste test day.
  • Make your messages to students short, appealing — and age-appropriate. Support what students just learned at your taste test about eating better.
  • Distribute stickers, raffle tickets or other promotional items along with the food — and make sure that the promotional items also communicate key health messages.
  • Place table tents with nutrition education messages about the featured food group and its health benefits.


No one like small samples. Three ounces of a new beverage will be a bigger hit than just one ounce of the drink, while a quarter of a sandwich will give kids a better chance to get a sense of the food than just one bite.

The Score Card


Participant 1                              I tried It                    I Liked It                        I’ll Eat It Again

After it’s over, follow up! It’s the one thing you can do to build a strategic foundation for a smooth sailing round two- three and so on. Now relax! You’re gonna have a great time! Have fun and let me know how it goes !!!!!

Kelle, QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: The Perfect Child Care Center

Imagine what the world would be like…
if all children were taught how to meditate;
if they were fed a properly nutritious diet from birth;
if they were healed with natural remedies instead of chemicals;
if they were treated with love and respect;
if they learned to love instead of hate;
if they learned how to handle anger;
if they were encouraged to develop their intuition… and on and on.

If you can imagine this, then you can imagine the effects that this holistic childcare program could have on the future.


I’ve been pondering a business venture for a long time now and I think it’s time to move on it. This child development Center would raise the bar of expectations for children in early childhood in the following areas: • Language & Listening Skills • Pre-Math Skills • Physical Science • Music Appreciation • Creative Art • Physical Education/Gross Motor skills and the parents/caregivers can attend FREE monthly evening wellness seminars.

Child care in the country can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 per year, depending on the region and quality of the care, and what are you getting for it? I think we can do better. Our children, our future, and our community, deserve better.

lllookIn the meantime, here’s a summary on how to find one to best fit your child(rens) needs for now.

Inspect the center.

Walk around and see how the children are responding to their surroundings.
Make sure there is enough staff .

Check sleeping area, make sure you do pop -ins so as to see staff in area where children are sleeping.

Ask to come when children are preparing for lunch also eating lunch, make sure your child eats those foods you send ,especially if of another religion .
A must ,check out the temperment of staff during play time and as well as when pickup
time is .
If your day care provider is always showing teeth all the time something is up .
At times day care providers go through some stress like parents do.
Rules are a must. QC Supermom CDC

Do not spank my child,share with me my child’s behavior and you are welcome
to do time out if child understand.

Keep in mind they act out and want parents, at times.

Rule: Show love and do not compare children with others,some are fast learners and some are slow or maybe special needs and moms don’t know yet .

Make sure they explain about what the rules are doing sickness in daycare.
Have emergency plan also have numbers of second contacts.
Last but not lease make sure your child is doing something appropriate. Toys are
a must. Inspect all city papers every three months. I could go on  and on, but I’ll stop there.

Hope this helps!

Let’s teach all children to love, create, meditate, be thoughtful, be responsible, eat properly, value their own health and well-being, and view others with hopeful, mindful, holistic awareness. Holistic Childcare is a tangible process to improve the world, and help create a brighter future for us all. I can’t wait to make you a believer!

Wednesday Wow: Who hires moms and why

Recently it hit me. Why am I not sharing my client list? After all, I absolutely LOVE each and everyone that I serve and they are a perfect fit for not only my brand but for other mompernuers as well.

So from this day forward, I will showcase at least one of my clients per month. They way, you can see some amazing businesses and of course my clients get a free plug! Everyone wins! Okay, let’s get to it! First up is Lapronda Spann. She is the owner of Lain Consulting. I worked with her this summer. Spann and QC Supermom

I can say many things about Lapronda…. and I think I will. She is a powerful, single mom, intelligent, soft spoken, spicy, family oriented, classy, home owning supermom. Her super power is helping non profits not only find money, but also select a strong board to keep them in business.

What I love about working with her:

She loves seeing strategies marked off her vision board. She sees opportunities, risks, and challenges then smashes them down one by one.  This little lady is by far a great role model.

She shared: It was a case of the “horrible bosses” that spurred LaPronda Spann in 2012 to finally turn her side gig into a successful, full-time consulting firm.

During the eight years prior, Spann worked full-time in the nonprofit hospital sector in Winston-Salem and Charlotte while helping a few nonprofit clients write grants, after a friend suggested in 2004 she get a business license.

“He saw value in the company,” Spann said. “I didn’t take it seriously.”

But all that changed when she began working in a new section of the hospital for a new boss. It took about eight months for Spann to realize the arrangement just wasn’t working.

“It was the best blessing,” Spann said. “At that point, I just wanted to manage my own schedule and do what I was good at.” – L.Spann

With a little help from others, including her mom, daughter and CPCC she did it!

CPCC Small business help center img003

Here’s what she do at Lain Consulting LLC.

She serve:

  1. Dreamers, Visionaries and Entrepreneurial Spirits that are looking to establish charitable organizations
  2. Small to medium sized agencies
  3. Federally designated nonprofit organizations
  4. Organizational leadership that are committed to growing and sustaining the nonprofit long term

Yes, she’s that remarkable. Here’s why I think you should follow her:

Key accomplishments: Months after launching her Charlotte-based business, Spann was awarded certification by the city and state, opening the door to government contracts. She grew revenue tenfold in her first year and doubled her client base.

Lapronda reminds me of that Kenny Rogers song, ” The Gambler ” This is the hip hop mix. (I needed something to get hype for a quick workout. this one worked)

Watch this video of Ms Spann in action.  I LOVE it in the end when she reintroduces herself by  starting of with….  “I AM the ………..”

More in the news about Lapronda-

CPCC feature

NCIMED coverage

Read her full feature in the Charlotte Business Journal here.

I had to include this promo video of her, it’s excellent! (I may need to get back on this steam engines payroll!)

Follow your dreams, QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: Creating Your Personal Routine

Making a consistent daily routine (that was born out of our large family’s priorities that we developed) has helped me to learn to get the important things done FIRST and let goes of the things I don’t really need to do!morning workout execise

First figure out what’s important to you. It will not be what your parents, friends, or neighbors may agree on. Most people put in your life – God, your marriage, children, health, working, serving, ect. you choose that. From there, learn how to refuse, accept and what to walk away from.

When looking at my personal priorities list, it seem like I do a lot. However, having these defined priorities helps me to know what I can and can’t take on. For example:

  • I’m not doing a garden this summer
  • My teen daughters help me with cleaning and cooking
  • This summer, with my moms groups, we’ll split more family meals together
  • I don’t do our household finances (hubby finally took that over)
  • On Thursdays, we eat dinner at Earth Fare, so I don’t have to cook from scratch.
  • To get out of the house quicker, we taught (most of) the children how to dress themselves.
  • The children hair and clothing only requirement is that it must be cleaned. Matching and laid to the side is not my goal.
  • My husband is okay with a pile or two of my media, papers, books, product review/ gadgets around the house.
  • When I tutor or consult, my clients meet me at the library. The kids practice independent reading.
  • I don’t iron our clothes
  • I take the children to music classes, community events, etc to take a home school mental break for myself.
  • We have 8 living children. EACH of them have their own playmate.
  • I have a great network. They offer my teen daughters internships so they will learn new skills.
  • I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook (other than for my blog)
  • I take Fruitients (African Mango- Irvinga Gabonensis), Credible Cravings, or homemade smoothies for breakfast when I need to get the day going very fast
  • My sons take baths together, two by two.
  • I use a lot of solid black fabric to cover unsightly marks and needed repairs on the desk.

Next Monday, I’ll show you how I spend my time daily.Instead of trying to cram everything into your day (and feeling burnt out and discouraged when everything doesn’t fit), first start with 24 hours and then add activities with realistic time’s assigned to those tasks.

How do you manage your day?


9 reasons to have 9 children

First off, let me say this: Nine children is not the best idea for everyone! Some days I wonder if I am sane for having so many children. Then I wake up, look at them and get reassured that yes, I was born for this. Here’s why. 130201-065653


” How can you say there are too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers. (Mother Teresa)”


9 reasons to have 9 kids

1. You can never hear “I love you mom!” enough and know that it’s 100% meaningful.

2. I’ll always have (another female) to share a spa date with, even if I have to cover the bill.

3.Someone to always share your interest’s with. While doing so, you maybe helping them find their calling….. or not! At least they will have a skill set. 

Moms must have a sense of humor to survive. :)

Moms must have a sense of humor to survive. 🙂

4. You can start a business and have enough staff to work all positions, and will practically guarantee low turnover. Total win! Responsibility will be learned if nothing else. 

5.Someone to get in trouble with. There will always be that one child that makes being naughty so much fun. My son encourages me to eat naughty food with pride.

6.Children makes life matter. There will be 9 reasons to behave and do your very best for and by them.  I no longer park in the handicap space for quick trips to the grocery store.

7. Someone to always play basketball/flag ball or start a band with. What a way to guarantee exercise right?


8. Someone’s always there to listen, challenge you, disobey anyway. Then come back and say that you were right all along. This part comes with wisdom. If you haven’t gotten there yet, just wait it’s coming.

9. If you garden, you’ll have enough help to grow your own food or at least most of it. You can’t be upset with Monsanto. So we can beat them! Many hands make the work light.

10. BONUS~ When your children grow up and move away to other states, you’ll never have to pay for hotel stays again on choice. cooking with kids show

Word on the web is there is a lady questioning the substance of being married and have children. I won’t give her much shine on this topic. But I will say this. Being the mother of 9/ 8 living productive child, that is either in college or being home-schooled is a rewarding  success. My husband is a military veteran. He challenges me on a daily basis. But guess what, I love it. I know that he loves our huge family, me and our life. It’s because of this love, value and Queen City Stay At Home Moms that I am  a happy, well balanced mom. And for the record, to be able to do all of this proves that there is a god that has a great sense of humor.  

In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it’s not perfect, that’s okay, there are a lot more coming along. Antonin Scalia

Love the children, no matter how many you have! Create them GREAT!

~ QC Supermommama

Friday Four: Be like Toothpaste (in the the tube)

Your Thoughts are Inside, but Behavior is Not

D and cassie
I often tell my children that “Your thoughts are private, but behavior is public.”  You can think whatever you want to think, but the minute you let your thoughts out of your head, they become public information. Often times they need a visual to help explain it.


Toothpaste Squirt

Grab a small tube of toothpaste & a small plate. Choose one child to come forward and squirt all of the toothpaste onto the plate. (My smaller boys help with this part)  Then I ask if he/she can put all of the toothpaste back into the tube.

Here’s what to say after the visual:

  1. Explain that once the toothpaste comes out of the tube, you cannot get it all back in.  This is much like a put-down or rude comment.  Once a put-down comes out of my mouth and goes into your ears, I cannot take it back.
  2.   Go onto explain that for each put-down a person hears, they must hear 5 or more  sincere compliments to get back to where they were emotionally prior to the put down.
  3. Reiterate that thoughts are private, but behavior is public and the next time you think about giving a put down, think again and screw your lid to your toothpaste tube tight!
  4. Ask them to if it has ever happen to them and how did they feel.

One of the most important skills that we can teach our children to help them succeed in life, is the ability to get along with others.mom Kwanzaa To do that, it takes a village. If we fail, the rest of the world will let us know, and our kids will be subjected to a life of ridicule, isolation, and despair. As a mother… I am my children’s teacher and coach! I try my best to model politeness and keeping things positive!

~QC Supermom

This weekend in the QC, here are some options to find that help.

This weekend & more in Charlotte NC:
Let the kids learn to use their hands to build something~FREE at The Home Depot – University (it will be FREE at ANY location)
If YOU could use a role model/help w/your son- check out “Let Us Make Man”. Gifts packages to the first 10 mothers.
refreshments -door prizes -sign your son up today! FREE here!FREE Belly dancing class coming up THIS Saturday at Dancers Stage 

Friends and Family CPR is coming up. Register TODAY to secure your spot!
We are planning an out of the norm fun, family friendly Valentines Day party with Big Sister and Cassie’s Sweetz. Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet for that and get ready to spread the word!
Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

Friday Four: The Total Children’s Wellness Fair ’13 Line up

This years Total Children’s Wellness Fair is almost here!

November, 16th 2013 500 W. 32nd St. Charlotte NC 11-2pm

November, 16th 2013 500 W. 32nd St.
Charlotte NC 11-2pm

Can you believe it? The fair is THIS WEEKEND!!!

So who is coming to Charlotte’s ORIGINAL, 4th Annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair THIS Saturday? Here’s a partial list.  There are a few I want to leave as a surprise!

Sassy FIT Balance Consulting
Monkey Joe’s Park Road

Oneaka Dance Company

Earth Girl Products by Asha
Baby Signing w/ Tracy

NC Herbal Group
Re-Fashion Show Wellness Ridge
Gracie Barra Charlotte – (Jiu-jitsu)

Kidtastic Getaway

Sugar Bear Skincare

Stand & Deliver Communications
Cooking W/Kids

Earth Fare

Credible Cravings

Avon w/ Felicia
It Works Scentsy
Exodus Chiropractic

South Hill Designs
Heartsavers ( CPR)

Credible Cravings
Muslim M.o.m.s.


FINANCIAL Workshop W/ Hope
Chef Michael v/s Chef David

Delta Zeta Pearlettes
QC Stay At Home Moms

Sai The Violinist
Charlotte Babywearers

Diaper Cakes By Joanna Z.

Green Sprouts

Mecklenburg County Fruit and Veggie Coalition

Citi Side




Wednesday Wow: Thanksgiving Eve 2012

It’s 1:29 am………and I’m Still up counting my blessings!

Right now, it’s technically Thanksgiving Eve. Noah, my 5 month old is lying here with his mouth wide open while he is knocked out in my lap. So it seems most fitting to take a run for an almost Wordless Wednesday post.

Why almost you ask? Because I’m a blogger and that what we do. So grab a cup of green tea and get cozy!

My Wednesday Affirmation-

“I deserve and now am thankful for all my blessings even those that don’t feel like blessings and I now find the lesson therein. I use my ‘so-called’
failures as wonderful, extraordinary fertilizer for my many successes. I am happy and fulfilled to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Now time to count my blessings, well most of them.

I have 9 children. 8 Living I love each and every one of them! Such amazing spirits in 
each of them! God must LOVE me!

My father showed me what to look for in a man, husband, father and friend! Who knew the same 2 would be the ones t drives me to my wits end!!

After all, every mom needs one great friend to share a bottle of wine with! Right?

GMO Free Food. I am so grateful to be able to share nutritious food with my family.

OK, Ok, OK, I’ve been slacking int his area HOWEVER, we are talking about things we are thankful for. I am thankful, for the ability to workout. I miss it so much and will get back to its on. In the mean time, I should get brownie points for ensuring my children gets plenty of it! I think SO!

to watch a great role model for my children, royal family that representing my country, and the president for the 47% & other 3 %.