Wednesday Wow: Dear Mom of the “Potty Mouth Child.”

Dear mom of Little Jean, today I seen Little Jean cursing, yelling, arguing, ignoring his teacher, refusing requests, name-calling, hitting……

I know you think it’s cute and everything but, trust me, it’s gonna wear out really soon.









Trust me. No one wants to be “that mom” who has….”that child” but how you train them makes a world of difference. Allowing “Lil Jean” to be snobby or disrespectful, or act like a brat is not cool.( I don’t care how cute you dress them up.) When mine try to waltz down that road, I nip it in the bud by creating innovative ways to help them solve their own problems more respectfully. Yes, I know that you can’t turn them into angels overnight,it take patience. Even if you haven’t been good at setting limits or teaching your child to be respectful along the way, understand that you can decide to parent differently right now.

Correcting is not conclusive to hitting, time out embarrassing. slapping, spanking, and even yelling. 

Amber Dusick summed it up best. See more of her work her.

I laugh at my girls often. After they get upset with me or their dad. I quickly say “I’m not your friend!” If you liked me all of the time, I’m not doing my job, It’s inevitable that at times our kids are going to be angry at us, and that we’re going to set some limits that they don’t like. But that’s okay—that just means we’re doing our job as a parents.

The goal is that you train your child to behave differently. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than going through life treating people badly—it won’t help your child function in the real world if she’s allowed to be rude and disrespectful. Kids have to get the message early.punched
Remember, the goal is for kids to be able to function in the real world and go on to be responsible adults who can live on their own. Or do you plan to have them live with you forever? Now is the time to train them as they should be as adults.



If they don’t learn how to be respectful to others growing up, it’s much harder to learn as an adult. Change is hard but it can happen at any time. When you want things to be different, you just have to do some work.


I have listed some resources to use, otherwise there is no use for the post- right. Feel free to share it with other moms in need of a gentle reminder. Start with mine that I use with the boys:  I have them introduce themselves to new friends.  “Grandma, this is my friend Sid”, or “Ms. Edwards, I want you to meet my cousin .”

Ten Suggestions on How to Teach Your Children to Behave at Someone Else’s House

This is a great video with tips on how to encourage good behaviors

You gotta check this one out. She even has a fb page where she shares free resources!

Best of luck with that, QC Supermom