Veggie Sweet Valentine’s Day Party

Many people find it weird that we prohibit our babies to eat meat until they are at least two years old. We figure that it’s a fair time to give their digestive system time to strengthen. As they get older they are free to eat as they choose*. Well within our dietary guidelines. Our family eats no red meat. My college student-athlete son and one of my daughters like steak. So they will purchase it while away from home.  Our baby girl avoids anything that has a mom or organs. She just started this. Not sure how long it will last though.  One of my younger sons will not eat fish. Our diet is all over the place. The big question is can we all convert to Vegan/vegetarianism? I think we could.cassie protienAfter all,  it’s the flavor and texture that we want. That can be fulfilled with a plant based diet. So the journey begins!  We explore food  every chance we get!

Try This- It’s yummy! Mix chili peppers, sea salt, and lime- it’s PERFECT over everything.

After so much research, we decided to try a vegan party.  It would be hosted during the sweetest month and called Vegan Family Valentine;s Day Party.

It was designed to give children an opportunity to celebrate Valentines Day AND enjoy a discovery of delicious plant-based products.

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WE Did It! It happened! Our sponsor for this party was Monkey Joes and VegFund.

 VegFund empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting outreach activities that inspire people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

So Saturday we arrived at Monkey Joes. The set up was very eye appealing. By the time we were set up, we had a line waiting to see what we brought to share. It was clear the people LOVE to eat! We offered ToFurkey and cheese wraps with Veganaise and they loved it. The cupcakes were another big time pleaser for the kids. They had no idea eggs were omitted. Even the fruit kabobs was a hit! We had dipping cups of Almond Breeze yogurt- another hit! I guess the biggest surprise was the fruit water. I still think it was the packaging that sold it! Handing the parents/guardians the accompanying literature was too easy. We made it bright, kid friendly and an easy read.


What did it say? We’ll it started  with the fact that children raised on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes grow up to be slimmer and healthier and even live longer than their meat-eating friends. Then ended with reasons not to eat your pet.

Our goal is to continue to encouraging our daughter’s veganism , make vegan eating fun and to share this  vegan experience with our community each year. ! Can’t wait till our next sampling party.

To your health,

QC Supermom

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I hate that I am sharing this video.They or just one of many out there that practice this style of food prep. Ok so I love their fries…. (Sue me! I’m working on that as well) But this is what’s happening to get you your burger. It’s Mighty Cruel