Friday 4: The holidays are coming

It’s that time of the year again folks!


Kwanzaa         New Years   


and then what  ?????

Everyone is getting ready. Lights, camera, gas and credit card!

Ok, I’ll give it to you, the lights, sounds and smells are lovely. Even the idea of someone else “hooking me up” while we sleep is dreamy. And they say it’s all done while them  crub grabbers are asleep?

Wake up folks! It’s Not gonna happen. (My girls a counting on it, and yet I can’t blame them because my parents christ-messed us -& honestly I enjoyed it)  I just wish it was celebrated for what it was meant to be. A celebration of  Jesus’s controversial birth. (do you know the story? If  not click this link and come visit my church PUMC 5600 the Plaza, this sunday for our holiday performance.)

Anyhoots, till then we’ll pass! (but we will watch the awesome tv specials this entire month.)

My girls are so eager to play catch up with the  christmas fans with our red green and black festive best.   They love

the everyday of the celebration, but that dog gone christmas still gets them worked up. Just in cases you’re wondering why we have excused that holiday altogether, I’ll explain.

  • Its not our kids birthday. (So why laced themas if it is? Our kids are princess and princes on their day. )
  • I refuse to help line the pockets of large corporations that won’t hire yet will cause kids to act in a sense of entitlement.(They are looking for the same thing I’m looking for. I’m gonna spend, and it ill be a conscious decision)
  • It’s just too much work for one little day. I clutter our living space enough with fragile trinkets. No need for the extra stuff, thank you very much!
  • There  real idea of the holiday is not even the enter of  most actions anymore. “John-John wants a mini electronic car this year?” Boy he’ll be mad if I don’t get it!!” -Really parents!?                                                                      I believe that everything that’s important on that one day, can be done in the spirit of which it originated. From love and respect for self and another.  Who should wait till December 20ish to smile at  someone else? Who should wait till then to volunteer, come together, advocate, build, etc? well I’l get off my soap box now. but if you wanna give kawanzaa a try this year, check these links out to find out how your family can participate.

This year has been such a year. We’ve managed to stay afloat and realize how blessed and fortunate we’ve been. The uncertainty and misfortune which so many have suffered suggest an even stronger call and reason to celebrate Kwanzaa this year with others. Our goal as a family is that whatever prosperity or recovery we may attain will be predicated on and go through our “family”. So, as a celebration of family and culture, Kwanzaa gives us the framework to deepen our family bonds and attachments, strengthen our resolve to be better men and women, husbands and wives, friends and lovers, and parents and children.

I haven’t gotten my children’s resolutions for 2012 yet, but I’ll share mine with you all.  See below……..

  1. Stay fit spiritually, financially, socially, environmentally,educationally,  nutritionally and physically. See video below………
  2. Grow closer to my loved ones that are  not in the QC.   I do pretty well, I think but there is always room for improvement.
  3. Grow and give more! That could mean plenty of things. But I sum it up like this…little things DROPPING and big thing Popping!  hope that you will stick around to see /join in.

Kwanzaa is a week long celebration held in the United States honoring universal African-American heritage and culture, observed from December 26 to January 1.

New Year   It symbolizes a new start. Because it is a new year, and an opportunity to reflect on the previous year to determine what we will do differently. It is also common that people  try their best to mend their bad habits.

Then what?   Hopefully your growth from the previous 12 months,  will help guide you into a rewarding 2012! While you’re at it, help someone along the way……but don’t be anyone’s fool. Like my girl said on the big Screen “Don’t let anyone make you a cripple!” Have a productive 2012.  I will!