Go Cheetah Go! Wild Kratts!

“You Mean To Tell Me”…… you haven’t heard the news?

                             The Kratt brothers are coming to the QC! 

The wildly popular PBS KIDS® television show, Wild Kratts LIVE! will be at

Animated Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris, “come to real life” in a classically Wild Kratts story. Off “To the Creature Rescue!” the Emmy nominated Kratt Brothers activate some fan favorite Creature Power Suits to confront a comic villain. Through hilarious pratfalls and amazing animal ‘wow facts’ the Wild Kratts team rescues their favorite invention from Zach’s clutches so the animals of the creature world are safe once again.

Wild Kratts LIVE! is created for the stage by the imaginative minds of Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt from Zooboomafoo, Kratt’s Creatures and Be the Creature. The Kratt Brothers’ national tours draw tens of thousands of creature-crazy kids and their families and the not-for-profit Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Society, together with kids, has successfully protected critical wildlife habitats through the creation of nature reserves.



One of the things I love the most about Wild Kratts is the theme song. It’s catchy, upbeat, and makes you want to watch the show, like all theme songs should. Plus, it was made by the same people who wrote the songs from Zoboomafoo: Pure West Music.           https://youtu.be/PAXMa3w43Dk

Want to see them live in Charlotte next weekend?  I have a family four pack  to give away. Here’s how to get them!

You are now the director. Tell me what your show would be about. Where would you send the Kratt Brothers? What animals would they be? What country would they visit?

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Can’t wait to see your entries! Start watching the WildKratts now! {Click Here}for full episodes.

Event Showing:

February 13, 2016
1:00 pm
February 13, 2016
4:30 pm
Buy tickets HERE!


See you on the creature trail!




Wednesday Wow: Sister SoulJah in the QC

Happy Black History Month people! My month of reflection began last week when Sister SoulJah visited the Beatties Ford Rd. library in Charlotte NC. It was like a dream come true. I now have one less thing to accomplish on my Bucket List!

I believe in divine interventions. I believe that you are where you are, sent elsewhere, drawn toward something or some one beyond your conscious efforts. It’s like the minute you intentional strive to be a certain way, your path opens up! The I decided that I would be the best mom I could be. So I sought support. I know I wanted  to connect with people who have taken various paths in life to become the incredible leaders they are today.  (In this video, it’s another great woman, Cheryl LittleJohn of Gastonnia)

During a recent visit to my local library, I seen a flyer saying Sister Souljah was coming to Charlotte for a book signing of her book The Coldest Winter Ever  (you can buy it on Amazon via the high light link)

This was perfect because I had just received her first book from my daughters. They found it in a bin at a local book store for free!

It’s called, No DISRESPECT.  It took me 3 weeks to read it. Not that it’s a hard read or anything, it’s just that I wanted to break it up in sections to use as a conversation piece while taking my girls to school across town in the mornings. It proved to be an asset. Our conversations were deeper. They opened up about the peers and day environment more easily. It’s because she is so relative, approachable, and in sync, I know her books will always  have a place within my family’s book shelf.


It was a honor to be in her presence with my teen daughters.  Sometimes when we tell our children things, they don’t always “get it!” Even if you experience it and crying your eyes out to warn them. But when it comes from another person. that speaks to them on their level. Spitting out a”  MF*”  here and there….. they tend to get it!

Here’s my short handed-cliff notes. I wrote them on the back of the paper I had signed for two mama friends. I wrote what she said. Do not let your child read it before you.

Sister SoulJahsister Soulajah.jpg


It’s been a long time. I haven’t wasted even a second. Been writing, editing, learning, teaching, and traveling the globe. This year, from 11/11 onward, is for the readers and book buyers. We will meet face to face. Share thoughts and converse meaningfully, and become better than we were before, each and all of us, InshaAllah.

If you want to sing your book and listen to her in person, meet her at her next book signing: click below!



Friday Four: Taste Testing Fun!

I was asked: What potential invitees, templates for interactive activities, and types of foods to offer during a taste testing.

Well let me jump right into it.

  1. KNOW YOUR GOALS. Before doing a taste test, establish a few goals that are easy to communicate. Are you implementing a taste test program to expand children’s food choices? Promote or introduce local foods? Encourage healthier snack or lunch choices brought from home?

     2. LOCATION-

Yogurt shop              Sandwich shop           Pizza shop        Bakeries                Schools

Libraries                    Churches                     Parks                  Rec Centers         Farm sites

Really just about any specialty shop will jump on this opportunity! 

Here’s a great timeline I grabbed from the DOE

Pick two or three items you are considering for a taste test. Poll some of your school’s students, administrators, teachers, school nurse and parents. Ask them which they would like to sample. The school community will take a greater interest if they are part of the planning.-Ruethers

apple-comparison  3.  Food Selection and Safety- This is a big one.

— Make sure your packaging is professionally done, and meets all federal, state and local labeling laws. To learn more about these, go to http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/label.html.

— You have to be especially careful when listing your ingredients — too much detail and you’ve given away your recipe, too little and you haven’t sufficiently warned people with food allergies (for help with disclosure laws regarding the most common allergens, go to http://www.foodallergy.org/advocacy/labeling.html).

— Make sure to state clearly, both on the label and verbally to each taster, if there are any ingredients (such as peanuts or gluten) that you know a significant number of people in your community are allergic to.

Most attendees at street fairs and church functions won’t sign liability releases, but you can give each taster a one-page flyer about your products (perhaps with a coupon toward a future purchase) that contains all of your liability disclaimers and warnings; and if you do not know the Heimlich maneuver, make sure there is someone nearby who does (please don’t laugh — when people are eating and giving you verbal feedback at the same time there is a greater than usual choking risk).

4. Getting Help  This could be the most challenging part. but it can be done! Need                ideas? See here!

BONUS TIPS: The Invite-


Chili cook off

You are invited to put your culinary skills to the test
at John and Jill’s first annual chili cook off.
You think you have the winning recipe to beat your fellow contestants?
Chili will be judged on spiciness, flavor and originality
in a blind taste test.
Prizes awarded for first, second and third place.
Bring the heat and come hungry.
Destined to become a tradition.
Date and time
City, State


In addition to making sure your food samples are tasty and appealing, think creatively about other ways you can make the overall taste test experience fun. This way, students will be likely to eat better.

  • Place signs and posters throughout the school and at the cafeteria entrance. This will generate interest in the taste test.
  • Use posters and balloons to make the taste test visually appealing.
  • Play music as part of the promotion to generate excitement.
  • Include games related to the foods being served: play “Match the Grain Game” (asking students to look at whole grains in their original form and see if they can identify them), or play the “Mystery Game” (placing fresh fruits and vegetables in a paper bag and asking students to identify them by touch).
  • Ask servers to wear costumes or dress in the color of the day (based on the color of the food you’re serving). This can be especially fun if you’ve recruited the principal to be one of the servers! tcwf fruits
  • Give away gifts and prizes. Stickers with healthy food messages and age-appropriate key chains, pencils and other school supplies are fun for younger and older kids alike.


Take advantage of the taste test as a time to communicate core messages about the featured foods, especially their health benefits.

  • Place decorative, informational posters in the doorway of the cafeteria on a taste test day.
  • Make your messages to students short, appealing — and age-appropriate. Support what students just learned at your taste test about eating better.
  • Distribute stickers, raffle tickets or other promotional items along with the food — and make sure that the promotional items also communicate key health messages.
  • Place table tents with nutrition education messages about the featured food group and its health benefits.


No one like small samples. Three ounces of a new beverage will be a bigger hit than just one ounce of the drink, while a quarter of a sandwich will give kids a better chance to get a sense of the food than just one bite.

The Score Card


Participant 1                              I tried It                    I Liked It                        I’ll Eat It Again

After it’s over, follow up! It’s the one thing you can do to build a strategic foundation for a smooth sailing round two- three and so on. Now relax! You’re gonna have a great time! Have fun and let me know how it goes !!!!!

Kelle, QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: Non Sugar-Coated ‘Back To School Pep Talk For Parents!

Back to School countdown is ON!!! Can you believe it? Summer has been fun and it’s always sad to say goodbye. b2ss

We are going to have a great, progressive and measurable year. Your children will be well behaved and you will not stress over any extended time that they are away from you. How can I say this? It’s because that’s what we are claiming and planning for!

No More playing Patty cake! Get organized! Be prepared!

Lay the ground rules and stick to them.I  have used various strategies over the years to get the best results for my children. Here’s a video I shared on my Facebook page. It’s spreading like wild fire.Take a look  —–> Click Here <—— Also …….


  • “Make sure you have the essentials you need for any kind of “emergency.”
  • Give them chores. My 8-year-old can make his own lunch now, and my 5-year-old can buckle/unbuckle himself in his car seat. Think about how your kids can exhibit more independence (and simultaneously take some to-do’s off your list) this year.

Spend the week before school starts shifting from summer low gear to school year high gear.

  • Tuck an encouraging note in their backpack.It makes a sweet suprise.
  • Make sure they get enough rest. They’ll be less grouchy!
  • They don’t need a entire NEW wardrobe to start school. Get 5 nice ones and build on that. Some of the best deals on clothing will come after the first day of school.
  • Know who their friends are. No matter how often it changes. Keep thier numbers in your phone.

Water bottles should be stored in a side mesh pocket. Keeping the water bottle on the outside of the backpack will help eliminate damaged homework if the bottle springs a leak.

  • Make it a memory.

back 2 school backpackMake a sign to announce their new grade level or write it in chalk on the driveway.

  • Get Help– If your child is having difficulty with his or her homework, make an appointment with the teacher to discuss his or her difficulty. Check with the counselor and the teacher about tutors to get your child help if needed.
  •  Visit The School-Walk or ride the route your child will take. Speak to your child about talking to strangers, and observe along the route any areas in which your child must exercise caution.

  • Introduce Yourself to your child’s teacher. Ask the teacher the times he/she is available to talk to parents.

  • Volunteer If time permits, offer to be a classroom parent or to organize other parents to help in the classroom or at the school. If you can’t make it to the classroom during school hours, ask if there are things you can do from home or on the weekends that would be helpful.

OKAY, claim it now!! Pray over your babies everyday…and expect the very best!! No excuses. Candy land is a board game. Playing Summer Patty cake! is over.

Friday Four: Age Appropriate Tragic Conversations with Children

“Stop burning these churches and killing each other over race! This crap is scaring my children.”

I am the wife and mother to NINE children. We have a 4 boys under 9, 3 living teen girls under 17 and one college son in his early 20’s ….. and one 11yr old in heaven. When my daughter transitioned, I questioned God. Then my “Salt OF The Earth” mom left shortly after her and I really had questions for my heavenly father. I’ve always been told that there would be questions made clearer as time proceeded. That has to be true.  I wouldn’t want my mom to see this mess of a world we often see today.

When tragedy happen, there are always at least two different discussions to be had with the children. AFTER we have understood the facts our-self, we try to be as timely and transparent as possible with the children.


Parents play a valuable role in reducing violence by raising children in safe and loving homes. Here are suggestions that can help. You may not be able to follow each one exactly, but doing what you can will make a difference in your children’s lives. Here’s four strategies to help you guarantee a strong foundation.

1. Make sure your family have a strong sense of self and self defense skills. A mom love your familyasked me in a private message, ”  How can I keep my kids on the straight and narrow when everything around us in living crazy? They see sexuality at school, fighting down the street, their friends are shoplifting…….etc, etc., etc.,”

I suggest Ed, from the Preparedness Consulting Group

 They specialize in Victim Mitigation, Emergency Preparedness Planning, Providing Personal Protection Devices,Pepper Spray, Mace, Stun Guns, Personal Alarms, Security Cameras, Hidden Cameras and Medical Eqpt.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Everyone! http://www.gbcharlotte.com 704-352-9697

2. Understand when to play poker or walk away. Last year, we had Thea from Gracie Barra Charlotte, to join us a the 5th Total Children’s Wellness Fair to demonstrate various self defense strategies to the children. From Thea and her family based company, the children gained confidence in themselves. While no child should go looking for a fight, I think all children should know some type of self defense.


3. Know what to say to your children and when. You are their first teacher. They are gonna automatically follow your lead. Show them ways to solve problems without violence. In our home, when my  husband and I get frustrated with each other, we will either go to our room away from them or wait until everyone is asleep to continue if it can’t be resolved in front of them.

4. Keep your children aware and secure. In your home, you are the boss. Restrict violence from the tv ( make sure you know what TV shows your children watch) and if necessary outside; may that be neighborhood friends, family (Accompany your children to supervised play activities and watch how they get along with others. Teach your children how to respond appropriately when others use insults or threats or deal with anger by hitting. Explain to your children that these are not appropriate behaviors, and encourage them to avoid other children who behave that way)- and  even the  internet, where any and everything goes. Be sure that they know that they don’t always have to agree to get along.

Be safe & Behave

QC Supermom

Kwannza 2013 Day 1 in the QC

We are not the Grinch’s, Christmas had it’s day. We served others and bonded among ourselves. Now that it’s over, I’m so thrilled about celebrating KWANZAA!

kwanzaa sign

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States and also celebrated in the Western African Diaspora in other nations of the Americas. The celebration honors African heritage in African-American culture, and is observed from December 26 to January 1, culminating in a feast and gift-giving.[1] Kwanzaa has seven core principles (Nguzo Saba). It was created by Maulana Karenga, and was first celebrated in 1966–67.

Soulful drumming and dancing

Soulful drumming and dancing

It is the highlight of my year! Seven days of non commercialized celebration. Last year was wonderful. It was hosted at different locations in Charlotte. Each one was different and enriching. The children were encouraged to participate and most did each night. Each day a candle is lit and celebrations is shared by ALL families together!  Last year I took not only 6 of my children, but a few other loved ones too. They LOVED it! I hope that one year all of my children can celebrate together.  It’s totally something you need before leaving for college, as the information  and connections will sticks around way after the daily gatherings.The wisdom from the elders, on to the calling for greater good is surly nothing you can get from a store, school or regular massive gathering.


If I was asked what I love most about Kwanzaa, my answer would be very easy and simple. I love the fact that once a year, I get a bunch of other people to remind my children why they a important. They are encouraged to walk into their purpose and thrive without looking back. Kwanzaa is a very powerful event and I can’t wait for tonight’s gathering. I’ll be sure to capture some of it to share in Friday Fours post. Till then here is more Kwanzaa media and this year’s agenda.

“Kwanzaa was created to reaffirm and restore our rootedness in African culture.” It is a cultural rather than religious holiday, and can be celebrated regardless of a person’s faith tradition.”



Kids crafts




Story teller, Noona Rue at Kamit, Charlotte NC

Story teller, Noona Rue at Kamit, Charlotte NC

Friday Four: What to do in a playgroup

Play pretty! Stop that! Is that your sippy cup or mine? I said SHARE IT! Hush now, Wait a minute, I’m coming! …….. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.I say it all!


One of the most powerful assets a mom can have is her playgroup. The power in playgroups lies in their ability to make friendships and provide support for it’s members. But finding one can be the most important thing you choose besides your mate. It’s got to work for you both (all).

When you find one attend more than one play date before deciding if the group will work out for you, as the saying goes you can’t judge a book by its cover. This applies to playgroups as well, each event will have different people participating so you may find people you click with the second or third time around.100_2793 (2)

If you haven’t gotten that far, let me give you a little help to get you started with my top four tips to navigate your way into a successful experience.  yoga1

1. Bring something to the table. Some play group do a lot of education based events. Offer to help. No one wants to do all of the work alone. Don’t be known as that mom that never shows up or never helps out. If you are to nervous to really make conversation with some of the others don’t let that deter you from participating.

Use this time out of corporate work for you. Use your pre-mom skills In the group. Find ways to bring value that will look great on your resume when/if you return back to work.

2. Think like a mom. Act like a woman. Most moms lead with emotion. All moms should respond with maturity. If you can’t control your emotions, it is unfair and unreasonable to expect your child to control his. It’s important to know that at some point,your baby will cross paths with another lil one. You should be able to know when to intervene or to sit back and watch it dissolve. Yes, I know it’s harder than it sounds when someone pushes, your little one in anger.

3. Know what to expect. There are a plethora of playgroups. Some are support groups.  You just have to be certain of what you need for you and your little one. You may like a highly structured group or a very open group.  Does the age of the other kids in the group really matter? Many groups meet up so during the week, that the need of a licensed pre-school is not useful. (Ponder these option too!)

4. Leave with class. Like my uncle used to say,”Every road has a stop sign.” Every play group organizer knows this. As a matter of fact,unless they become a baby making machine for the next 18-50 years, they won’t want to be in the group either. When you are ready to move on, do it with class. Don’t leave her and the group without a trace.

Here’s how to  leave- I didn’t know there were so many ways of saying goodbye, but I found a few good ones. THE MESSENGER ROUTE, THE SLOW WITHDRAWAL ROUTE,THE DIRECT ROUTE,THE EXPLANATION all of which is on American baby. Here‘s an actual statement from American Baby:  “You guys have been such a great source of support, but I’m finding it’s getting harder and harder to make meetings. I’m sure our paths will cross at birthday parties and preschool!”us

Well, I hope none of my moms are reading this with intentions to leave, but if she is,more power to her. I’d wish her the best. Till the nest play group, have fun!

QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow:Homeschooling Questions and Answers

The homeschool community has grown exponentially in the last ten years, and the resources available to homeschoolers now can seem endless in scope.

Garden and plant home school class by Aura Agape The homeschool community has grown exponentially in the last ten years, and the resources available to homeschoolers now can seem endless in scope.

Thinking about homeschooling, so have many others parents just like you! I have put together a few tidbits and hope it helps you in your decision to educate your child.

Home schooling does not  mean that you are non public school….every child has different needs, and every parent has different capabilities.

We home school because we want all of our children to have a quality, well rounded education with minimal distractions, that would prepare them for real life experiences. For us, we wanted to focus on Nutrition, Culture, Physical, the environment, Math, Science, Finance, and Technology.

Literary Circle at our local library hosted by the UNCC early educators interns.

Literary Circle at our local library hosted by the UNCC early educators interns.

Having them at home ensures character development too which is also essential. At Kelle’s Higher Learning, we make it work for us. I guarantee you that we don’t stick to a clock to tell us how long to teach/learn. Some times it more, sometimes it’s less than the 8 hours.


After years of using math in their daily lives, homeschooled teens are well equipped to teach themselves higher math. Don’t worry about it when they are ten.
You will question yourself a lot. Maybe several times a day in the beginning. This is normal. Find a fellow homeschooling friend. Support each other. Tell each other that it’s okay to sometimes feel that your children didn’t seem to learn anything on a given day. They did, and so did you!

By no ones measure are my kids social misfits. I have a stay at home mom support group with children very close their age, and because of  the kids next door, their friends at ballet, 4-H and Karate there is no reason to ever be concerned about that.

Another concern I hear is whether their child’s SAT/ACT’s results will get into college. Every year, colleges across the nation and the world are opening their doors to homeschoolers. Many of the most prestigious colleges around the nation have accepted homeschoolers: Brown, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, the United States Military Academy at West Point, UC at Berkeley, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, and Yale, just to name a few. My son was homeschooled for just two years and today he is at Hampton University . So, trust me, it’s ok.

The key to homeschooling both older and younger kids together is all in strategy. Teach them how to learn. For example, when were are doing science projects, the older ones get the research part of the assignment. The younger ones get to help create it! Everyone enjoys it!

Homeschooling is an act of love. It does require loads of structure, determination and immense creative skills. It's a very personal decision, and you must be comfortable with yourself.

Homeschooling is an act of love. It does require loads of structure, determination and immense creative skills. It’s a very personal decision, and you must be comfortable with yourself.

To get started in North Carolina there are three requirements that homeschools must meet: 1st visit the NCDNE here’s the link: Click Here!

Once you give the state notice of your intention to homeschool, wait for your “license” to begin. If you are living on a budget as we are and have multiple children as we have, do yourself a favor and get free/ affordable help. Many businesses and even libraries offer free help for students of all ages. Try K12, Connections Academy, Insight or Kaplan. They all offer free programs. Khan Academy is our favorite! They are a not-for-profit educational organization that believe in providing a high quality education for anyone, anywhere.

Being  home schooled allows children to work at different levels. My 6 year old is doing division, multiplication and reading well on a first grade level.

Being home schooled allows children to work at different levels. My 6 year old is doing division, multiplication and reading well on a first grade level.

Don’t forget educational games. There are so many amazing ways to engage your child in learning while they are having fun, thanks to technology and the internet. These green friendly options allows us to be more mobile by just googling: free learning software for kids and free preschool curriculum, a truss of goodies come up. I suggest Jumpstart. It’s an affordable software and a few of the lessons have hard books and match games. Also check out local newspaper for opportunities available to you as a homeschooling family.

Reading comprehension skills in action.

Reading comprehension skills in action.

Homeschooling is a lot of work. But it’s worth it. Every time I’ve considering putting them back in public school, I go back to thinking of the reasons why I chose to homeschool in the first place and start on my lesson plans for next week. In closing, if you try it and it doesn’t work, put your ego aside and send them back to public school. You can always move to a better school zone*. If you need more detailed information on this topic get it my upcoming guide I’ll share it here on this blog post in the comment section.

Friday Four: Glad to see him come, happy to see him leave.

My oldest and my youngest. Life has been a blessing so far! Would I change ANYTHING? Hecks No!!

My oldest and my youngest. Life has been a blessing so far! Would I change ANYTHING? Hecks No!!

It’s almost time to send my big guy back to college. Talk about bitter sweet! Having a son in college and one as young as 9 months is amazing. I think he is beginning to realize how much his younger siblings look up to him as well. images (1)

Listening to him talk about  his college life was interesting, as he shared, all I could do is stare….here are four topics he discussed with his sisters & I about college:


1. “College is the best time of your life. You have four additional years to be irresponsible. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk?” (I personally didn’t know that he got drunk!)

2. I went to a party at a bar in college, and gave the bouncer a fake ID. Turns out, he was best friends with the guy on my ID. (I wonder if he knew that was illegal?)

3. He said that he’s met all types of girls – hot girls who were stupid and hot girls who were sensible, as well as less attractive women who were stupid and less attractive women who were sensible.”

Zapata's We got hooked us up with dessert from the manager during dinner with the dudes Friday night. The live music was AWESOME!

Zapata’s – hooked us up with dessert during dinner with the dudes Friday night. The live music was AWESOME too!

4. “The coolest thing about being an athlete at a large school is the amount of fan support! It is awesome to walk around campus during the day and see students wearing shirts supporting your team. And it is always a huge adrenaline rush to play a game in front of a large fan base.”

The 2 princess of the castle.  Deedaw and Cassie.

The 2 princess of the castle. Deedaw and Cassie.


I must add in that 1. He is a “B” student. So there is a balance here, (thank goodness)  and 2. my husband thought  umber 3 was the funniest. Anyhoots, college spring break has a reputation as a time for heavy drinking, half naked coeds and non-stop partying.  While that may be what happens for some people, it is not the only way to spend spring break. I am so happy that he decided to come home for his break. What a wise fella he’s becoming!

The princesses will be getting a little help with painting their rooms today! Thanks to ACE Hardware for the free Clarkson paint!!!

The princesses will be getting a little help with painting their rooms today! Thanks to ACE Hardware for the free Clarkson paint!!!


So far, so good. My son has came a long way & by the grace of God he’s still progressing!

The Golden Rules 101

disciplineI heard someone asked, “Are children bad mannered because of a lack of affection from parents?”  Her friend answered “No, kids are bad mannered because of lack of discipline and most parents that suck will say that they do discipline but the truth is that they waffle back and forth and scold there kids then feel bad about it and butter the kids up.”

I sort of agree with that,


I do call kids out on their behavior though. In my home, if kids say things like, “I want a soda!” My response is, “I am sure what you meant was, ‘Mrs. Smith, may I have a soda


Try to focus on how good the manners made someone else feel not just insisting your child parrot back the magic words

please?” They look at me dumbly for a moment and then they stammer out the phrase. And then we stumble through thank you and you are welcome. When I see kids treating wait staff poorly, I do the same thing. I also do it in front of their parents. 99% of the time the parents are embarrassed when I say, “Sam, please remember to say please and thank you to Lakesha. Mr. Perkins and I come here all the time and I don’t want them giving me a bad table because of you.” And please note, I speak up after multiple transgressions. I do not slam a 6 year old who forgets to say please because he is so excited about the movie he just saw. I speak up when a 10 year old acts like a jerk on many occasions and has never reigned themselves in.

Please, thank you and excuse me. 

Most times reminding our fellas to use magic words do work. Like any learned behavior, manners must be introduced as early as possible and reinforced consistently. In our home, if you can talk, you can use manners. We have them use them everywhere, especially at home, with each other, from us, parent on down; after all charity begins at home. Simple enough, but they will get it and learn about generosity, feelings, thankfulness and meaning.




Here’s  two GREAT links to check out: Just click on it.

Etiquette Emergency for Bad-Mannered Kids

Setting Boundaries With Toddlers