Wednesday Wow: Fitness for non-exercising moms-like me

I must do better I clare I MUST! I think my husband and children have it out for me. They are in great health. Some would even go far as calling them fit and trim. The crazy thing is that I love a good workout. I love to sweat & have post workout pains.


For as much as I am out with the kids one would think I’m slim and trim. But I am not. Right now, I’m a curvy, tall mama looking for a routine that works for me. I have tried the supplements and gotta admit, there are some really good one out there.

I want to drop 50 lbs. This time I’ll do a lil mix up of diet and exercise. Yes, I know that’s what the pros suggest. ( I’ve always did a 90% diet 10 exercise mix- it could be better)

I love working out. As for these pants.....the kids hate them, I say they are total swagged out.

I love working out. As for these pants…..the kids hate them, I say they are total swagged out.

To my defense, there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to invest more than 30 minutes. So I guess it’s my starting point. A great friend suggested this: “Kelle you gotta elevate your heart rate and give your metabolism a little jump start so that your body is burning more calories throughout the day.”  This sounds too easy. We’ll see.

This months mission:

Create an obstacle course with the kids that I can participate in too. I can set it up on our own house, yard or park, using items you find around the house. Set up things to climb over, crawl under and move around  – I was told to make it as challenging as possible so the children feel like they’re achieving something and I feel like I’m getting a workout.

Cotton Candy is not the norm!

Cotton Candy is not the norm!