Friday Four: Thanksgiving- FIND YOURS

Thanksgiving carries different meanings for different people. My family on my dad side host a huge dinner. Everyone gathers at an elders family member home and we eat, laugh and lounge until the belt button pops! Then walk it off with our more fit aunts! The guys usually play a round of football or basketball.  Some even ride a horse. It’s awesome because everyone is included and made to feel welcomed and warm. All the family drama is left in the glove compartment for the day. Horse exercise

Now that I have a tribe of my own, I go there less often and try to establish my own family traditions. Although I want them to feel the generational love, I want to impress memories with them as well. The first dinner I did was before my 11 yr old past in 2004*. My now 23yr old son did the sweet potatoes and Mya did the cabbage. We had a simple yet delicious spread.  But ended up throwing away a large amount of meat and beans. I didn’t like that too much and knew that we had to try something different.


So now, we take a little out for the local shelters before we eat.  Problem solved.

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states.

give thanks

At any given moment, I have 14 arms to hug and love me unconditionally. At any given moment,I can bend over and pick something off the floor. At any given moment, I can walk outside my door and work in my garden. At any given moment, I can go to my sink and collect clean* water. At Any Given Moment, I can give THANKS to God for my life!

Here is how we do Thanksgiving.

  1. We recall what we are thankful for )loved ones, life, health, family and a peace of mind and everything in between)
  2. We will not gorge on this day. For we know that we must eat  well after that one day.
  3. We will find a way to bring joy in someone else life, via food, deed or both.
  4. We will build on what we have and find ways to care for and our current gifts.

More on Thanksgiving (Please check out the links and book offer. Each purchase from the books justify time given to this blog- THANKS IN ADVANCE. 🙂 )

The real cost of Thanksgiving

Oven Cautions!

The Latin Kitchen- How to cook in 3 hours!

Detox your self after the fest/ eat clean during it . Follow my pinterest board.

Recipes the kids can help make!

Buy the book! Teens Gobble Gobble MAD LIBs

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Children’s Books: WHAT’S FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER? (Delightfully Fun, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Making Friends and Being … Ages 2-8) (Happy Children’s Series 5)

and Little Critter: Just a Special Thanksgiving “This is a very cute book with really nice illustrations and such a good story. ”

Conversation-worth-Having-Image How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? I would LOVE to know.

Gobble Till You Wobble,

Kelle, QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: Mama’s, Let’s Make Some Bread At Home

If you recall, last week, I began telling you about opportunities to really make money while being a stay at home and work from home mom. This week I’m actually giving you links and other resources to help you stress less, bring something to the table and build your self esteem. These suggestions do not work for everyone. They all require real work and are free to begin.I am personally knowledgeable of each point below. So please click on the links. Also note that because I do, it doesn’t mean I’m a member of each of them. ( Personally I would never sign up for a program that charge me anyway)

Check out Cassie Sweetz

Check out Cassie Sweetz

 You may as well have fun with your lil one now. Why wait? Pick a design and let’s have some fun. Our artist can paint…

 Lista         LiveOps

Private, CPR certified, mobile sitter and small event planner in Charlotte, NC.

Private, CPR certified, mobile sitter and small event planner in Charlotte, NC.

Now a wave of smartphone apps, including Checkout 51, Ibotta and Snap by Groupon, allow you to take a photo of your receipt from the grocery store to earn cash back on certain items without clipping coupons. Another app, ReceiptHog, rewards users for uploading their receipts rather than rewarding them for purchasing specific products.


This list is loaded with leads and in-depth instructions! 


Work-from-home ideas for stay-at-home moms

10 Best Jobs You Can Do From Home

This list can be used by anyone- like consignment shop, diaper cake maker…… you know normal easy stuff!

15 Surprising Work-from-Home Jobs

This site shows you HOW to get these jobs! 

This list is the realist! Good Money making ideas!

She’s has a nice list too! 

Okay, this should get you off to a great start, Thank me by sharing,liking or even better adding your tips! There are so many moms looking for real- legal money answers!  Now let’s make some MONEY!!!

J, QC Supermom

Friday Four: Self Love on V-Day!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re snowed in and somewhere, after a failed igloo turned fort, dairy-free snow cream,nature walk, sled rides,slip n sliding, it ended as one of the best ones ever as a family.

storm sidewalk

My husband was the only one to leave the house over the last 3 days. That poor veteran got cabin fever!

Fear Of What? Storm 2014 and my vet! We don’t Have Time For That!

There was no big baby flying over our yard with a bow and arrow, just the new channel helicopter, overlooking the numerous vehicles stuck on the interstate.  Hold the cards, candy and all stuffed creatures. You can even keep the over-packed restaurants. ( As if you are guaranteed to make it there and back.) My husband knows I’m not that type of  girl. He knows what I like, and if he doesn’t get it with in 5 days I’ll buy it myself.   v day

It’s earrings! Why? It’s practical and needed. A plain outfit can be made incredible with the perfect earrings. It’s the one item my kids seem to eat. I have about 4 single earrings. My husband is a good guy. Our bills are paid and I’ve never had a bruise, but not the most romantic. He’s a extreme saver and left to his on devices, he would never think to get me anything to say “I love you.” 

Why would I by them myself? I home school six children, married to a veteran, and I try my best to always put them first.I deserve them and I love myself enough to make sure that I get them. Even if I have to get them from a pawn shop. (they’ll sanitize like brand new in no time.) 

self self love

Love isn’t always a fairy tale. Family life and relationships are complex and ever-evolving with ups and downs. Without Self-Love, I can’t give to others in my life; I can’t be a good mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, or wife. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can use today as a time to reflect on the love you give to yourself. If you are anything like me, this is an area that needs constant attention and daily care. My challenge to you is to start a new tradition on Valentine’s Day- buy yourself something affordable, practical and don’t regret it.

Happy Valentines Day,

QC Supermom


Wednesday WoW! She’s Here! JC is here!!

Excitement isn’t the word. Humbled isn’t either. Blessed ….”Yes!”,that sounds more like it. After 15 years my daughter is here. Lots of lesson learned and even more to discover during this new chapter in our live. One bit of advice hat I can pass on is to Never -EVER- allow family to help take care of your child. It was wonderful of them  to help me when I needed it the most, but it’s my turn to truly bond with her. She needs to know that she belongs and that I need her as much as she needs me. It has taken me 15 years to get her back. Sure, I had her for breaks  and what not not but it’s not the same. Do I have work to do or what? Lord be with me on this one, but I am so ready to welcome her full time into our home…..OUR HOME…. gosh that sounds good!

JC and her brother Eaim

JC and her brother Eaim

JC and her brother Jervon

JC and her brother Jervon

She doesn’t have to call me mom

I will try my est to keep her in her previous standard of living.

I will help her become who she wants to be as an adult and professional

I promise to share her with her dad, as she is a daddies girl.

I will continue to try to put myself in her shoes when she does something out of our so called norm. Am I missing anything? This is a new dance I’ve never done before. Do I take her to Chuckie Cheese or have a spa night with cucumbers? Oh my, I  love my LARGE family and is so very proud of it!

Till I hear from you, take care, QC Supermom  JC driving

Friday Four: Science and Valentine’s Day


Amen sharing his Hulk juice!

The Heart of Science- a home school lesson

Help your kids celebrate Valentines Day without the candy and it can still be sweetest day ever!

So how in the world do you combine science and Valentine’s Day? With a love potion of course! My children had a ball helping their dad and I make Hearts Day a blast. With a small investment of $3.00 and 3 minutes it was done!


Bubbles of cool mystifying air.

Here are the four steps to making your very on signature Love Potion.

1. Buy dry ice. We purchased 2 lbs from the local market.

2. Gather food coloring. You can use regular food dye, Kool-aid, or any thing of the like. One of my sons like the Hulk, so we had to get him green. Since it was Valentines day, we also used red. The girls insisted on it- they are so mushy! 🙂

3. Take out a couple of glass containers. We used different sizes, including mason jars. (make sure they are clean) Fill them 3/4 water.

4. Safely combine a ice cube size of dry ice to the colored liquid of each glass and watch the magic! Your children will LOVE it!

Here’s the video- It was mysteriously amazing! Click here!

Enjoy! If you bring this amazingly simple, yet exciting science project to your children, come back and let me know how it goes.

Wednesday Wow! DIY birthday party

eaim e4 e3 e2 e1 e5 e6 e7 e8 e9 e10 e11 e12We spent $80.00 on my son’s 6th birthday party

this past Saturday!

It was the BEST Party EVER!


As a parent, we want our child to have great childhood memories. Sometimes the biggest issue in securing it is the cost. In my family, my husband is the penny pincher & I’m the spender. This year, we decided together not to spend over a certain amout for each child birthday. With 6 children in the house it would require much creativity, but we did it.


I called and confirmed the space at Chic Fil A. It was free!  They can jump, play & run as much as they please. I decided to provide a dessert bar & purchase ice cream  for each child.  After all most kids eat dinner before 6pm. I didn’t think anyone would come hungry.

We gathered everything locally. We shopped the Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby and Micheals, from the table, and wall decor to the  birthday boy supplementals must haves! It was worth the time spent in color cordinating.

Cassie, of Cassie’z Sweets donated yummy cake pops, cookies and we threw in beef jerkies, fruit kabobs. EvERyONE helped!  My girl friend helped in staying in budget and Deanna, The Big Sister, enjoyed making the fruity treats.


So on the day of his birthday,

it happened to also be  the day of the birthday party, he threw on his custom shirt, his big brother gave him and the day began. Eaim had a private parade to wake him up outside our front door!  They were awesome. Then hours later, it was party time! The kids came, played ate & went home. I gave them cute lil flashlights, tattoos and pencils from The Rise Of The Gardians as party favors. (I got those from a promoter, they were leftovers)

We didn’t spend much. Didn’t ask for anything other than playmates & everyone had a great time. Our goals were accomplished! We stuck to our budget & our son was happy!  Till next time! e4

Friday Four-My Insane ideas

So, how do you celebrate being 38? I Googled it & look what came up?

 Birthday Gift for a 37YearOld Married Woman | eHow.com › Holidays & CelebrationsShare

Gift Ideas for a 37YearOld Woman · Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Mom’s Birthday
                                                                                           Maybe I read it wrong……-should I assume that they are inferring I’m old?
I’m getting up there. I know it…..but in so many ways I still feel 21. Is 37 suppose to feel this great? It just sounds so old to me.  I would love to do something different. Being 37 and married brings with it a certain degree of sophistication and a desire for trendiness.Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. Go to a fancy art & wine tasting party OR  some other out of the box social event. I haven’t done anything like that in awhile!

2. Then I thought about going on a date with my husband, but I know for a fact it would end up like any other date. All of the kids would end up tagging along & remember, I want something different.

3. Soon, I pondered having a  Girl’s Night Out with some girl friends. One of them sell relationship tools. Rethinking it, I think I’ll pass on that as well.

4. Right about now, having a day to myself sounds good. Maybe not an entire day; let’s say 4 hours. That’s enough time for a shower, magazine, take out , meditation and if I’m lucky, a sandwich all to myself.  

I JUST found out the kids and my husband have something planned for me…….ok, I’ll take that too.

Whatever I do, it will be in  Pink T & matching tutu, like my friend below-

I’m gonna make it myself and save some mula!

Mrs. Kelle Pressley

-QC Supermom