Scholarship Saturday – June 22, 2019

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I still owe Johnson and Wales University. My son graduated debt free from college and  my husband will too next year. I have one daughter currently in college just this year and have been able to secure various money for college. Hopefully, my last two daughters will follow this legacy I’m trying to establish now that I know college money is available to each of them for so many different reasons.  There’s money for being left handed, a  U.S.Veteran or child of one, a basketball star, a nerd, tennis player, a vegan,  I could go on and on!

Trust me. There is nothing smart about paying for college when you know there’s money available to you. The resources are here! Go get this money! I have listed three amazing sources below!

This edition of Scholarship Saturday features 60 college scholarships and contests closing soon. There is a lot of scholarship money available – apply today!

via Scholarship Saturday – November 26, 2016 — JLV College Counseling   (click )

This book by Jamila Freelain is a must have for any  scholar!




Scholarships are money Just For You! Applying for them is not easy. Because too many parents/ students won’t research, qualify, apply and follow up. But they are within your tsmreach. Start Early, Find Your passion, Be Proactive-Not Reactive. – The cost of attending college isn’t going down anytime soon here in the  U.S.. But the good news is there is a way to make college possible by winning scholarships. – Bernice Feaster, The Scholar Mom

– Bernice Feaster, The Scholar Mom

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Come on parents. Go get this money! Show your child how to get into college! They will appreciate you for it! I’m telling you what I know. 🙂