National School Choice Week Charter

This week is busy the QC. for homeschooling families and charter schools alike. I want to share the news with you regarding two awesome events in particular. Both of them are free and begins tonight and ends Saturday*. Read below for details. Holistic Education

National School Choice Week Charter Fairs sponsored by Banyan Consulting Group & Northwestern Mutual Parents can learn more about dozens of local charter schools on Thursday, January 29, 2015. Nearly two hundred people are expected to attend the fair, which will be held from 6:30 p.m – 8:30 p.m. at Holiday Inn- University (8520 University Executive Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262).




Teachers and student leaders from 25 North Carolina charter schools will be on hand to provide parents with more information and application instructions. The event is timed to coincide with National School Choice Week. This school fair is hosted by the North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association. The Association’s mission is to grow and sustain high quality public charter schools that nourish North Carolina’s children and enrich their families. NC Public Charter Schools Association is a membership coalition of NC charter schools established to serve, represent, and advocate for the interests of the schools and their children, parents, educators, and staff. National School Choice Week is a nationwide celebration of the education options from traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, online academies, and home schools taking place from January 25-31, 2015. RSVP is not required but appreciated. For more information, contact Aletha Buck at

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Homeschool Fair for School Choice Week

Americans for Prosperity Foundation – North Carolina presents a brick-and-mortar gathering of homeschool resources for parents and students who are interested in or currently homeschooling in the Charlotte region.

We will have leaders of local homeschool groups as well as curriculum representatives presenting information to attendees. We are also excited to feature policy updates on school choice issues at the local, state and federal level from elected officials.

Additional representatives will be availble to discuss extracurriculars, such as sports, available to homeschoolers.
Please feel free to drop in throughout the day. Lunch will be available to ticket holders (Click here– no cost for tickets!).

See you there! Please share with others……~QC Supermom

Goodbye Homeschool; Hello Charter School

I hope no one dares try to put me in a box. Although I support homeschooling 100%; I do what’s best for my family. As you should do for yours.

HoooRay! The girls are leaving homeschool!!!! Yup, you heard it hear! Their home schooled days are officially behind them. Hoooray!!!!  (yes, I’m  excited, can you tell?)

School days coming

After researching their perspective schools and visiting the campuses, made me want to attend high school all over again.

She said that her phone will be her best friend.

She said that her phone will be her best friend.

I remember when we took them out of public school like it was yesterday. It was horrible and no one was on our child’s side.

One daughter was bullied and bored. Every day she would weep. the children teased her because she wanted to learn, and the teachers ignored her because she kept asking for more work.

Even after numerous trips to the

Entrepreneur High School -DR Potts

Entrepreneur High School -DR Potts

school to discuss my concerns with the teacher, principal and even guidance counselor, nothing worked long term and it started to get old really quick. My other daughter was just restless. She got to a point where she felt like an insignificant number. We felt that the teachers were on the same level as her classmates. Things got way too unruly for us and yes, it was right up her alley.  We had to make changes before they became a habit. So I went to the placement center and it seemed like they gave me very little options. I had no options but to keep them with me at home. Who better right? I could help them prepare for life. FAST FORWARDING—the girls have their own business ( Cassie Sweetz  and The Big Sister ) and both are well involved in the community.

Culinary teacher  and uniformSo, I think it’s fair to say home school worked from them. Now they need something more. Something, that I can’t give them. More social skills with their peers, a more consistent study into college (should they choose to go), prom*, a break from each other; I’m not sure, but this decision feels right.

I’m sending them to  Entrepreneur High School and Kennedy Charter (on the campus of Johnson C.Smith University) both excellent choices for my girls. I have weighed the pros and cons and decided that they would benefit est at the perspective charter schools. 

If you need help navigating this big decision start some where. Ask yourself what’s best for your child. Can you give it to them? The answer will come. What I don’t want you to do is get lost in the education shuffle. I feel sorry for this mom. She should not be punished for wanting better for her son! Free Tonya McDowell!

I think both daughters will do just fine!

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