Friday Four: Rewards Of Being A Fit Mom

Roger saying his vows to me....

Roger saying his vows to me….

It just clicked! When he met me, I was thinner and loaded with energy! Recently, I’ve found myself looking at my husband worrying if he still finds me desireable. He’s too smart to say anything other than “I love you forever baby”! I have to get and stay fit quick! When my husband and I met some 15 years ago, I was a nice size 16. Silly me, I thought I was fat them, anyhoots years later, I’ve sorta got diverted by just a bit. I remember those wonderful mornings when my day began with a 5:30am run to the gym. I had a serious dopamine and endorphins addiction! It just set my day in the right motion. Let me tell you about why I must get my “Sexy Fit Mama Back!” My goal is 50lbs. Help KEEP ME accountable.

Here’s four reasons why:

My goal is 50lbs. Help KEEP ME accountable.
  1. It improves your IQ: Firstly being fit can improve your IQ. Because of the cardiovascular fitness and increased oxygen getting to your brain, as well as using more of your brain for your movement and coordination (the motor cortex) and the increase of certain hormones released in your brain including dopamine and neurotransmitters. Homeschooling has never been so productive.
  2. It improves my confidence. I had better, healthier skin, and better hair. I even looked for opportunities to tell others why they should workout.  This new assest poured over to my children.

I was told that muscles are easy to develop. It is the DIET that is difficult. And that's what is necessary to see the abs.

I was told that muscles are easy to develop. It is the DIET that is difficult. And that’s what is necessary to see the abs.

3. It improved my sex drive: I had my four sons right after I lost 60 lbs back in 2005. Dressing up my lean curves was very empowering. I was happy for both myself and my husband.

4. It slows down the effects of ageing: Not only did I get more sleep (a true asset for any busy mom like me) an boost to my immune system and energy level. I also enjoyed the fequent “Oh, my you look so young!” That reversal of aging allowed my body to renew skin cells,and rejuvenate my other organs naturally. Not bad huh?

Can I get an AMEN. Seriously-why does this happen

Well till the next lap,

QC Supermom

Can I get an AMEN. Seriously-why does this happen

Wednesday Wow: Thanksgiving Eve 2012

It’s 1:29 am………and I’m Still up counting my blessings!

Right now, it’s technically Thanksgiving Eve. Noah, my 5 month old is lying here with his mouth wide open while he is knocked out in my lap. So it seems most fitting to take a run for an almost Wordless Wednesday post.

Why almost you ask? Because I’m a blogger and that what we do. So grab a cup of green tea and get cozy!

My Wednesday Affirmation-

“I deserve and now am thankful for all my blessings even those that don’t feel like blessings and I now find the lesson therein. I use my ‘so-called’
failures as wonderful, extraordinary fertilizer for my many successes. I am happy and fulfilled to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Now time to count my blessings, well most of them.

I have 9 children. 8 Living I love each and every one of them! Such amazing spirits in 
each of them! God must LOVE me!

My father showed me what to look for in a man, husband, father and friend! Who knew the same 2 would be the ones t drives me to my wits end!!

After all, every mom needs one great friend to share a bottle of wine with! Right?

GMO Free Food. I am so grateful to be able to share nutritious food with my family.

OK, Ok, OK, I’ve been slacking int his area HOWEVER, we are talking about things we are thankful for. I am thankful, for the ability to workout. I miss it so much and will get back to its on. In the mean time, I should get brownie points for ensuring my children gets plenty of it! I think SO!

to watch a great role model for my children, royal family that representing my country, and the president for the 47% & other 3 %.