Our 1st Carnival Cruise


I know! I know, I’ve been away for a while! But wait till you hear about my journey back to you!

Well, here it goes…. I went on my very first cruise EVER! We had the time if our lives! The porting city was Miami, Florida and we stopped in Key West and ended the adventure in Cozumel,  Mexico! It was 5 days and four nights of fun, food, adventure, friends, and fabulous-ness (yes, it’s  a word!)


We could not ask for a better vacation.  At first, I had internal hesitation.  The Love Boat was the only good memory I ever had to relate toward any fun ship. Then there’s  Gilligan’s Island and Titanic to overshadowed that.  Never the less, I was able to keep it together for my 5 sons.

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Checking in and registering everyone was easy! The ship was grand! The staff was happy to see us! They even learned our names! Can you believe that? The food, the service, the shopping in Cozumel, the value, the memories! UUUgh, I can’t wait to take my girls and husband on the next trip!



This trip was paid for by my oldest son and planned by my  (hope to be soon DIL) Genny!



I even thought about you!

Here’s your 1st gift:

10 Tips for a Vicory Cruise with Boys:

  1. The cruise is just the beginning. Spring for an excursion.

2. Don’t forget the camera. The water and smiles are rare and priceless.

3. If you are racist, Stay home.  No explanation needed.

4. Forget the kid’s bedtime.  Each night my boys watched a movie in the hot tub under the stars. Why stop them?

5.If you are a homeschooler, teach about your intended traveling and culture before boarding.  You’ll get the best teacher of the year title! Trust me!

6. If you’re taking more than one child, twin them up! Even the ship guest will help you keep up with them. You’ll thank me later for this!

7. If you have a long drive to the port, don’t throw away your water bottle, It quickly becomes a mobile potty.

8. Pack, then check twice before leaving home. Packing light and smart is the goal.

9. After letting your best friend know that you’re leaving, contact your credit card and cell phone company.  International rates and credit card freezing at the point of purchase is no fun!

10. Once checked in; grab the itenary and use it up! There’s so much to do!



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And here’s your 2nd gift! Get free passes to see #MyCousinRacheal

Till next time…… “Cheerio’!

Cruise tips anyone?

I’ve mentioned this before and I mean it. My family need a cruise. I’ve placed this mission on our

Families Bucket List : 1. Family Cruise by 2015

A throw back.

A throw back. This picture if really old. But I think it’s super cute and had to share. It represents just a small percentage of our family.

From what I hear, It is an amazing experience.  I wouldn’t want to go with just myself and my husband, but I wish to create this special memory with them. Just thinking of us all walking up the port and customs is getting me excited. So I am chatting with agents now.

Mission: Save as much money as possible for a family of 10 for a wonderful themed cruise. Absolute Budget: $2000.Duration: 5-7 days

So far the feedback has been all across the board. From “You want to take ALL of the kids with you?” to “Your budget is what?” Guess what? None of that matters. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. We’re going on that cruise and we will do it affordably. Time to work my blogger/ product reviewing magic.

So far, I’ve learned these strategies should be used while in pursuit of the best cruise prices:

  • Be a little flexible on the departure date and itinerary. Cruising at any time offers terrific value, but there are benefits to being able to travel on fairly short notice or to shifting your departure date or itinerary to take advantage of a great offer.
  • Register with a company that is authorized to offer deals on these unsold cabins (signing up is completely free of charge, by the way). Vacations To Go, the world’s largest seller of cruises is one of the more popular websites handling these kinds of bookings.

This link should make my husband proud. It’s a cheat sheet for frugal cruise vacationers.

This is a good one too!

We are willing to invest time searching and since we home-school most of the kids, we are flexible on travel dates,we should get a dreamy cruise for a song. Keep your Fingers Crossed Tight! Bon voyage!~QCSupermom

Here are more pics from last Night at Golden Corral during Veterans Day dinner.

This was from last night, Veterans Day dinner at Golden Corral.

This was from last night, Veterans Day dinner at Golden Corral.