Feeling Free as a Bird

I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind.-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What would you do if you could do EXACTLY what you wanted and just live as a Free Bird?

I would have my ring finger tattooed.
I would only eat what I could grow.
I would take dance classes.
I would learn to paint.
I would shop almost exclusively at thrift stores.
I would teach internationally.
I would learn to ride a motor bike.
I would make time to meditate daily.
I would earn another degree.
I would plan to take my entire family on a week long cruise.
I would play dress up and have a Selfie Photo Shoot. with earth tones or maybe even tropical colors. 
I would listen to old school gospel music every day of the week.

 I would not miss any of my son’s basketball games.
I would color my hair tomato red.

I would burn cds of my favorite music. (Old school I know.)
I would take more Thursday, Woman-Only classes at Home Depot.
I would shop for antiques and go to garage sales every Saturday.
I would have girls’ nights out to go to plays, operas, concerts and museums.
I would watch the sun rise with my husband and eat breakfast on the porch.

No time like the present to get free, huh? I think I will. Right after this homeschool day.:)IMG_0669