My hair appt at the Ulta Salon Frizz Free Fridays Promo

I got my hair done for FREE ya’ll!  It took away the fizz and looked  different. ….but it didn’t last ALL weekend LONG. It didn’t even last 2 hours on my thick, super curly, ultra natural hair.

Ulta  is hosting a wonderful promotion for anyone who is adventuous enough to take them up on their offer. I found out about it from a online friend.  This hair store /salon has a new product out that toots it’s horn for being able to transistion hair- Fizz Free. Well, I went, I enjoyed the 90 minutes momcation and 3hrs later I had a pony tail back in my hair.

 (my mom always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say a word SO Don’t Say A WORD about my split ends.)

That’s the picture from the salon. I took it moments before leaving out. I’m sure the  sweltering temperature out doors  played a part in the ImageImagequick return to my normal curly texture. I loved my hair dresser so that I didn’t want to take a picture of the entire head. But for certain types of hair, this product will work. The caucasion beside me hair was absolutely  flawless. So soft and weightless, she even had  Shirley Temple looking curls swinging on the end.  She must’ve felt like  million bucks- I was happy for her and mind was ……well you see it.  Anyhoots, the store  was lovely and I truly  enjoyed the pampering and time to myself. I had my sista-girlfriend watch Noah, my newborn & hubby had the other boys.  It was worth my $10 tip. (You do still tip at hair salons right?)

      After doing a littler research, I found out that they are a very charitable organization. Ulta regularly offers special deals within the store such as buy one get one, X percent off and free gift with purchase as well as physical coupons. With a bit of strategy you can make these deals work for you, stretching your dollar to get the most for your money. Ulta also has a great rewards program which is free to sign up for and rewards you based on the amount of money you spend.

Want  to try it yourself? Call them, they have plenty more reservations available. See the picture or call your local Ulta salon for more information. But hurry, it’s for this month ONLY!

Oh yeah, that’s a blueberry stain on my tooth- Harris Teeter  had a awesome sale on them. Mine were free because of a register error. It made them even more YUMMY!              Image