Wednesday Wow:Belly Casting Give Away

ImageHere goes a fun give away! Are you or someone you know waiting eagerly for their little bundle of joy? This should help them!

After 8 pregnancies, I’m still learning of new ways to have affordable fun with a growing belly! There is no reason not to enjoy every stage of it! Let me help you through the most difficult part. The home stretch when you are most bored,scared and anxious.I now offer a full service birthing service.Complete with doula, photographer, nutritionist, fitness coach, encapsulation, nanny and a few other complementary services. (It’s more affordable than you think and for a new  mom, it can be a sanity saver!)

.                                                  NOW BACK TO THE GIVEAWAY!

I am running this giveaway in order to help promote the new birthing service. To enter this giveaway you, just help me promote it, that’s all.                        Image       ImageI’m giving away a belly casting party. You have seen them before right? They are a awesome way to preserve any pregnant belly. But you have to be certified! How do you get “Baby Ready Certified”-keep reading.
3 lucky moms will earn a “Baby Ready Certification” at this party that comes complete with a professional photographer to help make some beautiful pictures for your baby belly book.
                                      Hotel location details will be announced at drawing.

                                                                             Giveaway is opened until 12/28 11:59 pm

Entries: In order to enter this giveaway at least one mandatory entry must be done. If mandatory entry is not done, the other entries will not be counted. Sorry, but I really want to promote this new service mostly and foremost.

a. Post this on twitter and leave a link to the post in the comment section: Check out this awesome expectant mom contest,hosted by @QCSUPERMOM  
b. Post this link on FB and leave a link to the post in the comment section:
c. Complete one treasure hunt sent to you via your email. You will post the results online. select this option by sending a message to
Optional:  ( Yes, the more you do will increase your chances of winning)
a.Tell a friend or two to like your post and comment on your entry.
b.Blog about this giveaway and post a belly photo back link to me.
c.Tell me how your pregnancy is going? What are you doing to stay active, stay excited, your biggest concern, etc.
d. Tweet about this giveaway and post a link to the tweet in the comment section
e. Post about this giveaway on Facebook and post a link to the post in the comment section.I’m  so excited!!