Friday Four: The Best Group Costumes For Kids (EVER!)

This is my favorite month of the year!  I love the colors, the seasonal aromas, the festive and fun dress up

Having 4-6 kids that actually like to dress up can be costly for us, so we must think outside the box. I have put together four super awesome group costume ideas, that will not break the bank! As a bonus, I have included a few videos to inspire you to try to create them yourself!

  1. flintstoneThe Flintstones- How sweet, affordable, and simple is this? This could be made in one evening! If only I had a little girl! 
  2. The minions- Another simple easy and cute idea! minionsHow cool for colder kids and college students as well. Another great thing about this idea is that you can wear everything again! <WIN-WIN> boys coustome swag
  3. Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids-  The parents of these boys dress their sons up every year in different themed outfits! I think this is the one I’ll try this year for my four young boys! It’s classic enough to pull together from closets at home, or your parents home. 
  4. Last but not least….. The Smurfs!!!! Yes, I went waaaay back! Just make sure to protect your skin by applying coconut oil before applying the color.Here again, another cost effective, simple, cute and super cute idea! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
    Ok, time to get shopping at your local thrift, craft and supply store! I hope this helped you. Every year I stress everyone out getting ready for one night. I’m proud of myself this year! This is a pretty good collection if I do say so myself! When I get the opportunity to attend post Halloween parties with the kids I’m super excited because we get to wear our costumes more than on time ( heck, we do that anyway to be honest.)  Let me know which one you like the best and what your little one(s)  will be wearing.

Have a fun weekend! 


Ned more ideas? See these below-

Famous Characters

More Group Ideas


I grew up in a small town. We DID Halloween BIG! Our drivers would ride us on the hoods, with the doors open house to house with in the neighborhood. We would chant; “Trick or treat, trick or treat give me something good to eat!

If they acted right we would not “tp” their house.We would say thank you and go on to the next house smiling.  If they didn’t, we would sing the other version. It went ” Trick or treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.If you don’t, I won’t be sad. I’ll just make you wish you had!”  and let’s just say, they would save a lot on bathroom tissue that week. (those were the days- Thank God for wisdom!)

Watch: Fat Albert Halloween Special 1977

Of course, at that time, the very best part of Halloween was getting more candy than we’ve ever seen all year long! Half of the thrill came from putting the costume together piece by piece. I’ve been an angel, a nerd, a doll baby, a witch, even a clown.  If it was affordable, I was it. I remember even switching up with my neighbor one year. It was so much fun!

Over the years things have gotten so different. It went from me enjoying those same days with my children to slowly pulling back and taking them to the mall, then gradually to church and then community only events. Same fun, but I started to wonder Why the horror? I never liked scary costumes, but my kids were starting to look rather boring!1f

With 4 young sons and 2 older daughters in the house, I was running out of ideas quickly!  I was lucky that my oldest son got tired of dressing up at age 15. I bet that now in his college years, he’s finding a new liking to it.

Low and behold,as I was surfing online last week I found the best idea EVER for all of my young sons! This will be a hit! I can’t wait to get their costumes together.

"D", Cassie & JC

“D”, Cassie & JC

I’ll be


looking for a few ideas for my girls too!

We now have a new family tradition.  Allow me to introduce to you my large family’s new Halloween tradition, “Celebrity & Famous folks themed costumes”. I’m thinking I have another 6 -8 years before they get over “it.”


So i’m gonna milk it for everything I can! I’m giving them the joys I had as a little girl but better!

How do you celebrate Halloween? I want to know.

Talk to me.

~QC Supermom