Toxins Toxins EVERYWHERE! Stroller Brigade to the rescue!

This 37th year celebration was one of the best! If its any indication of what the next 12 months will be like, I am SO ready!

jbAlthough there were no balloons, ice cream or cake. I woke up to a husband, 6 happy and healthy children, breakfast in bed, an opportunity to

Mya may not go in body, but she will always be with us in spirit

Mya may not go in body, but she will always be with us in spirit

honor my daughter,
Mya’s life and represent for my loved ones with autism, so it was looking great from the start.

My mission for that day was to stroll around Capitol Hill at the Stroller Brigade in Washington DC wit my Momsrising friends!

We are on a mission to create better laws that reflect how dangerous toxins are. As they are the root cause of all illness and disease. The current toxin laws  were written in 1976. Yet, a plethora of toxins have flooded the marketplace since then. Yucky-yuck- yuck!

How many toys, lip sticks, couches, carpets have you had over the years? ……a lot right?

be someone

There’s real cause for concern as chronic diseases in our children are on the rise and mysteriously high levels of autism and other learning disabilities are plaguing this young generation. We can not continue to sit around and watch our children and other loved ones demise.

Toxins are defined as a poisonous substance produced by living cells or organisms

You can get involved! All it takes is guts! Look at us. We are everyday moms. In this picture, the man that leg belongs to said that it was the best meeting hes ever attended on the hill.

us Moms Rising

It was nice meeting all the wonderful people with the same goals like Anne Brock, of Flour Mama, Sonali Desai,Kate Roetzer,Dennis Sills, Lee Anderson, Bryan Mcgannon, and Erin Kesler. Just as I finish this post, I just learned that we met with nearly 80 Congressional offices during yesterday’s #StrollerBrigade. That’s awesome!


I nursed Noah on Capitol Hill. :)

I nursed Noah on Capitol Hill. 🙂