Teen Girls

Patience is such a wonderful word……….may I borrow some of yours? PLEASE???

This is what I’m learning  so far with my girls.

No two teens are alike.  They’re designed by God to be unique and dynamic.  Even two teens, under one roof, sharing the same mom and dad… will be radically different from each other!

There are external differences, of course… blue eyes versus brown.  But I’m talking about personalities.  What works for one teen won’t work for all the kids at home.  When one feels comfortable in a new situation, another might shy away from it.  One kid may explode in anger… the other might comply silently.

It’s important to know the differences in your kids… and adapt for each one.  You need to employ different techniques.  Ask questions… so you know how to tweak your parenting style to fit.

It’ll take a extra effort … but it’ll be worth it all!  Celebrate that no two teens are alike!