Friday Four: Cow Day, to the G.A. – We did It All!

This was yet another great week for the books! And I compiled it in the tidy little 4 pack! Ready?


Like all first Saturdays of the month, we made

 it to Home Depot! Kids Workshop. Each month

it’s something different. And did I say it’s free?  This time our little diva friend  Leyla joined us. S

he is incredibly brilliant and cute!


Sunday, 3 of my sons left out on for Orlando FL. It was AAU Basketball Nationals tournament and 2 of my sons were playing. The trip was long…..eight hours one way! My oldest son came in handy this weekend! He did the entire trip alone!  My husband and I stayed in Charlotte to work and catch up on little jobs throughout the house.


Monday came and we returned the borrowed items from the Ellis Island celebration in Druid Hills. Did you miss it on the news? here’s the clip from that. ( here  ) and here are some pictures from our 7/4/18 day in the park—> (Click Here)

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  1. If you want to see the other 4 cities besides ourself who won Most Patriotic Neighborhood in America from NextDoor, click { here}  for the whole story.

2.  This year, we downscaled our dress up game for Chick Fil a Cow Appreciation day. Did you go? My sister got her treats early that morning, I shared mine, and a sister-mom from Queen City Stay At Home Moms shared theirs too. Drop a picture below if you went.

3.  Have you ever seen a siser loc instal? I did this week, and I think I could do them on myself. Can you think of all of the money I would save? It could possibly be another flow of income and yes that is never a bad thing.

(See it here)     Sisterlock Install on Short Thick Hair…….it’s beautiful! My daughter got her install earlier today. I’ll share her results on  my  facebook. @QCSupermomLoc Extensions Neat, properly installed, and maintained by Sankofa in Inglewood CA 90305.

I gotta say, having just two little ones is completely different than having all four of them together. It’s much less work.

These two guys are aggravating without their brotherly set. They are bored more often and I have less time and attention to focus on my other tasks.  I just had to send them outside with their dad to smell the air and clean the yard.

4.  I just got the update that one of my son’s team won the AAU Basketball Championship for his class scale but the younger one didn’t for his. To celebrate both of their hard work my oldest son took them both to Bush Gardens!

Well, that’s our week so far. Think you can keep up with us? Find out for yourself at

Queen City Stay At Home Moms

 QC Supermom


Good night from my tribe to yours,


Friday Four: Home Depot Loves Me!

I have been in love with Home Depot for so many years! I was a bit apprehensive about sharing them with the world. The last thing I need is for them to start charging for everything they do. But hey, the light in me can’t possibly get dimmer by sharing right? So, here you go. Four reasons why Home Depot loves me!


1. Wedding savior – When we got married I was determined to get me a 3 tier cake table. My husband thought I was going over board. So he didn’t want to build it. I was so proud of myself walking in the house after a trip to Home Depot. I purchased everything I needed to build it myself! You just can’t pick that up on isle nine at those other places!

2. They empower me! Free Do It Herself WorkShops – They are AWESOME! Sometimes, they’ll even feed you while you learn. (I’ve missed too many of these)  These 90 min or so workshops are a prefect reason to leave the house. RSVP here for the next one. homedepot3

3. They teach my children how to use their motor skills. . Free Kids Workshops -I take my sons and daughters. The kids get to hammer, glue, and paint a wooden project. It might sound like a bad idea to turn a group of 3-14 year olds loose with hammers, nails and paint, but it always work out with unique project and big smiles!.  Find out where they are here!

4. They are heroes! They turned 26 of their stores into shelters on Tuesday night during the Snow Storm. As well as Chick-Fil A and other incredible business. They really stepped up for those in need. It was a mess and surly one for the books. I was so proud to be able to share these moments with my children.You’ll just have to read THIS article to find out the details. HD

This Saturday, we will be having a surprise birthday party for my 5 year old. Guess what? It will be free! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, we use Christmas time to serve others. They get no gifts from us. However, birthdays, we love to acknowledge them! We’ve already lost a child so without a doubt, we look forward to putting a smile on their face. It’s an honor for us too. We are thrilled to have them another year. car hdCollages hdBeing able to secure an affordable and family friendly venues is a must. So happy to have Home Depot here. We’ll here in Charlotte there are 10 locations.

Find them on Twitter:
Find Great Deals:
Join them on Facebook:
Grab Great Ideas here: The Apron Blog by Home Depot (

See, I told you that Home Depot Loves me! And yes, they love you too!


Friday Four: Be like Toothpaste (in the the tube)

Your Thoughts are Inside, but Behavior is Not

D and cassie
I often tell my children that “Your thoughts are private, but behavior is public.”  You can think whatever you want to think, but the minute you let your thoughts out of your head, they become public information. Often times they need a visual to help explain it.


Toothpaste Squirt

Grab a small tube of toothpaste & a small plate. Choose one child to come forward and squirt all of the toothpaste onto the plate. (My smaller boys help with this part)  Then I ask if he/she can put all of the toothpaste back into the tube.

Here’s what to say after the visual:

  1. Explain that once the toothpaste comes out of the tube, you cannot get it all back in.  This is much like a put-down or rude comment.  Once a put-down comes out of my mouth and goes into your ears, I cannot take it back.
  2.   Go onto explain that for each put-down a person hears, they must hear 5 or more  sincere compliments to get back to where they were emotionally prior to the put down.
  3. Reiterate that thoughts are private, but behavior is public and the next time you think about giving a put down, think again and screw your lid to your toothpaste tube tight!
  4. Ask them to if it has ever happen to them and how did they feel.

One of the most important skills that we can teach our children to help them succeed in life, is the ability to get along with Kwanzaa To do that, it takes a village. If we fail, the rest of the world will let us know, and our kids will be subjected to a life of ridicule, isolation, and despair. As a mother… I am my children’s teacher and coach! I try my best to model politeness and keeping things positive!

~QC Supermom

This weekend in the QC, here are some options to find that help.

This weekend & more in Charlotte NC:
Let the kids learn to use their hands to build something~FREE at The Home Depot – University (it will be FREE at ANY location)
If YOU could use a role model/help w/your son- check out “Let Us Make Man”. Gifts packages to the first 10 mothers.
refreshments -door prizes -sign your son up today! FREE here!FREE Belly dancing class coming up THIS Saturday at Dancers Stage 

Friends and Family CPR is coming up. Register TODAY to secure your spot!
We are planning an out of the norm fun, family friendly Valentines Day party with Big Sister and Cassie’s Sweetz. Keep an eye out for the sign up sheet for that and get ready to spread the word!
Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

What every child needs to know before 16 years old

They built a Home Depot Ginger bread house.

They built a Home Depot Ginger bread house.


hd7Have you ever walked into your child’s room and it looked like Hell had an Auction ? Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one with that problem.DIGITAL CAMERA

She dresses well, cooks and baked great, she even has her book knowledge together well. I just can’t get her to keep that bed room clean for ANYTHING!

It never fails, I’ll either threaten her or hold a “carrot over her head” to get the results that I want in her bedroom.

It got me to thinking about the other things she and her 14 year old sister should have down pack before they leave our home within the next 3-4 years. So I made this list and went over it with my daughters. They accepted this checklist pretty well. (Good for them, as they don’t have parent rights up in this house)

 Here’s our family’s

“Ready  For The World Life Skills” Checklist

(It’s a list in progress feel free to add on in the comments)

Simple hair care knowledge. is essential

Simple hair care knowledge. is essential

“Set the timer for 20 minutes and take a 5-minute break. Do that a few times and then take a longer break.”

  1. How to communicate with adults casually and professionally.
  2. How to hem and repair a button
  3. How to change a tire.
  4. How to do their own taxes
  5. How to do laundry.


 “The teen years need to involve a gradual shift of responsibility to the teen.”


6. Know how to create and stick to a monthly budget.

7. What to do in case of an emergency, (car, medical, technical, spiritual)  

8.To have  working knowledge of herbs and plants.

9.How to properly clean cloths, and a entire house,

Resist the temptation to pick up the piles of clothes, books, and other messes in your child’s room. “If you keep organizing their room, they will not learn what works and what doesn’t.”

And last but not least,

10. How to create a full well balanced meal.


Not too bad huh? This morning, as I gathered up the troops to get the household chores done, I grabbed my laptop, a cup of green tea and sat down to see how I, err I mean they, measure up.If you’re interested in how we made out, grab a cup and follow me. We’ll chat like old friends right here:

See you there! QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow! Being a SAHM

pinn teachus-001I am a proud mother of 9. Yes, I said NINE. Three short of a nice round dozen. I have been a stay/work at home mom for over ten years now, and have learn to enjoy every minute of it! I love, love, love being with my children and watching them grow every step of the way and I am constantly amazed at the things they do and say-and how quickly they learn. They are like sponges -and constantly absorb the world around them. Yet,

being a stay at home mom is anything but easy. I don’t try to have a perfectly clean house, ironed shirts, or gourmet meals. Walk into my house between 8-noon,you will see my 2 year old writing(on walls) or in front of the TV watching PBS or Nick Jr. You’ll see my 4 year old on his laptop or study book, the 5 year old inside his study book or other manipulatives, the teen girls engaged in their self guided assignments or at the library doing research. By 3, it’s free time till 5:30 dinner and bedtime by 9pm.


 I have been told you have your hands full more times than I would like to have been. Well I do. I go to the market daily. Twice a week we go to story time,Kid Yoga & UNC Charlotte Early Educator learning stations at the library. The 1st Saturday of each month, we go to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot, on Thursdays we eat dinner at Earth Fare (kids eat free*)  and on Mondays, we are at Monkey Joes. Since I also home school, we do a science project every 3 weeks and the remainder off the week are intensive study days. Sundays I’m day off. My husband take over.

Motherhood is a full- time job.  I think the key is making sure you get some grownup talk and support routinely. I am a founding member of Queen City Stay At Home Moms, and it’s wonderful if I do say so myself. Since everyone there was on single income, most of the activities are affordable. Try to find something that you can do that’s just for you, and do it with out the kids. And last but not least, don’t forget to squeeze in a date night with the hubby every once in a while! 😉


Hopefully, I’ve alleviated some fears of  becoming a productive Stay At Home Mom.  At the end of the day, if given the choice, stay at home!  The financial aspects of it have never been easy, but so far it’s worth all the conservative spending, home made veggie pizza, and the millions of educated play dates we’ve attended. Ultimately, it’s up to each family to decide what is right for them. Just make sure you have a good support group of friends, and try to enjoy every minute with your little ones. They grow up way too fast!

If you know a SAHM or dad, forward them this blog post and consider it a round of 


applause for all they do. You deserve it!  Well, till the next “boo-boo”, take care,  QC Supermom