Wednesday wow: Cheap House Cleaning!

Housecleaners Too Expensive? Not If You Do It My Way

I have a cleaning crew that takes care of our home  for just $30 a week.  As anyone will tell you, that’s a steal by Charlotte, NC standards. I do sometimes have pangs about underpaying them. Until I remember they’re my children.

Our 2 girls, ages 12 & 13, pocket between $5 and $11.50 a week to keep our home tidy. Jobs range from the 50 cents you can earn for reading to their younger brothers to $2.00 for scrubbing the tub. The wages sound pretty puny when you break them down by job, but measured by the total time spent each week, the girls are beating minimum wage. And, more importantly, my husband and I match their earnings 100%, like an employer’s 401(k) incentive. So our 12-year-old is really earning $10 dollars a week, but half is being put straight into her bank account.

How many lessons have we covered in this strategy? Did you say 4? You did? Aren’t you a smart one. Okay friends I gotta go, see ya’ll on Friday Four!