Wednesday Wow:100 Days of Real Food

This Thursday Night in the Queen City will be TOTALLY AMAZING!  October alone is a great month in itself, but tomorrow is National Food Day, wow………it has taken my dear October to a whole ‘nother level! I’ll have to pick up my  massive sweep through at Earthfare later. Please tell me you’re signed up for their coupons? This week, they went crazy with their giveAways! I’ll list later in this blog.

Last week, we attended the 1st ever Fresh Expo, now Mecklenburg Cooperative Extension is bringing Lisa Leake from will share her experience in transitioning her family’s diet from processed to a healthy, unprocessed lifestyle.

They had research to indicate parents’ influence on their children’s diet is considerable and powerful. I can agree with that. I

Here’s what I expect to learn:  Real strategies that my family can realistically implement. I know she has 2 kids and is obviously bringing in a decent income along with her husband. But it may not reflect a fair percentage of stay at home moms. In our family,my time is spent a bit different. I can’t see us creating those yummy meals every day. Although we garden, use coupons, budget and take advantage of healthy offers like Family Night at Earth fare and having monthly potlucks with very close friends , I know that we can do better.( Then on weeks when our money is really funny we go 100% vegetarian-with beans and rice in a wheat wrap! :)) How can we eat well every day and stay within budget at the same time?

What would you like to find out?

Wanna go?

OCTOBER 18, 2012

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Mecklenburg Cooperative Extension

Training Facility

1418 Armory Drive

Charlotte, NC 28204

I rsvp’d weeks ago with my mom’s group (Queen City SAHM’s). Here’s the link to rsvp.  See you there tonight!

Ooh, here are Earth Fare’s current goodies & I’ve attached a slideshow of our weekly field trip with the QC SAHM’s!

For $20.00 and your meal from there you can get the following:

Free Organic Candy

Free Apple Cider

Free kids Meal for 6 kids 12 & under

Make sure you text EAT to 71700 to get your  savings to to your phone & e-box!

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Till next time, be productive, Kelle P. QC Supermom

Friday Four: Super Mom qualifications

That is one title that has been thrown around quite a bit!  So what is a supermom?   A popular term of uncertain origin for a woman who raises children, performs the household duties expected of a ‘housewife’, and has a full-time job. Is that you? Let’s see if you qualify. Can you answer I do this to each of the following questions?????

If you’re thinking right now “No, I’m not a Super-mom because…” and going into the past about something that you didn’t do “just right” or “perfectly,” or whatever, let that go, I’m gonna work with you sistah.

1. Comunicate with your children. You’d be suprise at what you both gain.

2. Seek wisdom from other moms that you admire and respect. Mine are all older with successful children.

3.  Allow your children to grow by providing opportunities outside of the norm. You will have well rounded kids for that.

4. Tell them that you LOVE them…….and mean it!

Of course there are more, but I am bound to stick to only four. Now if you need a good book to do more research on. I do strongly suggest that you pick up Rose Rocks’s Mama Rules. She is the mother of Chris Rock and has put together a very good read. I’m sure that you can find it in your local library or book store…..It’s Chris Rocks mama- you might be able to grab ir from his website. 🙂  OK, your are unoffically a Super Mom, and your badge is in the mail. 🙂

In closing, know that you are NOT alone! Motherhood shouldn’t be.

I welcome you to the beginning of the rest of your life as a Super-mom.


QC Supermom Kelle- QC Super Mom

Wednesday Wow: QC Super Mom leaps!

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Have you ever had a life coach? Not many have. Some people just walk into their “life” as naturally as the breath they breathe.  I happen to fall into that other  category that needs a little push every now and again. It’s NOT that I’m unfocused one bit. For me, I have to keep updating my strategy in order to remain on my goal.  Can you relate to that?

Finding your purpose in life is a blessing in  itself. Once you find your reason for living, it’s like eating mentos forever……or wasabi sauce if you need something stronger to take your breathe away. The point is, there’s nothing like it.

‘Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”

During my little 36 years here on  Earth this time around, I’ve had the priveledge to have a praying mother, dependable father, great sisters and a honorary grand mother-Odessa Thompson,  that always loved me, even when I was too crazy in youth to understand what that meant. (talk about wasted youth) Anyhoots……….

 Moving forward!

I got out of college with 2 degrees. One in Marketing management and the other in Tourism management. Marriott Corporation was great and the management  money was lovely, but I still wasn’t certain what I wanted to do. It took me almost 10 years before it snapped for me.

In 2005, my 1st daughter passed from AIH at age 11. At that moment, I became an avid researcher on health, stress, nutrition and alternative wellness.  I seen the real ugly side of the medical field. I learned that an uninformed, parent makes a aweful advocate for their sick child. I also witnessed the power of free will.

I believe life isn’t just about me, but includes those that love you unconditionally. A child’s love is and that’s more than enough for me.

I had to choose. To live, thrive, be happy or to live in a limbo of broken heart and  being broke. There is a difference, you know.  At that time, with 3 other kids in the house, I had to ponder FAST! …….TALK about a no brainer. One of the saddest things I have seen is to allow others to speak over your life. THAT’S A SURE WAY TO CRIPPLE YOURSELF.

 I was a mean youngon. If it was picky, or mean, I was in it. Alot of folks can still recall that to this day. They are supprised to peices to discover that I’ve changed. Not by much, but for sure- the better.

My husband and kids, I pity them, many days, but mostly I marvel at them! They got me. Kelle Keisha, AKA  QC Supermom. The official brander of Total Children Wellness.

Gods gift to me, is so much bigger then my mind can see. I keep doing my best and God does the rest.

I don’t care what anyone says. There is greatness within a person who confidentally keeps to the speed of their own car. There is no one better to emulate.

I believe that success is now possible despite all of my fears and i will make it real by actually succeeding at SOMETHING!!!!!!!

Visit me….I’m building a quality (and very rewarding) list & need your awareness and “like” signature.

Talk to you later!

Boxer Joe F., singer Heavy D. and “The Fair“NOT!”

Last week was such a WEEK!  Anything that could happen just about did & you really just had to charge it to the game of  life!  

One of the worlds greatest boxers, Joe Frasier died, then R & B singer, his Hotness ‘ Heavy D. followed. (My cousin dated him- when he was just Dwight) but that wasn’t how my week started.

Oh no. no. no‘!

Sunday evening , I got a call & I was told that I couldn‘t have the fair at my church because of structural and other liability issues. OKAY!!!! Now- Really? I‘m thinking- Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – heck- 6 days BEFORE  the wellness fair & I‘m JUST now being notified??  What planet does that make sense on????    So Monday, I took that day to regroup. I battled with the idea of just canceling it or finding another spot quickly. To me securing another place would prove 2 things; where’s there a will there’s a way, & that I was totally committed to the kids, event partners, and event sponsors. So Tuesday I got to calling & typing. I had a new spot by Wednesday. Now, I had to do everything all over again. (Yes, I micro manage, & yes I‘m working on that) From the list of 17 partners we started with, it had dwindle down to just 8- oooooookkk!

Job Corps- ran out of supplies, Curvy All Over, was getting out of the hospital, Carlos. V., Smile Starters, caught – a brain draft……..I could go on & on with the list, but I’ll save that for another post. I could understand why they were no shows for the most part, but I wont take much from their professionalism.

But Earth fare South Park ( Children Chef competition), Jr..League WearHouse,(Re-Fashion show) Niki Barbar of Aquarian Hands, (a birthing consultant)“Jamel”(oooooooooo- that boy can sang- click the link!), Hope S. Piggie, a certified C.P.A. (She hosted a dynamic workshop called from Piggy bank to bank accunt) Photographer, Alvin was there to take “Shutterfly”sponsored photos,  (inbox me if you want a few free prints for the holidays) Oneaka Mack, the beautiful choreographer, shared a wonderful African dance demo- (video will be in next fb post.) and Wanda B, of Physical Perfected, (completely held it together ) – they came out and just ripped it for our crowd of less than forty chaps from the neighborhood.

We didn’t waste anytime. The workshops were hosted, {CHECK} the awesome door prizes were awarded, {CHECK} the youth gained great insight to wellness {CHECK}, our event partners felt that their time was well invested {CHECK} we listened to “Jamel” {Ooh-DOUBLE CHECK} and we left! {Yes, sounds like another successful Total Children‘s Wellness fair to me!} Folks that arrived after 1pm was shocked to see the parking lot of the Boys & Girls Club on Milton Rd. was cleaned out. To them I say, enjoy the soon coming photos and videos  and of course be on time next year.
God willing, the Total Children Wellness Fair will be hosted again on the 2nd Saturday of September, from 11-2pm. In closing, look what my horoscope said yesterday about me.

Sunday, Nov 13th, 2011 — Once you make up your mind, no one will be able to talk you out of your decision. You are ready to stand behind your commitment today, making you a formidable opponent if your judgment is questioned. Nevertheless, your stubbornness can be misleading because you’re interested in discovering what’s real, and are not as close-minded as you sound. Back up your penchant for the truth by showing your intellectual flexibility when it’s appropriate.
Yup- that’s KelleKeisha- QC Super mom!


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