Friday Four: Let There Be Leprechauns: and Irish Kelle’s

My kids will freak out when they see this today!

My kids will freak out when they see this today!

It’s time to pull out the green ya’ll! The Leprechauns are coming!!!  .

And to all of you lucky Kelle’s’ out there, I know you’re having fun!  It’s our day. We were create for this day! Our name even says so!

In some cases it is derived from toponyms located in Ireland, Wales,Scotland and England, in other cases it is derived from patronyms in the Irish language. And just to let everyone else know, it’s pronounced ˈkɛli/ .

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We love fun holidays and although we don’t identify ourselves as Irish, we sure do love celebrating it! I’ve listed four (jokes and more) and you don’t have to be a Kelle’ to enjoy them either.

Clean Treats! 


kale juice extracted from my juicer. I only needed about 2 tsp of kale juice to get a very rich pastel green color.

Clean Green Jokes!

 Q. Why Do people Wear Shamrock On St. patrick’s Day?

A. Regular Rocks Are too heavy.

Q: What type of bow cannot be tied?  A: A rain-bow!

Q: Where can you always find gold? A: In the dictionary!

You can never go wrong with  few silly laughs right?

Clean Dancing:

“Aye! Time to capture some wee little leprechauns!” Now that I have a few accomplices, anything is possible!

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Okay, you’re all set. Go have some clean, green, St. Patty’s Day fun! Here’s more Irish goodies!

~QC Supermom

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“To All” – A message from Troy Anthony Davis

“To All” – A message from Troy Anthony Davis.

Today is just a sad day. My heart is SO heavy right now. How can this be ya’ll?

Honest;y, what can you do? How do you protect your child when there is so much against them?  I trust God to protect & provide. Call me a shaker if you will, BUT I fear that if any of my sons would fall into this crazy system, & faced the same end as Troy, I would blow up the entire prison, executors homes, the D.A.’s  home, and the judge. I’m SO serious ya’ll. That crew wouldn’t be able to make a call like that again on anyone else. Sure they’ll get immediate replacements but I would defiantly send a message  that mess aint right!!!!

May peace  and mercy be in the spirit & heart of that mother. If I saw his mother, here’s what I would say to her:

Ms Davis,

While no one can imagine what you are going through, just know that I am thinking about you. As a mom, you have to know that there are some questions that can’t be answered. I’m sure that you’ve had many over the years. We can’t put them in a bubble as they grow up. To protect them from the evils that be. I know, I’ve tried.  Your son could have been any of our sons, brothers, uncles, fathers, husbands. They say things happen for a reason…..& that God does not allow mistakes.  Please trust that. In this pain, strive, grow and share!  Be a comforting voice for others. (You know there will be more, unless something drastically changes ) Don’t let the pain demise you. Position yourself to allow God to make your later be your greater. A old friend of mine, by the name of Mr. Jones told me something very significant in 2005, when I lost my daughter. He said “do what you have to do to get strong so you can get back!” To me that meant to cry, to yell, to sit in my quiet place, to write, to do what ever I needed to do (not what others think that I should). I’m grateful he took the time to say those words to me. In truth, I have became a better person, mother, friend. In closing, God is still in the details. Trust that & choose to be blessed!


Friday Four: Why DO I cook instead of drive thur’ing?

I know the world is “coming” to an end in the morning , 05.21.11, per The Kampieys & Carsons, but this is something I had to share.

My house is smelling really good right about now. I have turkey neckbones  simmering in onions, garlic and other robust herbs/ seasonings waiting on my cabbage. I got brown rice going and a nice spicy meat loaf sitting in the oven. All thanks to my 10 & 11 year old daughters! Yeah me! 🙂

I know that I said “Why do I cook instead of drive thur’ing?”

Hold on, it’s coming….. I did help! INot only have I  taught  them how to select produce. I also taught them how to cook. For example:

Take avocados are the direct opposite of a tomato. If you can smell it than it is over ripe. You have to gently squeeze an avocado to check its ripeness. Use the tip of your thumb to press gently but firmly on the skin. If the dent you create slowly rises, than it is ripe. Do this a few times around the body of the avocado to check for bad spots. If you encounter areas that feel like a hard bubble that pops right back out, it has been bruised and will have brown flesh inside.

My point is this. When “we” cook from home, we know what all is in our food. It cheaper per serving , and it’s solid, nutritional food. Teaching these kids to cook offers many lessons in its self. Let’s see, there’s
1. Math & Science
2. Logic  &  Reading
3. Psychology 
4.  Geography 
 Think about it!
You don’t get all of that in a happy meal. I know…….I notice everytime I use to go to the fast food joints. (ok, so I still go every now and again) So sue me- Try this one this weekend with your lil one(s)”
3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1 inch cubes
3 large bell peppers, color of your choice, cut in pieces
2 large onions, cut in pieces
16 skewers (10 inches long)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup oil
Thread chicken, bell pepper, and onion alternately on skewers and place in a shallow dish. Cook 8 to 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked thoroughly; turning occasionally.

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup mustard (any kind)

1/2 cup fat-free mayonnaise

2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted

Combine all ingredients in a bowl; mix well.

ee yall after the rapture, God willing!

Friday four: Why I LOVE Huggies.

As I do each Friday, I’ll share four ideas. This Friday, I want to talk about HUGGIES.

It's ok! Your baby can drink all night long and still be dry in the morning.

What diaper do you use? How did you select that brand? Did you go throw at least five brands until you found that right one? So did I. Somehow, I always came back to Huggies. Right now, I have two in diapers. This time I knew exactly which brand I would help reach the cashier lane.
Here’s why:
1. Extra Protection- I hate it when my boys wake in the morning soaked and wet. With Huggies, it doesn’t happen at all. No matter how late they may sleep in. I’m sure my boys appreciate the extra protection as well.
2. Affordable- SAVE YOUR MONEY! You can always find a great coupon in Sunday’s paper for added savings, even at the grocery store. There’s no need to make motherhood too expensive.
3. Comfortable to wear- You know that area right there between the legs? Doesn’t  that look uncomfortable to you? At one point I considered cloth diapers, but then I get the second and third thought. Not! I’ll just continue to use my ole ‘ Huggies.
4. The Dance- Who doesn’t love a good song with a great dance to go with it? I sure do!

I have a secret hobby. I make diaper cakes for friends and family as great new baby gifts. I will only use Huggies in them because of the recognized quality. Right now, they are running a great promotion on line .As soon as it arrives in my box I will bring you into the world of saving with Huggies! So come back soon now ya hear!
Now, who wants to do the potty dance with me?