Making a Isicholo: 4 Simple Steps

You may not be African, or plan to wear this ceremonial hat, but the sheer ingenuity in knowing it’s easier to make than it looks should be enough to get excited about this South African – Zulu woman’s hat.





So I have a wedding in less than 48 hours. I just p aid and picked up my hat a local seamstress created from the fabric I purchased. I was hoping I would eventually fall in love with it once I got home….. but I didn’t. It looks like a pope’s hat. I couldn’t even get my daughter to make it for me. So I decided to bite the bullet and make it myself.

After much research and the awareness of limited time, I choose to create a simple hat.  To me it looks like a mixing bowl with the bottom cut out. Yes, genius right? It’s the gift of being left handed. But the question is…. will it work?  Here are my steps. I’ll post the picture below to share the results.

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I’m using Gorilla glue. beautiful African fabric, scissors, a ruler, and a regular plastic bowl from a local discount store.  –) So far the cost is low. The fabric will be the most expensive item.—)

See the magic in the slide show below.

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During my research, I came across Beyonce with a similar hat on and said to myself, ”

bey hat

Self, you may need a cape too!’ I quickly snapped back into reality, because sewing, crafting is not the plans for my Friday.

I can’t lie. I really think I’ve done something fancy here. Next up on my to do list is the entire collection below. Of course you can check out the designer for these online. Her link is in the picture.  If you like what I did, leave a message. I may do more videos.more zulu life