Marvel Universe Live – The Charlotte NC Review

I’ve seen grown man drool over chicken wings and a great football play before, but that night it was little boys, moms and even little girls mesmerized by the non stop action of the Marvel characters cycling, banging, jumping, and everything in between inside of the Time Warner arena. boys love marvel

To get ready for this show, we dressed up the boys as Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther. We got everything for the boys and myself relatively cheap. As we focused on sweat suits, accessories and masks (that they already had at the house)

I’m so glad we got to go. The children was THRILLED to see a different side of live entertainment!  As we entered our seating section, the event staff member asked what was my superpower,QC Supermom at Marel Universe Live I replied “I have a mean mama eye and a powerful 1,2, 3 count off! ” Hey, a mom gotta enjoy herself too right?!

After the show we rushed back to the van for our family review and shared our thoughts on the show.





Needless to say, everyone had a favorite part. Here is a quick peek of mine:

I looked over to my right and our contest winner seemed to be having a great time as well. I can’t wait to see them again next year. It made a perfect way to wind down from the Total Children’s Wellness Fair just the day before. (Here’s more on that! )lisa

I’d say mission accomplished! Don’t miss it when it comes to your area!

Marvel Universe is coming to the QC!

Marvel Universe LIVE! Featuring the most Marvel characters ever assembled in one production, this high-caliber arena spectacular will put fans right in the middle of one of the most electrifying battles between good and evil ever conceived.

My four little boys are so excited! They already have thier costumes ready and have been practicing thier moves waaaaay before me splling the beans that we were going. I think every boy has a dream of beign a super hero.  Can you blame them?

A hero is strong, respectful, energetic, charming,brave, and faithful….. sounds just like my little super heros. This will be our 1st Marvel Live show ever so I must make it special for them. It’s dates with the boys like this they will remember forever! And yes, I want to be the one who gives this to them. Details on how to win your family four pack is below!

We have been blessed again to offer a family four pack to one of my readers! Here’s how to get them. Send me a fun video or picture of your little Marvel super hero in action. I’ll share the very best one on my QC Supermom page on facebook.

Hurry, contest runs NOW until October 1st!  Send all entries to me on Facebook!