Wednesday Wow: Sister SoulJah in the QC

Happy Black History Month people! My month of reflection began last week when Sister SoulJah visited the Beatties Ford Rd. library in Charlotte NC. It was like a dream come true. I now have one less thing to accomplish on my Bucket List!

I believe in divine interventions. I believe that you are where you are, sent elsewhere, drawn toward something or some one beyond your conscious efforts. It’s like the minute you intentional strive to be a certain way, your path opens up! The I decided that I would be the best mom I could be. So I sought support. I know I wanted  to connect with people who have taken various paths in life to become the incredible leaders they are today.  (In this video, it’s another great woman, Cheryl LittleJohn of Gastonnia)

During a recent visit to my local library, I seen a flyer saying Sister Souljah was coming to Charlotte for a book signing of her book The Coldest Winter Ever  (you can buy it on Amazon via the high light link)

This was perfect because I had just received her first book from my daughters. They found it in a bin at a local book store for free!

It’s called, No DISRESPECT.  It took me 3 weeks to read it. Not that it’s a hard read or anything, it’s just that I wanted to break it up in sections to use as a conversation piece while taking my girls to school across town in the mornings. It proved to be an asset. Our conversations were deeper. They opened up about the peers and day environment more easily. It’s because she is so relative, approachable, and in sync, I know her books will always  have a place within my family’s book shelf.


It was a honor to be in her presence with my teen daughters.  Sometimes when we tell our children things, they don’t always “get it!” Even if you experience it and crying your eyes out to warn them. But when it comes from another person. that speaks to them on their level. Spitting out a”  MF*”  here and there….. they tend to get it!

Here’s my short handed-cliff notes. I wrote them on the back of the paper I had signed for two mama friends. I wrote what she said. Do not let your child read it before you.

Sister SoulJahsister Soulajah.jpg


It’s been a long time. I haven’t wasted even a second. Been writing, editing, learning, teaching, and traveling the globe. This year, from 11/11 onward, is for the readers and book buyers. We will meet face to face. Share thoughts and converse meaningfully, and become better than we were before, each and all of us, InshaAllah.

If you want to sing your book and listen to her in person, meet her at her next book signing: click below!


Depression: When the music changes, so does the dance

Mental illness is real and should not be taken lightly. This is the second beautiful soul to leave this Earth, that I know of this year. Monday was such a sad day. I felt a real lost! Everyone should feel like they have someone on their side with resources to talk to because they do. My hands are up in the air!!!!You know someone with mentla illness and it's alright.

Have I ever been depressed? YES. At least 4 times a year. For different reasons, at different times of the year. Many do not know, but I lost my 11yr old daughter in 2005. She was just 11 years old and yes, my world changed that cold dark morning in October- days before my 30th birthday. It was unexpected and heartbreaking. A year later, my mom, my best friend transitioned too. My husband is not the friendliest at all times, (poor thing, is a veteran and came home with PTSD), my money isn’t either. My amazing children do not always do what I expect from them all of the time. Even on a more personal level, I can’t loose and keep off the weight, no matter how well I eat and stay on the go. Live is full of challenges. I don’t know if I’m coming or going at times myself!

Why I never harmed myself: Good question, I still can’t figure it out. Grace and mercy I guess! Going from a well paying corporate career to a stay at home mom is a big adjustment. I have 8 living kids that truly need me, a bright future that I’ve worked so hard to grow, and most of all, I want to see my children become productive adults.

Depression is the most common form of mental illness, affecting more than a quarter of Americans at some point in their lives.

Depression is the most common form of mental illness, affecting more than a quarter of Americans at some point in their lives.

When I heard the news of Titi, I came across a post by my friend, LaQuita Bullock, a mental health activist. She shared:

Mental illness is REAL! So many of our people suffer in silence afraid of judgment and criticism. Its ok to get help! Its ok to not be ok! If you feel like you have no where to go or that you just don’t feel right, go get help. People with diabetes seek help, people with high blood pressure seek help! They take medicines and try to help themselves get better. Why can’t it be that way with a mental health issue?! I have spoken to psychiatrist, been diagnosed and I’m still living! Its not a shield of doom to have a mental illness. Anxiety attacks, uncontrollable mood swings,flash backs that scare you for days, depression so bad the only out you feel there is is death! But I sought help! I didn’t let mfs tell me what I needed. I just did what I needed to do for me and my family. Now I help others, and it feels good! Were going to break this stigma especially in minority communities. Its ridiculous to look down on someone for something they can’t help! It aint the devil, we aint crazy, you just STUPID! Step up your knowledge game.
My page on mental illness and I’m here if people want info or help. Message me on my page. This was such a huge loss. Rest with angels Miss Titi 

Karyn Washington- blogger/activist

“I wish someone had told Karyn Washington that she didn’t have to be strong.” – @gorgeousingrey

NOT one more!!!!!

To learn more about suicide and the state of mental health in the Black community, click the links below:Titi Branch, one of the co-founders of the wildly successful natural hair care line

Why We Need to Call Suicide What It Is

The Fight Against Black Depression Continues

Friends, family, strangers and all between,  remember this, however long the night, the dawn Will break! Get help now. Please seek help National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 – QC Supermom

Stop The Stigma of Mental Illness