Wednesday Wow: Black History Month POST 1

Guess what? I’m African american. me 2I know, it shocked me too. I can vote, use any bathroom I want, ride in the front of the bus, and my children can walk right up to any water fountain and drink as much as they and I please. My children can go to private schools right along side the white kids who live in other neighborhoods. They can try on clothes at “better” stores. And they can even be President of the United States.   


I just love February. It’s the affirmative energy that is in the air.  For one we watch the most television during this time of the year. I can’t get enough of it. In our home it’s family time. We watch, sit, and discuss what we see. In Charlotte, it’s guaranteed to have a free/ low cost Black History Month gathering going on somewhere. These well attended gatherings allow us to feel the spirit of our ancestors on a different level as one.Even if it is for 28 days…..


This month includes self awareness too. Not to say that African Americans are better or stronger than Europeans. Its to celebrate our uniqueness, adjust the common stereotype of fellow African Americans,reclaim our drive to be the best we can be,and to affirm the hope that one day the “White Privilege” will be the human privilege.

Remember that changes in the attitude towards African-Americans only occurred because of the brave people who stood up for themselves and others, and their rights. They did not accept their fate as outcasts and demanded the respect they – and you – deserve. Inform yourself about these historical figures, such as  Marcus Garvey, Angela Davis and Nelson Mandela  for example.

How you will be celebrating in the comments?

Happy Black History Month~QCSupermom