Wednesday Wow: 2014 Queen City Stay At Home Moms

I am so ready for 2015! There is so much to look forward to. My family, professionally and within the community. Today I wanted to share with everyone the accomplishments of my mom support group, Queen City Stay At Home Moms.QCSAHM 2014-15

I started this group in 2007, right after my moms passed. I needed something to focus on beside my boyfriend and children. I was fustrated because I had two college degrees and was doing absolutely nothing either of them, and like my mom in many ways, didn’t know how to put myself first. Here just seven years later, I have created something remarkable and of high quality for all moms of the Queen City. This has given me a platform to use both my motherhood and collegiate education.

Ronald McDonalds house and QC Supermom

We enjoyed hosting and organized a Swap Till We Drop clothing drive for the residents of the Ronald McDonald House- Charlotte

Now as a wife,mother of nine, doula, wedding officiant, mom activist, and a certifed mom coach, I am proud to challenge the stigma that comes with your typical stay at home mom. No longer does that title mean Peg Bundy.


There are many things that I am proud of accomplishing over the years. We have created over 32 jobs. Assisted 8 moms into momperneurship. We have hosted 5 Total Children’s Wellness Fair and have given over 200 hours on charity. The moms workshops, private movie screenings,cooking with kids classes, our incredible contests, group birthday parties, opportunities to product test AND  the comfort of always having a mom friend to confide in has been icing on the cake. QCSAHM’s, accept moms where they are and challenge them to be more by providing resources, tools and opportunities to grow in any holistic directon she chooses.

Kelle Cooking With Kids

Meet us here- on our meetup page. We’ve have attended some of the best shows in town.

We have been listed on many hot circulars including: Moms Charlotte and here.

Charlotte Culture Guide and here.

The Total Children’s Wellness Fair page

My 2015 goals for my moms are

  • To increase Cooking With Kids Classes.
  • Create more fincailly rewards opportunites for the moms
  • Build more options for mothers to grow skills for holistic motherhood
  • Secure more sponsorships to enable us to have more enriching mom workshops and to
  • Encourage more moms to share their intrests with our group more frequently.Quick recipes for busy Moms

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP US GROW? Click here to donate what ever you can. (thank you in advance) You can even buy a cookbook. Just donate at least $20 and request the cookbook in a message. Kelle Cooking With Kids Cookbook.Tracy QCSAHM

Here’s one of my most favorite picutres from our group:

Here is more information about being a happy Stay At Home Mom


Should you even be a SAHM? Find out here

Great inventory of meals to try this year for busy moms.  Here, here, and here!

Eat this. Not thatI would share more, but I have a four year old that is pulling my leg to fix him a sandwhich…… Happy New Year Ya’ll!

Wednesday Wow: Who hires moms and why

Recently it hit me. Why am I not sharing my client list? After all, I absolutely LOVE each and everyone that I serve and they are a perfect fit for not only my brand but for other mompernuers as well.

So from this day forward, I will showcase at least one of my clients per month. They way, you can see some amazing businesses and of course my clients get a free plug! Everyone wins! Okay, let’s get to it! First up is Lapronda Spann. She is the owner of Lain Consulting. I worked with her this summer. Spann and QC Supermom

I can say many things about Lapronda…. and I think I will. She is a powerful, single mom, intelligent, soft spoken, spicy, family oriented, classy, home owning supermom. Her super power is helping non profits not only find money, but also select a strong board to keep them in business.

What I love about working with her:

She loves seeing strategies marked off her vision board. She sees opportunities, risks, and challenges then smashes them down one by one.  This little lady is by far a great role model.

She shared: It was a case of the “horrible bosses” that spurred LaPronda Spann in 2012 to finally turn her side gig into a successful, full-time consulting firm.

During the eight years prior, Spann worked full-time in the nonprofit hospital sector in Winston-Salem and Charlotte while helping a few nonprofit clients write grants, after a friend suggested in 2004 she get a business license.

“He saw value in the company,” Spann said. “I didn’t take it seriously.”

But all that changed when she began working in a new section of the hospital for a new boss. It took about eight months for Spann to realize the arrangement just wasn’t working.

“It was the best blessing,” Spann said. “At that point, I just wanted to manage my own schedule and do what I was good at.” – L.Spann

With a little help from others, including her mom, daughter and CPCC she did it!

CPCC Small business help center img003

Here’s what she do at Lain Consulting LLC.

She serve:

  1. Dreamers, Visionaries and Entrepreneurial Spirits that are looking to establish charitable organizations
  2. Small to medium sized agencies
  3. Federally designated nonprofit organizations
  4. Organizational leadership that are committed to growing and sustaining the nonprofit long term

Yes, she’s that remarkable. Here’s why I think you should follow her:

Key accomplishments: Months after launching her Charlotte-based business, Spann was awarded certification by the city and state, opening the door to government contracts. She grew revenue tenfold in her first year and doubled her client base.

Lapronda reminds me of that Kenny Rogers song, ” The Gambler ” This is the hip hop mix. (I needed something to get hype for a quick workout. this one worked)

Watch this video of Ms Spann in action.  I LOVE it in the end when she reintroduces herself by  starting of with….  “I AM the ………..”

More in the news about Lapronda-

CPCC feature

NCIMED coverage

Read her full feature in the Charlotte Business Journal here.

I had to include this promo video of her, it’s excellent! (I may need to get back on this steam engines payroll!)

Follow your dreams, QC Supermom

Friday Four: 4 WOMEN To Admire

Have you ever ran into another mom and thought, “Wow, she is so awesome!” It’s like they have been hidden from you and now that you’ve found them, your life will never be the same because you have found an endless pit of knowledge, inspiration and support and sisterhood. Well, I have been fortunate to run into many women like that. In one way or the other, they have made my life better because of the essence of who they are. My question to you is this, have you said “Thank You for Being You?” I’m sure your “Supermom” would love to hear it. We must get in a better habit of lifting each other up.  I’ve listed my top four women to admire beow. Take a look and feel free to share your top 4! I don’t mind long shout-outs, so say it like you mean it!!

1.  Lindsey D. her She is a beautiful, spunky,amazing mom of 3 and fascinating army wife. I love the way she keeps them actively and progressive engaged in a happy childhood, while preparing them for adulthood.  At the same time she keeps me blushing on her witty ways she keeps her husband content. Lindsey’s strong faith and support system keeps her going and I love learning from her!

2. mama Rose Rock- “The key is being there, being fully engaged and wanting to be there. It’s a conscious decision you make.”

In a recent interveiw, she stated;  You know, my husband would ask me, because we had a large family, did I feel like he and the children, you know, were in my way or that did I feel left out? And I never ever did because I stayed, raised my children the way I did, now I’m able to enjoy all of that.

You can read more on that recent interveiw here.

This lady is right on target. Parents, myself included, need to read this and put it into practice. Mama Rock makes it sound simple. And her basic outline is just that -simple and straight forward. Sometimes we have to tell it like it is, stop making excuses (parenting is work), and get back to the grass roots of child rearing. LOVE her to the moom and back!


“If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.” -Judge Judy t

3. Judge Judy- “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.” -Judge Judy

She has some of the best statements ever that I use everyday with my family, friends and business circle. I guess I’m a old head like that but the wisdom in each quote is profund. See more here, and here. I guarantee that you’ll love them all!

You can get her FREE book here! It’s called What Would Judy Do? I have read it and highly suggest it for all MOTHER, wifes and women! She made a comment that I live by. I say it this way “Mothers need to have thier own money. Even if it’s a small kitty. Husbands always want accountabilit, No grown women should have to always go to her husband for everything.”

4. Last but not least YOU! (Women only…. sorry guys)

Being a mom is challenging! As a wife, and work from home mother of 9 I know what ywe do everyday isn’t always how we seen our seves when we were little girls. When you give 110% of yourself during the day and is still can’t resist kissing those toes and checks good night, that makes you awesome! To you I say keep up the great work. It will pay off. Our oldest is a Jr in college and I’m already seeing the pay off to our selfless efforts!


The unforgivable purchase!

I bought my very first industrial stapler! …..and I liked it!

stapler My U.S. Veteran husband is so traditional in many ways. I guess he was trained to be as such. Most times it’s okay. But it can play itself out quickly when I need things done asap! I can recall many days when the idea of going in a store to make such a “manly” purchase would overwhelm me. The idea would have to exist stage left and I would either find the wanted item in the store or nag  remind him till he made it for me.

I guess lately I’ve been smelling myself, as the elders would say. I felt so “confident” while shopping today. I couldn’t get home fast enough to show my husband. I thought I knew what he would say. Instead I was pleasantly surprised. Not one time did he ask me what would I do if I were to break a nail while using it.” Not a single word did he muster.

I’m not 100 % sure how he feels about it, but I’m so happy I purchased it! There is so much more to look forward to. I’m thinking about the numerous projects I refused my children. I let fear of the unknown and $2,00 hold me back for years! Boy do I have a lot to catch up on! I may need a new blog for it all!

My message for YOU… the wife. mom, baby mam.etc.,If you want something done; get up and do it yourself. At least make an attempt. You never know how it will turn out.Sometimes the key to getting support, ideas, strengthen and maybe even know how is getting up and making small moves!  Play damsel n distress later!

(I already fixed my sagging car roof cover.- It was so much fun! Pallet bench next!)

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”Andy Rooney

Empower yourself,

~QC Supermom