Reclaiming My Identity

As a Stay At Home Mom, I must acknowledge and address both the perks and pitfalls of managing, a large family with limited income. 99.6 % of the time I am content. My motto is “Mess with me, you might get by with an eye roll. Mess with my children, and you better run”. (My husband can take care of himself. He’s a tough guy.) TODAY I sat in that .40% and I did’t know why.

I love this!

       I love this!

Everything on the surface appeared fine. The children had no complaints. I even called my son in college to listen to his voice and to see if I could pick up on any cues, he too sound great. So yes, I was grateful to mentally clear that off my mind.

Yet something was not right. Maybe I’m over processing something  or maybe God is trying to direct me to a new place or possibly stopping me from making a big mistake, I thought. Have you ever felt unsettled in your spirit?

I do have a lot going on these days. ( 9 children, a crazy veteran husband, I’m still breastfeeding our youngest, SAHM group organizer, tutor, community activator, AND blogger) Needless to say our days often feel like an insane whirlwind of needs, requests, deadlines and never-ending demands, but I honestly love it all. Crazy right?

So, I tiptoed into my bedroom closet for a few minutes. I walked out to a revelation. I hated that I didn’t notice it before, as it’s been repressed for a while. I ignored my hair breaking off, chalking it up to the harsh cold weather. I also ignored my jumping eye lid, crediting my lack of sleep for that. BUT when I started getting nervous for no reason. I had to hit the breaks and put myself first.

My financial insecurities, and concern that the world is more perilous for kid raising than when I grew up.

Before I got married. I worked three jobs. Two in hospitality and one in appointment setting. I LOVED making my own money. Being able to make purchases without permission, consent or validation was the life.Not that I was wasteful, because I wasn’t but it is a level of empowerment. Yes, when I got married he  & I became 1. But I lost that power, I need it back.  My husband will never understand it. It’s nothing like having your own, and bringing it to the family table.

Jessica Beals has Nothing on me. Pass the mic...... next year .... please. :)

Jessica Beals has Nothing on me. Pass the mic…… next year …. please. 🙂

When I was young, we had more hope. I like to think that I’m raising amazing children and equipping them for today’s challenges. If it wasn’t for my moms group and my Kwanzaa family, I would think that I live on a island. These children today will choose short cuts every time. The value of life, inner pride, zest for the future, moral codes are diminished. It’s saddening.


Well, after a good cup of tea, a stress busting video, and a silent peek at my beautiful children (sleeping face I think everything will work itself out as it should.In the meantime, I have to come up with some strategies that will work with my time and generate real income…… then tease my husband by buying the girls new earrings. (yes, that would drive him nutty! 🙂 )

I’m thinking about AVON. I love their new line. With my large family, and the new product line, earnings seems quite promising. We’ll at least till something better comes along.See, it’s looking better already. Putting myself self first hasn’t wavered my goal of keeping my children a priority.

Great ideas here

Staying In My Zone~QC Supermom

Moms and Moms 2B-Girls Night Out

“Can you play this fast hand-slapping game with me? My friend taught it to me today at school.”…….uugh, not tonight sweetie!

I kissed my husband, pat the lil fella’s on the top of their tiny heads, jumped in my pumps and ran for the door with my keys in hand! No babies tonight; it’s  MOM’S NIGHT OUT!!!


Talk about a flashback to my pre baby days…Indulges, inspiration, galore! Ever since becoming a mom,my social calendar has been more play dates than date nights and girls’ night so this was a must attend for me and a few of my other stay at home mom friends near and far.hype0

Here’s what not to do at a Girls Night Out!

Think about the kiddos. If you have secured a sitter , chances are you can trust them for the 4 hours that you’ll be away. So relax and enjoy yourself.

Dress up! After all it’s Girls Night Out. Be cute and comfortable. I took a shower, wore heels and put on lip gloss. That was enough for me, but yeah, get gorgeous for yourself.

Do not leave your swag bag! They have the best samples and information in them. Not only will you find a new product to fall in love with; if you’re lucky you’ll meet the creator of it as well.gno7

Bring something other than your deserving self*. If it’s at a friends house,bring wine. If its at a bar/restaurant, bring flowers for the table. If it’s at a grocery store*, i. e. The Baby Grocery Store, bring your coupons and a lil cash & buy something to say thank you! hype

The food, services, environment was so wonderful. We even had wine. It was in the meatballs, but delicious no less! Sure it was mom friendly but it was lady friendly as well; clean, spacious, bright, and easy on the eyes.

Wiping runny noses, kissing scraped knees, reading bedtime stories, folding stacks of laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving carpool, scrubbing children, changing diapers, listening… the work of a mother requires boundless energy. As much as we all adore our children and love being gno10moms, we all realize that motherhood is a full time job and once in a while, we need to refresh and refuel our energy tanks. When you are use to taking care of others, a GNO is the ticket! I had a great time!

Here are a few pictures from our night! Here’s a video-click here! gno2

Our Swag Bags were fantastic! Inside were great information on some the best motherhood supporters ever. Here are just A FEW of the amazing goodies I got!

Cynthia  Hill, Happy Baby Happy Family- 2 of my boys are fighting over the pouches! They love them.hype1

Jenifer Pliska, Sugar Bear SkinCare – I can’t wait to try them on my 7 month old skin, and mines!

Mini Me Spa! The massage therapist was dreamy. I didn’t want to leave the table. I held on to her business card so hard I’ve lost it.  (The Baby )But if you do need a great moms Night Out as I like to call it. Do it!

“Mom’s Night Out is my silent pledge to remember who I am. I am a mother, of course, but I’m also a woman who desperately needs to enjoy life. A few hours with my girlfriends helps me realize I haven’t lost…me.”- QC SuperMom