Supermom votes too!

Yesterday was a great day. Not just because it was my birthday, but because I got out to vote! I got two interesting pieces in the mail and I found a good home for my puppies. I’ll tell you more, but first a message from MomsRising!

My daughter voted too. They had a kids voting area there. How awesome right? v

As I arrived to my voting spot, I was interviewed by a Fox News reporter. He asked me why did I decide to vote early. I responded by telling him, “Man, on any given day, I will have 4- 6 children with me. Right now their is no line, my decision now will be my decision later, and doing it now is one less thing I have to plan to do later.” He asked me what was responsible for the large voter turn out. Now, since we were speaking in a majority African American location, I assumed he wanted to know what motivated so many African American to vote in the massive numbers. To that I smiled and said, “We organized!” Scare tactic in Mecklenburg County 2014

He quote me in his coverage saying: “For other people that I’ve been speaking to, they want to wait and get more information,” Kelle Pressley, an early voter, said. “They want to make sure they’re making the right decision so they don’t waste their vote. But for me, as a busy mom, I ultimately think it works for me to vote early.” ME, via Joe Bruno, Fox News

Every one know small frequent gathering are the way to go, and it looks like it’s the key to a successful campaign so far.

I also wrote my name down for a walk in position. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. I’ve been doing that for years now and haven’t got sworn in yet!  Go Figure!

The mailings I got included a Voting report card. Turns out I have a very good score. It was sent by some Color Of Change organization out of Washington. The other piece I received was from a special interest group. I really didn’t understand the message. What I got from it was a suggesting that if we don’t vote more of us, meaning African Americans will be shot. See I couldn’t follow that because, We have Obama in the house and that made it worse. Just a thought ya’ll. I LOVE My 1st family.

Now why did I vote? I voted because I like thinking that I have a voice. I will never put my neck on a chopping block and say that voting is the resolution to every problem and that what the selected officials  say and do will be true, but somehow I think it’s my responsibility to make an effort. Now that I know my children are watching I want them to feel that they matter also. If voting helps with that why not?

Voting early, gives me one less thing to plan. By getting it out of the way, I can have a peace of mind knowing that the decision I came to, the desires of my heart was made where it counts!

(If you click the links you’ll get more information on each topic!)