Wednesday Wow- Early Voting Party & Parade To The Polls- Charlotte 2018

MomsRising is doing it again!   For the third year in a row, we’ll be celebrating early voting with a family-friendly voting party at the Beatties Ford Rd. Regional Library, at 2412 Beatties Ford Rd, in partnership with FedUp and QC Supermom.

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Join us as we help make voting fun for the whole family! It’s a FREE family voting celebration November 3rd in Charlotte from 9 am-12 pm at the Beatties Ford Road Regional Library early voting location (2412 Beatties Ford Rd., Charlotte). There will be face painting, a balloon artist, crafts, snacks, story time, voting swag for the kids, music– and even a voting parade around the library! Mecklenburg County residents who are eligible to vote can then cast their ballot at the early voting location in the library. Haven’t registered yet? No problem! You can register and vote at the same time during early voting.

There’s a lot at stake for women and families this election season and we must ensure that the voices of moms and the people who love them are heard at the ballot box. And – as an added bonus! – we’ll be building a whole new generation of voters. Research shows that children who see their parents vote are more likely to grow up to be voters themselves. Mark your calendars and plan to join us! #MomsVote #BeaVoterRaiseaVoter 


Follow along on social media: Take a picture of you and your voting squad and post it to social media before or after you vote. Let everyone you know how and when you voted by taking a picture and posting it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #CantWait2Vote and tag @MomsRising! We love to see your smiling faces as you vote and this also reminds your friends and family that they should vote as well. If you are unable to attend, we still hope to see pictures of your family voting traditions, new and old.

If you aren’t able to make it to the party: You can find information on early voting locations, schedule, and absentee voting here, or you can call the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections at 704-336-2133.

Have questions about your voting rights in NC? Check out this great website from our partners at Democracy NC designed to answer all your questions.


The Power Of Children – Dr. MLK Jr. Birthday Celebration


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Momsrising knows how to party. We also know recognize the power of Children. On the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. birthday we celebrated his legacy with some of Charlotte’s most amazing people, the youth. Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January, 15, 1929 as “Michael King Jr?”

However, his father changed their first names to Martin and added “Luther” to his name as well as his son’s name. And both his father, Martin Luther King, Sr., and his mother, Alberta Williams King, were reverends.
Though he had a generally good childhood, from a young age, King saw firsthand the tough realities of the Jim Crow laws: the King family was ushered out of shoe stores because of their race, and he lost a young friendship due to racial differences.
He was a great student. He was admitted to Morehouse College at the age of 15. King graduated from Morehouse College in 1948 with a B.A. in sociology.
After graduating from Morehouse, King enrolled in Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Penn., and then also enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania. He was very successful at both schools and received many recognitions and awards. After graduating from Crozer, he began doctoral studies in Systematic Theology at Boston University in 1951, and then completed his doctorate in 1955.     

Can you imagine raising a child like him? I often wonder what his parents did to support such a powerful child despite the social distractions.

This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, our community came together to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the power of children. Our goal was to share a fun, kid focused, educational and most of all intentional day with our greatest and most powerful asset, our children.

To set the kid friendly tone, we played Dr. Kings speech,” If I Had Sneezed.”  Following was a storytelling by 12 year old Sybirah. Yes, I said a 12 year old storyteller.

Sybirah Young - StoryTeller

Storyteller Sybirah- Anasi And The Snake

Her powerful story was about the notorious Anasi. She was poised, articulate and engaging! The children listened to her every word! After that, children’s book author, S.Cherie read ‘Freedom On The Menu’ and ‘If Kids Ruled The World’. Those books proved to be a great lead into the on going craft workshop with Flo, of We Chic’d It.

It almost looked like an elf workshop, as paint, rocks, slabs of wood, and stencils filled tiny hands. Parents assisted in creating inspiring and beautiful pieces of art worthy to be posted on the families wall. Peek at some below.



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Later we enjoyed music performances by Brandy. and Niles, a 5 year old trombone player. You can watch both original videos online. Click here! And here!.




Like any good party, it is not complete without the birthday song and cake! One word, YUMMY! Oh, and Stevie Wonder would have been so proud to hear the children singing his song, that he wrote for his friend Martin. It was so harmonious! (listen to Stevie here.)

Before I end, let me give a big thanks to Momsrising’s generous co-sponsors and community supporters: Flo of We Chic’d It, The Black Ferris Bueller, Queen City Stay At Home Moms, Memorable Moments By Lee, and Imagine Publishing! Together we followed the blueprint of creating powerful children.

Friday Four: Halloween Savings, Snacking and Satisfaction!

Halloween is supposed to be fun, mysterious, and yummy! I for one have seen a spectrum of Halloween scenarios and today, Ias I type I am a born again Halloween worshiper! LOL! No More white sheets and plastic pumpkin bowl filled with sugary Kiddie Crack! pppp

As a parent no one wants to go in the hole while celebrating this amazing holiday, there are a few ways you can get the kids looking great, save money on treats, and have loads of fun together as a family.

Okay, I kinda understand that not everyone gets excited about Halloween, but let’s just think for a minute…..with everything going on in today’s world, a light-hearted, healthy, progressive, fun, mental adventure here and there in a safe environment is a needed perk! Any chance you can give your child to enjoy childhood, go for it! It will only give them more fond memories of you and extend their childhood a little longer.  It also tells them, that they are special enough to you to make it happen. Why not?IMG_20171028_204910671.jpg

For those who do, allow me to give you a hand with this. Because, you know, October is “MY MONTH!” It’s the month I was given to our Earth.  I will be turning 24 years old! (Just flip those numbers around -okay)  (Cake below by vegan teen baker, Cassie, of Cassies Sweetz)cake

octHomeschooling parents, this is for you! Make it a Science Day! I have put together a few ideas here on Pinterest for you!  Everything is affordable, easy and not too messy to try! Follow THIS ONE other boards over there and thank me later!

2. For my children, I have gotten some really nice costumes from friends kids, thrift stores, my closet. Yes, I’ll go to a local department store but only after I luck out at these other options. Shopping early is never a bad thing either. I get some of my most favorite event wigs -BRAND new from outlet stores for dirt cheap! If you are hitting the bottom of the barrel with costume options, just click here for fresh ideas!

3. Do you really want to go door to door or to a boring party JUST to get candy and watch your child play? NO, you don’t. Skip it all and mark your calendar for the next BooBash! I The only thing scary about it the idea of you not voting! Yes, it a family-focused- free, Early Voting  Halloween parade and party! It’s sponsored by Momsrising, Queen City Stay At Home Moms and other amazing community partners. It’s on the lawn of Beatties Ford Road Regional Library. It nonpartisan and low candy. distribution. YES!!!! Find out more about Momsrising here. CLICK HERE. 🙂


4.I have a friend that is a merchandiser for Family voteDollar. Right now all of their candy is buy 2 bags of candy and get 1 for free! While I’m NOT an advocate of any (non-chocolate)) candy, that is a pretty good deal.

Alternatively, offer clementines. They look JUST like tiny pumpkins and they have their very own packaging. IMG_20171025_131842610.jpg



So my question to you is, are you ready for some not so scary good times?


In Total Wellness,

QC Supermom  – (Jabela)

The Good Food Force 2014

IMG_0974Last week I attended a PTA meeting at my daughters charter school. On the agenda was FOOD. The principal was concerned because the students were wasting more food than eating and it was costing them too much money to continue to pay for the current outside caterer.We came up with many options that included

  • Inhousing lunch time prep and distribution by the culinary students
  • Having children bring in thier own food,and microwaving it if needed
  • Installing Fresh food vending machines
  • Creating partnerships with local resturants for year long agreements for donated food

IMG_0884Well, right off the microwave thing was out of the window.I don’t want to microwave or pack food in plastic containers eaten by my daughter.

My preference was to build a garden on the property and have the culinary students not only maintain it but prepare the other students food with the harvest.

We can even apply for the Field to Fork Grant (The Field to Fork Program provides 6-month grants for supplies and guidance of growing a pizza garden full of spinach, tomatoes, and herbs.
Applications accepted through Friday, November 21, 2014.
CMS elementary classrooms are eligible. Multiple classes from a school are welcome to apply. Download an application at 
) I’m sure there is one in your area if you look,google, or ask around.

IMG_0877Just to be clear, this isn’t a Charlotte school problem, it’s a kid problem. Everyone is strategizing on how to get healthy food to – and inside children affordably?

Last weekend in Washington, DC we came up with a plethoria of strategies. The main point was not only to make good food famous but to build a network to support your efforts as a mom, consumer, and voice for your family!IMG_0914 Ronald, Skittles,and even the USDA, are not the boss of our kitchen!

Here are some more quick facts (via MomsRising) to ponder!

  • Nearly 1:3 kids in America are at risk for nutrition-related diseases like Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Schools play an important role in keeping kids healthy. 40% of students buy one or more snacks at school each day.
  • Children are also heavily influenced by junk food marketing. 73% of the foods advertised on t.v. shows for kids are for convenience / fast foods and sweets

Why we’re so excited about the Good Food ForceDon’t miss the 5th!
The timing could not be more urgent for us to speak out in support of healthy school foods, and against marketing junk food to kids. Check out these useful fact sheets on both issues.

Want to know more?
We’re always looking for new members. Please contact us at

Don’t miss the 5th Annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair in Charlotte THIS SATURDAY (always the 3rd Saturday in November) See more about that here: Take a look at the line up:

11- 11:20 am Mr. Nigel’s Music
11: 30 -11:50 am : Re-Fashion Show
Vendor Showcasing ( Preparedness Consulting Group, LLC– 2014 PRESENTING SPONSOR )
12:30 – 12:50 pm Yoga with Asha Sims
1- 1:20 pm Martial Arts Demo w/ Jeremy Kempka
1:30- 1:45 pm Cooking With Kids Demo

See you there!tc