Friday Four: Cow Day, to the G.A. – We did It All!

This was yet another great week for the books! And I compiled it in the tidy little 4 pack! Ready?


Like all first Saturdays of the month, we made

 it to Home Depot! Kids Workshop. Each month

it’s something different. And did I say it’s free?  This time our little diva friend  Leyla joined us. S

he is incredibly brilliant and cute!


Sunday, 3 of my sons left out on for Orlando FL. It was AAU Basketball Nationals tournament and 2 of my sons were playing. The trip was long…..eight hours one way! My oldest son came in handy this weekend! He did the entire trip alone!  My husband and I stayed in Charlotte to work and catch up on little jobs throughout the house.


Monday came and we returned the borrowed items from the Ellis Island celebration in Druid Hills. Did you miss it on the news? here’s the clip from that. ( here  ) and here are some pictures from our 7/4/18 day in the park—> (Click Here)

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  1. If you want to see the other 4 cities besides ourself who won Most Patriotic Neighborhood in America from NextDoor, click { here}  for the whole story.

2.  This year, we downscaled our dress up game for Chick Fil a Cow Appreciation day. Did you go? My sister got her treats early that morning, I shared mine, and a sister-mom from Queen City Stay At Home Moms shared theirs too. Drop a picture below if you went.

3.  Have you ever seen a siser loc instal? I did this week, and I think I could do them on myself. Can you think of all of the money I would save? It could possibly be another flow of income and yes that is never a bad thing.

(See it here)     Sisterlock Install on Short Thick Hair…….it’s beautiful! My daughter got her install earlier today. I’ll share her results on  my  facebook. @QCSupermomLoc Extensions Neat, properly installed, and maintained by Sankofa in Inglewood CA 90305.

I gotta say, having just two little ones is completely different than having all four of them together. It’s much less work.

These two guys are aggravating without their brotherly set. They are bored more often and I have less time and attention to focus on my other tasks.  I just had to send them outside with their dad to smell the air and clean the yard.

4.  I just got the update that one of my son’s team won the AAU Basketball Championship for his class scale but the younger one didn’t for his. To celebrate both of their hard work my oldest son took them both to Bush Gardens!

Well, that’s our week so far. Think you can keep up with us? Find out for yourself at

Queen City Stay At Home Moms

 QC Supermom


Good night from my tribe to yours,


Friday Four: Halloween Savings, Snacking and Satisfaction!

Halloween is supposed to be fun, mysterious, and yummy! I for one have seen a spectrum of Halloween scenarios and today, Ias I type I am a born again Halloween worshiper! LOL! No More white sheets and plastic pumpkin bowl filled with sugary Kiddie Crack! pppp

As a parent no one wants to go in the hole while celebrating this amazing holiday, there are a few ways you can get the kids looking great, save money on treats, and have loads of fun together as a family.

Okay, I kinda understand that not everyone gets excited about Halloween, but let’s just think for a minute…..with everything going on in today’s world, a light-hearted, healthy, progressive, fun, mental adventure here and there in a safe environment is a needed perk! Any chance you can give your child to enjoy childhood, go for it! It will only give them more fond memories of you and extend their childhood a little longer.  It also tells them, that they are special enough to you to make it happen. Why not?IMG_20171028_204910671.jpg

For those who do, allow me to give you a hand with this. Because, you know, October is “MY MONTH!” It’s the month I was given to our Earth.  I will be turning 24 years old! (Just flip those numbers around -okay)  (Cake below by vegan teen baker, Cassie, of Cassies Sweetz)cake

octHomeschooling parents, this is for you! Make it a Science Day! I have put together a few ideas here on Pinterest for you!  Everything is affordable, easy and not too messy to try! Follow THIS ONE other boards over there and thank me later!

2. For my children, I have gotten some really nice costumes from friends kids, thrift stores, my closet. Yes, I’ll go to a local department store but only after I luck out at these other options. Shopping early is never a bad thing either. I get some of my most favorite event wigs -BRAND new from outlet stores for dirt cheap! If you are hitting the bottom of the barrel with costume options, just click here for fresh ideas!

3. Do you really want to go door to door or to a boring party JUST to get candy and watch your child play? NO, you don’t. Skip it all and mark your calendar for the next BooBash! I The only thing scary about it the idea of you not voting! Yes, it a family-focused- free, Early Voting  Halloween parade and party! It’s sponsored by Momsrising, Queen City Stay At Home Moms and other amazing community partners. It’s on the lawn of Beatties Ford Road Regional Library. It nonpartisan and low candy. distribution. YES!!!! Find out more about Momsrising here. CLICK HERE. 🙂


4.I have a friend that is a merchandiser for Family voteDollar. Right now all of their candy is buy 2 bags of candy and get 1 for free! While I’m NOT an advocate of any (non-chocolate)) candy, that is a pretty good deal.

Alternatively, offer clementines. They look JUST like tiny pumpkins and they have their very own packaging. IMG_20171025_131842610.jpg



So my question to you is, are you ready for some not so scary good times?


In Total Wellness,

QC Supermom  – (Jabela)


It’s Woman History Month! Let’s celebrate the amazing contributions women make to our world and our future.

We are so fortunate to have several remarkable women from our community who are going to share their journey as we as answer any question you may have for them.

Come join  Momsrising THIS Saturday March 18th 2017   Beatties Ford Rd. Regional Library at 1pm; as we highlight and celebrate our selected SHEROES!

The award ceremony and roundtable includes a “Dress Up-Fantasy”  area for the children and a light reception following.This event is free! So come on! Ready to attend? Well it’ll be here  in no time. For now get to know more about each of them here.

Meet Chautauqua Ellison, NC SHERO


Chautauqua Ellison, NC SHERO

Born February 24, 1973, on a Saturday evening to Glenda Graves (American) and Herman Morris (Guyanese). A product of both the foster care system and adoption system. Adopted at the age of 15 after going from one abusive foster family to another and having experienced abuse with the family she hoped to have finally found love and her place of belonging only to feel the cycle of being not wanted, she came to understand what she wanted part of her journey to be. She understood she wanted to help little brown girls like herself.
A graduate of Marlboro County High School in 1992 and immediately went off to college. She attended Morris College in Sumter, SC, Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army, April 1997 and graduated May 10th, 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.
After graduating from college Chautauqua moves to Charlotte, NC and this is where she began her career in Early Education. Chautauqua has taught Early Education for 19 years. She is also a former HeadStart Educator.
Chautauqua became a member of the Order of Eastern Star, Queen Sheba #5 at the age of 21 and is still active with the Junior Eastern Stars affiliated with her chapter. At this time she began to have a full experience with SISTERHOOD.
Fast forward to the year 2010 and Chautauqua becomes involved with an amazing organization called I Am My Sister. She has facilitated evidence-based program pm Teen Pregnancy and Teen STDs/STI for 4 years for the organization. In 2013 Chautauqua started the first community-based club for the organization. In January of 2016, she became the Executive Director for I Am My Sister NC and SC chapter.
I Am My Sister is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides programs and resources centered around leadership development, healthy relationships, beauty and body image, career development, community service and support, entrepreneurship and workforce development, financial literacy, adolescent sexual health and teen parenting support, education and mentoring services for youth and their families.
I Am My Sister’s programs and services are available to youth and families in NC, SC, MD, NY, GA and CA.
I Am My Sister LOVES diversity! We’re PRO-YOUNG PEOPLE and don’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex or disability.
Along with being an active member of the OES (Order of Eastern Star), Chautauqua is also an active member of the Black Women Caucus of Mecklenburg , a member of the School Leadership Team at Lincoln Heights School (CMS) and a member of The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
Chautauqua was also a nominee for the 2017 Mayor’s Mentor Alliance Award.
Chautauqua also lives by her personal motto: In order to teach life lessons, one must have lived the lesson beginning taught.

Meet Amanda Zullo, Founder + Owner


Amanda Zullo is the Founder and Owner of Pop Up Produce

Pop Up Produce

Amanda Zullo is the Founder and Owner of Pop Up Produce and a 2016 Emerging City Champions grant recipient winner, sponsored by 8 80 Cities and the Knight Foundation. A designer, community engager and food enthusiast, she has a passion for health and wellness, sustainable living and fresh food. Amanda earned her Masters in Urban Design with a Post-Masters Certificate in Real Estate Development, a Bachelors of Architecture, and a Bachelors of Arts in Architecture with a Minor in Geography, all from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In both academic and professional realms, her focus has been to foster healthy communities through the built environment using design towards community activism. She has been involved in numerous local volunteer organizations, from educating the youth through various programs and work relating to community outreach.


Meet 2017 NC Shero: Nakisa Glover ng

She is a mom, native of Charlotte, NC and holds a biology degree from UNC-Charlotte.
She has built a track record as a community organizer, with years of experience in corporate, community and service-based work. She has a passion for advocacy and contributing positively to the community. She is the co-host of TheAgenda, a local think tank dedicated to creating space built on four pillars to Inform, Discuss, Network and take Action. As a strong collaborator, she brings her perspective to her current role with Hip Hop Caucus as National Climate Justice Organizer. She is the former national field coordinator for the Justice Action Mobilization Network (JAMN), a group dedicated to advancing climate change policy using a fusing social justice and climate justice. Her deep local and national networks mean that Ms. Glover has resources and contacts for dealing effectively with such critical issues as climate, social and economic justice. She was recently recognized as an Emerging Leader in the Climate Movement and is the recipient of the Clean Air Carolina the 2016 Airkeeper Award, joining NC Governor Roy Cooper, Dr. James Kenny, and other business leaders.

Meet NC Shero; Je’lah Singleton.


D-Jé Boogie can be contacted via the following channels: Email – Instagram – @djeboogie00 Twitter- @djeboogie00 Facebook- D-Je’ Boogie Telephone – 980.202.3036

Jèlah Singleton, aka D-Jé Boogie, is a teenage female DJ who has presently been developing her craft for a little over a year. The idea of aspiring to become a DJ occurred when she realized how she could share her creativity and her love for music with others. D-Jé believes music has no boundaries or barriers. The art of being a DJ bridges gaps of age, ethnicity and various backgrounds.


Music has always been a huge part of D-Jé Boogie’s life. Sharing her craft allows her to share her love for the innocence and different moods of music. The variety of DJ engagements allows her to choose and ‘’play with” the appropriate genre of music for any occasion.

Becoming a DJ has required the investment in equipment, time and learning the art of the craft. She enrolled in classes, which enhanced her love for mixing and transitioning music. While attending the WTHands DJ Academy, D-Jé Boogie was selected to appear on WBTV for one their young DJ spots. That exposure improved her confidence to perform in front of crowds. Entrepreneurship has proven to be challenging and has also required discipline. However, entrepreneurship has also allowed D-Jé Boogie, as a teenager, to be her own boss. The God-given gift of her love for music will continue to reach people of all ages and allow her to share  their special moments.

Although DJ Boogie has been trained to provide the appropriate music for many occasions, she has been labeled as having an Old Soul. Her personal music of choice is different genres of music from the 1960s -1990s


Meet NC Shero; Flo Ward, We Chic’d It

Flo is a creative environmentalist and DIYer. She used her prior experiences to start  We Chic’d It!, a furniture upcycling company based in North Carolina with the mission to help keep usable solid wood antique and vintage furniture from going into our landfills.
After completing her undergraduate work in Fine Arts, she worked as a graphic designer for several publishing/marketing companies, such as AutoTrader and Pilot Media Companies, until switching careers and going back to school to become an educator/trainer of technology within the school system. Now, several years later, she uses her knowledge of color, DIYing (do it yourself crafts), and education to teach others how to refinish, refurbish, reupholster, and repurpose their home furniture and decor items. Becoming the Queen DIYer/Upcycling Creationist that everyone knows her to be. Always thinking outside of the box, and generating ideas on Facebook, Pinterest, and HomeTalk. She is a married, mother of three and lives in the Lake Norman area, near Charlotte, North Carolina.


Meet NC Shero; Judith Wilson, – Foodie4Access


Judith Wilson Burkes Facebook: #judielise #foodie4access #sssmoves #celebratec Twitter: @judielise, @sss_movement, Foodie4Accessclt


Judith Wilson Burkes is a nonprofit founder, author/blogger, internet radio host, community disability advocate and business owner.

Growing up in New York City, she developed a passion for the arts and all creativity. After attending an art high school against the wishes of her family, Judith tried to work for corporate America. She worked for various industries, usually finding a way to bring her love of creativity to the job, for more than 15 years, before her health made her leave the workforce in her mid-30s. She faced hardship in her relationships as well, as two marriages ended in divorce, leaving her to raise two sons on the autism spectrum virtually by herself. Despite her own health issues, Judith continued to work at home, first with her own graphic design company, and then virtually for technology-driven companies.

Moving from NY to MD, and now making Charlotte, NC her home, Judith formed her own nonprofit, Foodie4Access in 2016, to break down barriers of isolation faced by people and families touched by disability. Then, after meeting the founder of a local singles organization, Judith quickly saw the value of his idea to do for Christian singles what she was driven to do for people with disabilities.

With her two sons grown and independent, Judith now spends her time creating inclusive events that focus on changing lifestyles and mindsets.

Today, as President of The Single, Saved and Serious Movement and founder of Foodie4AccssCLT, she hopes to foster a sense of community among people who want to expand their social and entertainment horizons, while making a difference in local underserved communities, with small businesses and outreach organizations poised to make a difference.


“Do Not wait for someone else to come and speak for you. It’s you who can change the world”. -M.Y.

This gathering is in part sponsored by Momsrising. To RSVP and find out more information, visit our Facebook event at:   or follow along on Twitter with NCSheroes2017



Oh Snap, Take That Back!

So last week I was talking about the new measures congress is pondering for EBT /SNAP families.They want to cut, ban, food items from the SNAP/ EBT budget.snapp

 Billions of dollars in proposed cuts to SNAP in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate budgets despite the fact that one in five kids in the U.S. rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or food stamps) for their meals each day. Ridiculously, some in Congress are still pushing those cuts.-Elyssa,

Today, I will play devils advocate. The argument is about high end items, junk food, and cleaning up food fraud. While I do think some items could be re-categorized….nothing should be cut. sna Last week, I gave my friend  a ride to the market to pick up some items. While she shopped, I sat on a bench near the market’s doors and wait for her. A few minutes later I saw a young girl (who couldn’t have been older than 4 or 5) pushing a shopping cart  filled with junk food, soda, microwave pizza, and those big containers of ice cream. And I mean filled. So naturally, this little girl was struggling. The cart was wobbling all over the place and she was using a great deal of strength just to push the thing forward. shit foodThat urked me. I am sad for the children that has to eat that stuff. I’ve seen a child’s face as she has tasted her first pineapple or homemade lasagna.  They WILL eat real food. But again, I can’t tell parents how to feed their family, so I put my hands on my cart and keep it moving. Sure, I’ll look back every once in a while, but I keep moving.  Don’t act like you haven’t done it before. Now check out this gift basket?  A friend shared this on my SHIT EBTsocial media page.What a cruel joke! This type of basket will have your child diagnosed with diabetes in 3 days flat!  There is no real food in here. Re categorize it. Since sugar is a drug… much like alcohol. In closing maybe fake food should be considered fraud and the corrective action should be to teach shoppers how to select better quality, budget shop, and properly store food and why? Just My Opinion. Moms and dads need to speak up and tell Congress “hands off of SNAP!   What FNS is doing about Fraud

States want drug tests for welfare recipients.

(last post on this topic will be this Wednesday) Be Well, QC Supermom


In celebration of Women’s History Month, Momsrising and Beatties Ford Road Public library is celebrating these NC women who rose up and challenged the unconventional limits of what females are restricted to do. On March 28th 2015 at Beatties Ford Library from 2- 4 pm come out to hear their story and ask them questions of your own. Find your inspired Woman below!

lpLain Consulting LLC

LaPronda is the Principal and Chief Visionary Architect of Lain Consulting LLC, a full service consulting firm specializing in nonprofit development, management consulting and government contracting.  Since 2004, LaPronda has been responsible for the successful procurement of over $1.475 million in grants and contracts from public and private foundations and local government for local and regional clients as well as Lain Consulting. In late 2012, LaPronda transitioned Lain Consulting LLC to a full-time consulting firm.

Lain Consulting LLC is certified as a Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) with the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County; A Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) with the Statewide Uniform Certification Program of NC; Small Professional Services Firm (SPSF) with the NC DOT; and a Section 3 Business Concern with the Charlotte Housing Authority. Notable accomplishments of the company include:

  • A successful contract with the City of Charlotte to manage the Grants Selection Process for the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)
  • Securing over $750,000 in a multi-year award for a local afterschool and summer camp program;
  • The formation of a local nonprofit organization created to establish a $135 million multi-resource complex for veterans in Uptown Charlotte

In 2014, LaPronda was selected for the:

  • Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence Business Accelerator Program Award
  • Charlotte Business Journal’s Women in Business Achievement Award

On May 1, 2014, Lain Consulting LLC was selected as the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) of the Year by the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County at its Crowns of Enterprise Awards Ceremony.

LaPronda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Johnson C. Smith University and a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion/Disease Prevention from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. She is the mother of a teenage daughter, India and loves supporting women that are ambitious, driven and determined to advance and excel in their careers and in business.

Mrs Betty and MomsRising

Contact Betty by email

Betty F. Wicker

Betty Foust (Rankin) Wicker earned a B.S. in Business Administration from NC A&T State University in 1980, a Paralegal Certificate from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies in 1993 and finally training as a Senior Business Analyst from International Profit Associates in 2007.  Prior to relocating to Charlotte, she was employed by Volvo Parts, N.A.  Promoted three (3) times during her tenure with the last position being, Controller and Administration.  In this capacity she was responsible for an annual budget of $7.3 million supporting a staff of 50+ associates.  The greatest accomplishments during this period was delivering a break even budget by the end of the first year and by the end of her tenure, not only delivering a break even budget but added profit to the bottom line.

In her current position with National Gypsum(2007- Present), her greatest accomplishments include but not limited to reorganizing their Capital Equipment Master Listing to simplify input requirements and search efforts (simply put providing a tracking mechanism for all heavy and mobile equipment system wide). 

Prior to relocating to Charlotte, Betty was actively involved in a variety of civic and cultural organizations.  Of the many appointments by the Guilford County Board of Education she is most proud of her participation with a two year study of Gifted Education and the state mandated promotion standards.  As a result of this involvement, Gifted Education in Guilford County became more inclusive and diverse.  She served as Newsletter Chair, Education committee member and eventual Education Chair (6 years) for the Greensboro Branch NAACP as well as was a visible volunteer child advocate representing children from impacted communities during hearing officer proceedings as well as in the appeals process with the Board of Education.  She was a member of the Guilford County PSTA Executive Council, serving as an area representative and Awards Chair.  She was recognized for her work with impacted children and their families with the NAACP President’s Award in 2001 and Woman of the Year 2002.  She is a leader and unwavering advocate for education for all children.

Since relocating to Charlotte, Betty has joined the board of directors for Right Moves For Youth (an agency partnering with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools to provide resources and guidance to help students graduate high school with a plan for their future success) and National Coalition of 100 Black Women – Queen City Metropolitan Chapter

Betty resides with her husband, Allan and dog, Toby in northeast Charlotte.  They are a blended family with three adult children. Outside of her professional interests, she enjoys traveling, reading, entertaining, music and her new “give back”, participating on a quarterly basis providing meals, clothing, etc. to the street homeless in Charlotte.  The Wicker Family is a member of New St. John Baptist Church.


camille edwards and MomsrisingCamille F.Edwards

Camille F. Edwards is a descendant of the famed herbalist and author, Nicholas Culpeper (circa 1600’s). Camille is also a certified Hypnotherapist and certified Clinical Herbalist. She has continuously updated her herbal education over the years to stay abreast of changes and education being offered throughout the herbal community. Camille has served as past president on the Board of The North Carolina Herb Association, a North Carolina commodity group. She is currently serving on the board as Vice President, and will be acting President beginning July 2015. She has written and taught classes on the implementation of new Federal Laws and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) involving the natural product industry for the BioNetwork BioBusiness Center, a program of the NC Community College System. She is also a retired North Carolina Certified Paralegal. She is currently re-organizing her herbal life by incorporating growing techniques and education involving medicinal botanicals. She is currently learning the arts of permaculture, beekeeping, and bio-intensive farming for food production. She and her husband will be moving to Hays, NC in April of this year to start her small acreage farm.



Founder and Executive Director, The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ (a 501c3 non-profit organization)

Vickie L. Hughes (affectionately known as “Miss Vickie”) is Founder and Executive Director of The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ (“TBGC”), which empowers and mentors preteen/teen minority girls. She is known as a creative visionary, trailblazer, philanthropist, and community activist.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Minor: Biology) from prestigious Spelman College and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology from Roosevelt University, Vickie secured corporate positions utilizing her management and human resources skills for 12 years. She then returned to school to pursue and obtain her Juris Doctor Degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

While in pursuit of a lucrative legal career, the tragic murder of a friend’s son changed her life and revealed her calling to help youth. To date, Vickie and her Volunteer Staff of TBGC work with girls, PARTNERING WITH AND INCLUDING MOTHERS (or other caregivers) in the girls’ positive youth development. Many single mothers (caregivers), as well as married ones, benefit from TBGC’s group mentoring and Parenting Support Circle and appreciate the “Village” concept created since TBGC’s inception.

Known for her straight-forward and down-to-earth approach, Vickie serves as a role model/mentor to young girls and women. She encourages creative, outside-the-box thinking! Vickie has served as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, radio commentator, roundtable participant, and panelist. Vickie often focuses on healthy self-esteem, past/present circumstances, and survival skills when addressing her audiences; and has been a passionate advocate addressing causes/societal ills that negatively affect girls and women (i.e. domestic violence, sex trafficking) for many years.

nadine and momsrisingE. Nadine Ford

“i am a 4th generation native Charlottean who inherited a love for good local food and a strong respect for the planet. In addition to managing the Little Sugar Creek Garden, I volunteer with Friendship Trays, Charlotte Green, and the Charlotte Food Policy Council. And I hate beets.”



Pilar Perez pilar perz and momsrisnig

My complete name is Rosa del Pilar Pérez and I am the Senior Director of Early Learning at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. I’m originally from Puerto Rico and have been living in Charlotte, NC for about 9 years now. I have been working in the education field for 30 years. Before working with the Y, I worked as an elementary bilingual teacher in New Jersey and Puerto Rico. I am also the wife of Cándido Albino, Pastor with the United Methodist Church in the Western North Carolina Conference, mother of 3: Tana 27, Thamar 26 and Uzi 17 and Grandma of three: Adrian, Zoe and Noah. My motto is to keep the peace and to do anything possible to help a child learn and develop properly. My daily mantras are: live by faith, serve without mind’s limits or limitations, always learn something new and use the time wisely. I believe that God moves me around what he knows is just good for me and I also believe that there is something special in each person that is part of God’s promises for me. I will like to do a cruise, finish formal Theological Studies and buy a beach house in Puerto Rico.


avis fun key fitness and Momsrising Mrs.Avis Snead

Fun “Key” Fitness

Wife mom of 4 and of course a child of God. I begin my fitness journey almost 3 years ago. My husband who is a certified personal trainer encourage me to join him on this journey. I begin this journey wanting to get my athletic body back. I wanted to feel sexy and comfortable in my own skin. As I begin to educate myself I wanted to encourage other woman who wanted to feel and look sexy inside and out. This became bigger than me. Woman from all over looked for my husband I help to get fit. This journey has its ups and downs but it’s worth all the time and dedication. We begin Fun”KEY” Fitness which led into #getfunkeywithavis which we had over 50 ladies to join us on our first challenge. I also host Fun”KEY” Fitness class each Saturday. I’m so grateful that God choose me to reach out to others through my struggles.

Contact Alexia at:

Contact Alexia at:

Alexia Furlow

Alexia is a recent Charlotte transplant from Wilmington NC. She is a licensed North Carolina attorney.
Alexia obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration and her Juris Doctor from Campbell University. While at Campbell Law School she served as the President and Community Outreach Coordinator of the Black Law Student Association and as a member of the Campbell Law Innocence Project.
In her last year of law school Alexia went to Cape Town, South Africa where she engaged in policy research at the South African Commission on Gender Equality.
Alexia is the owner of The Law Office of Alexia L. Furlow where she focuses her practice on Criminal Defense and Personal Injury.
Alexia actively mentors youth and volunteers at her old elementary school. She enjoys traveling, socializing, adventuring, and spending time with family and friends.
Alexia aspires to advance her career towards South African Post Apartheid Reconstruction with emphasis on Education and Housing.

The address for the award celebration and round-table is 2412 Beatties Ford Rd, Charlotte NC 28216. There will also be games, a “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” photo booth and refreshments. Keep up with the pre gathering by joining us HERE! See you there!

See more on Facebook!

Wednesday WoW: Find The Greatness Within

The 4th annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair is THIS Saturday. Will you be there?

A New vision CDC & Queen City SAHM 2013 TCWF

A New vision CDC & Queen City SAHM 2013 TCWF




The more I look at the flyer, the more I prop back and think to myself, “Girl, this is one excellent line up! ” The children will walk away from the fair empowered with total children wellness intellect. Talk about an Easy-Peasy Day for parents!

  I already know what will be tweeked for next year Yes, I’m nervous, but yeah, a girl gotta put those nerves on the back burner and enjoy the ride. Sure my eyes are strawberry red, but It’s so worth it. It’s great to know that you are part of the solution.


A few weeks ago I ran into a lady that worked for a nonprofit agency that helps people get a better focus in life. I actually was a client of hers some 10 years ago. She shocked me when she told me how much her co workers thought of me. They told her that I was smart, and that I was going to help alot of people!” I had other memories of them, which included fussing and occasional smiles. Our chats always ended with a supportive tight hug.

Ms Workman and Mrs Clara from Charlotte Area Fund are both gone now. But I sit here tonight thinking of all the times they encouraged me to crawl, cry, claw my way onto my goals. For that, I am grateful and humbled.

Today, there is a team of people that believe in my brand, QC SuperMom so much that they are taking time, money & other resources to join me in the 4th Total Children’s Wellness Fair . That is INCREDIBLE!!!


Bilo, The Charlotte MCFVC loaned us a few friends!

Bilo, The Charlotte MCFVC loaned us a few friends!

Someone spoke a word of encouragement to me. I put the work in myself.  I am the mother of 9. We lost a 11yr old daughter in ’05. Then my mom in ’06. We were displaced for 6 months. I was told in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to stop BFing my son. I home-school. I work from home,I’m married to a 1st born, older veteran, who is very traditional. Our income is not that impressive. We share a car. I could go on and on.

Instead I’ll say this, stay in your lane. Never compare your chapter 15 to someones else. As long as you are trying and steady moving you’ll be just fine.. You’ll get there if you want to. See you Saturday! Haven’t RSVP’d yet? Click HERE! 


Street Promotion #2. The kids are enjoying learning the marketing ropes.

Street Promotion #2. The kids are enjoying learning the marketing ropes.

The kids in the board room making decisions about the Total Children's Fair

The kids in the board room making decisions about the Total Children’s Fair


This is shameful, but I've been living of unsweetened Jasmine Tea and Dove chocolates. SssSH!

This is shameful, but I’ve been living of unsweetened Jasmine Tea and Dove chocolates. SssSH!


Don’t EVER allow ANYONE to speak negative into your spirit! There is great in YOU but it’s YOU that have to work on maximizing it! #noexcuses

Wednesday Wow: Safer Chemicals Healthier Family; The Stroller Brigade

We must do better with these toxins. Sure they are everywhere, but some of them are more dangerous than others.

For the last 35 years, the federal law that is supposed to protect citizens from dangerous toxic chemicals in everyday products has been failing us. There are more than 82,000 chemicals on the market today, and only about 200 of them have ever been tested for health and safety. As rates of childhood cancer, autism, learning disabilities and other chronic diseases continue to rise, our families seem to be the subjects of a dangerous experiment. What happens when you expose American babies and children to constant doses of untested chemicals? Unfortunately, I think we are seeing the results in our health care system.

Read more: The Herald-Sun – Fighting toxic chemicals My son the Jedi lobbyist “

I grew up with a politician across the street from me. Mr Pasley is his name. Mr Pasley would never tell me what he did all day, but he always seemed to be in a hurry leaving his home. Dark shades, speeding in and out of his car. To this day, I still don’t know what he does for the government..


I was happy leaving my family on this day.I knew that although it was my birthday, I would be back with them soon to their hugs, laughs and lovely rhetoric. In 2005, I left my family to be with SaMya, my daughter. Although I went back home, I left my 11year old, Samya and never seen her again. That also happened on my birthday, so it’s was all the more reason for me to go to Washington to be heard.mya


The flight was just over an hour. My next ride didn’t come for another 30 minutes. I used that time to return phone calls and text messages. We moms know how to maximize our time!

“All consumers, regardless of income level, deserve to know the products on their store shelves are safe.”

– Shane Shirley Smith (Stroller Brigade mom, blogger, and business owner)

Once we got into Washington, I rearranged my bags and put Noah down so he could walk a bit more freely. He chased a pigeon.Those little hands were everywhere as he tripped and pushed back up. It was a beautiful simple play time for him. He didn’t think about toxins are any other  potential hazards. I immediately thought to myself, these politicians have to pass the Safe Chemicals Act. Requiring a labeling system will ensure our children’s toys, house hold cleaners, carpet, etc. are safer for our babies can continue to run and play freely.

after flying in from Charlotte NC , I arrived in BWI. Took the MARC into Washington. I was greeted with a hand massage.

after flying in from Charlotte NC , I arrived in BWI. We took the MARC into Washington. I was greeted with a “Birthday Girl” hand massage. Nice……….

As a mom that has lost an amazing daughter to toxins, I was happy to share why I think strong laws should be made right away. No one should loose their child to something that could be avoided. I for one do not want to loose anymore children. 1I know that others have read packaging, couldn’t figure if it was a real threat, and bought it anyway. They have no clue how dangerous it was, or trusted that no one in their right minds would poison them on purpose. That’s not right and I think they got the message.

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We, as parents have to be a voice. We have to ask questions. If not, who will? Talk to YOUR senators. They work for YOU! WE hired them. (Thank you Senators and staff for your time)

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Okay, I'll agree it looks different. BUT it makes sense. Moms SHOULD BE HEARD.

Okay, I’ll agree it looks different. BUT it makes sense. Moms SHOULD BE HEARD.

Mya, Noah (& 7 other kids) mom, QC Supermom