Wednesday Wow: Who hires moms and why

Recently it hit me. Why am I not sharing my client list? After all, I absolutely LOVE each and everyone that I serve and they are a perfect fit for not only my brand but for other mompernuers as well.

So from this day forward, I will showcase at least one of my clients per month. They way, you can see some amazing businesses and of course my clients get a free plug! Everyone wins! Okay, let’s get to it! First up is Lapronda Spann. She is the owner of Lain Consulting. I worked with her this summer. Spann and QC Supermom

I can say many things about Lapronda…. and I think I will. She is a powerful, single mom, intelligent, soft spoken, spicy, family oriented, classy, home owning supermom. Her super power is helping non profits not only find money, but also select a strong board to keep them in business.

What I love about working with her:

She loves seeing strategies marked off her vision board. She sees opportunities, risks, and challenges then smashes them down one by one.  This little lady is by far a great role model.

She shared: It was a case of the “horrible bosses” that spurred LaPronda Spann in 2012 to finally turn her side gig into a successful, full-time consulting firm.

During the eight years prior, Spann worked full-time in the nonprofit hospital sector in Winston-Salem and Charlotte while helping a few nonprofit clients write grants, after a friend suggested in 2004 she get a business license.

“He saw value in the company,” Spann said. “I didn’t take it seriously.”

But all that changed when she began working in a new section of the hospital for a new boss. It took about eight months for Spann to realize the arrangement just wasn’t working.

“It was the best blessing,” Spann said. “At that point, I just wanted to manage my own schedule and do what I was good at.” – L.Spann

With a little help from others, including her mom, daughter and CPCC she did it!

CPCC Small business help center img003

Here’s what she do at Lain Consulting LLC.

She serve:

  1. Dreamers, Visionaries and Entrepreneurial Spirits that are looking to establish charitable organizations
  2. Small to medium sized agencies
  3. Federally designated nonprofit organizations
  4. Organizational leadership that are committed to growing and sustaining the nonprofit long term

Yes, she’s that remarkable. Here’s why I think you should follow her:

Key accomplishments: Months after launching her Charlotte-based business, Spann was awarded certification by the city and state, opening the door to government contracts. She grew revenue tenfold in her first year and doubled her client base.

Lapronda reminds me of that Kenny Rogers song, ” The Gambler ” This is the hip hop mix. (I needed something to get hype for a quick workout. this one worked)

Watch this video of Ms Spann in action.  I LOVE it in the end when she reintroduces herself by  starting of with….  “I AM the ………..”

More in the news about Lapronda-

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Read her full feature in the Charlotte Business Journal here.

I had to include this promo video of her, it’s excellent! (I may need to get back on this steam engines payroll!)

Follow your dreams, QC Supermom

Wedesday WoW! I’m about to be a 38 year old grandma!

My baby girl is pregnant! She hasn’t said anything yet, but that belly is get pretty big AND she’s always hungry! It never clicked to me why there were so many dogs hanging around in the street by our home. She’s too old for this kinda stuff! Of course 42 in dog years,isn’t that old, but you know what I mean.

Constellation Dog Star

Constellation Dog Star

I seen it coming! I frowned as I watched her sniffing up in this short dogs face from the neighborhood. I called her back to the house and locked her up but shucks, that didn’t last long. She cried and my husband set our 4 legged hairy Houdini free again. As if our fenced back yard  isn’t enough running space for her.

Omg! I have no coverage for her. What am I gonna do?  Maybe I’m over reacting….. maybe not. Either way, Star is now a single mother.

Our dog, "Star"

Our dog, “Star”

I’m a mom and doula, but this is different!  A million things are running through my head. OMG! Should I be changing her diet? Should I let her back in the house? What am I gonna do with her babies?  Who is the daddy? How much longer does she have? Where will she deliver? Oh lord, my girl is promiscuous!!!!! That’s why she always want beef jerkies from 7-11. 

After this is over, I’m getting this “B” fixed. Who want’s a puppy?

Great dog pregnancy tips here.

Breeding & Pregnancy Guide

Find your dogs age here

Labor and Delivery 

Do it yourself whelping box 

All this reading and research has given me a headache! What a lesson to have learned. Where was the Chlorophyll when I needed it? 

~QC Supermom

Friday Four: There is always something happening in the QC!

ffOn any given day in Charlotte, there is something going on. Just today while out running errands proved to be of the most amazing one for me yet.  We never had as much activity in South Carolina. I moved to North Carolina about 15 years ago with my job.  In man ways, its a great thing, in others it’s just plain awful. Today was a mixture of both.

This Friday was one for the books I won’t forget it for a long time: bmh

1. My daughter won movie and music tickets. For To pick them up, I had to go to the DSCI0004 DSCI0005

Mrs Vonetta Smith

Mrs Vonetta Smith

CBS Radio office.I saw  Vonetta from Power 98 in action. I listen to the radio so seldom, but after meeting this sweet lady, I think I’ll tune in more often. She is on air from 10- 2pm  I’ll cal them Monday to let Danny Diaz know the link to the sound track didn’t work. 😦

2. As I traveled through downtown, I passed 4th Street an seen that there was a movie being shot .I wonder if my Impala got in the shot? I slowed down hoping that it would. Then I could tell the world that my twice rebuilt Impala lives on!

3.  As I turned onto Beatties Ford Rd.I seen a car accident. The other car T-Boned the other one. Thank goodness everyone was ok.

4. A little further up the road was the worst thing I’ve seen in my life. I rolled up at the end of a shooting. This was the worst! Another senseless crime. All I could think of was my incredible 5 sons. I hope that they continue to stay on a hopeful path in life.

Shaken, not Stirred ~QC Supermom