Real Secrets to saving money and getting more

save money

diy deodorantLet’s erase everything you have
learned about being a consumer. EVERYTHING! YES, you can avoid overspending and still live high on the hog. It’s NOT impossible.

As a working mother of nine, I can’t muster the willpower to give up anything that makes life a little easier — like our minivan, our weekly trip out to Monkey Joe’s, Mr Nigels Music and Earth Fare or my monthly networking gatherings. But guess what these thing together cost no more than $20 – $40 a week.

While I spend little, my husband saves more. yes, he’s that guy that grabs all your peppermints  from the welcome desk and the honey from your gas station. to his credit, he’s also the one that makes sure that the priorities are paid and in place.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you must spend a whole lot of money to have a high quality life! I’m gonna share my top secrets with you so you can do it too!

Cupcakes from Emma Southern Queen Cakes- YUM!

Cupcakes from Emma Southern Queen Cakes- YUM!

Barter- To trade goods or services without the exchange of money. Moms can do it. Can’t do hair but can make a mean pot of beans… Barter! Even small businesses can engage in this practice as a way to get some necessary task done without putting additional strain on the budget.  I’ve had wonderful parties and incredible yet useful goodies that I have acquired via bartering. Keyword: Bartering- NOT free stuff- my time,resources is always of equal valuable. 

We got coupons from the store. It gave us $7 to use as we choose. My husband got cash back. Which IS rare.

We got coupons from the grocery store. It gave us $7 to use as we choose. My husband got cash back. Which IS rare.

Growing your own food is easy. Start small.

Growing your own food is easy. Start small.

Cooperate /do it yourself-  These are actually 2 different things. I just wanted to keep my points at four. (get it Friday Four) When you co operate you work with others. Think community garden. That’s a great way to not only save money, but to ensure you’re eating GMO free food. You’ll learn a lot too. Seasoned farmers/gardeners love to give tips. When you learn to do things for yourself you gain POWER. For it is the essence of empowerment. I’m not saying go live off the grid, but being able to fix a tire, repair your own computer, even make your own bread is a major money saver. You can learn many skills FREE online.  I recently learned how to make my own kombucha. A friend taught me.

doula Jabelaa-001Sell Something- If you’re anything like me, most times I can fin something in the house to use as a gift. Giving is a GREAT thing but why not open an online store an sell it? You could even have a online yard sale or a make an offer theme.

Volunteer- Find a group online or locally that need your help. You’ll be surprised at the resources that will be opened up for you just by saying “Yes, I’ll help you.” We have gotten pounds of food for free by helping set up for events. This tip works great for fee based community events and other personal services.

There are people out here who believe that in life you must have money to live well  Truth is nothing is free. It will cost you time, money or both. But you and your family is worth it right?

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