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I didn’t go. Instead two other moms from the Supermom team attended with a guest.

Her words- “Noah” is a bizarre movie.If I didn’t spend my money to see it we would have walked out.” Stephanie B.

“In the very beginning when Noah started talking to rock monsters, I knew we were screwed. It was like a nightmare. The theater was silent and the audience was horrified. I was talking to everyone as we left, and I did not find a single person that liked it. It was like a bad dream.”

Aronofsky’s Noah becomes so disturbed by human sinfulness that he obsesses on the idea that the race should not survive. God must be using the hero’s family just to save the animal kingdom and then mankind will die out. If his son’s wife has a baby girl, Noah announces a plan to take that life to prevent the human race from going forward. Later, with Noah’s knife raised over twin daughters you sense a composite, Noah mixed with a bit of Abraham and going crazy.

The portrayal of Noah during this part of the movie is so dark that you do not want to like him. It is hard to reconcile this character with the “righteous” man described in Genesis 6 or the man of “faith” described in Hebrews 11.

Jews and Christians will have a hard time recognizing Noah in this film while the environmental agenda is overdone.

Anyone familiar with the 500-year-old man and his ark may need to check some of their most cherished visualizations of him at the theater door. No cozy two-by-two images of beatific giraffes grace this “Noah.” Like any good artist, Aronofsky has avoided predictable, literalist retellings of beloved Sunday school stories by inserting new characters, bringing parenthetical figures to the fore and making one of history’s most enduring and universal myths his very own.But, as a money-making ploy, it’s a downright masterpiece.

Watch the Noah – Review 2014 clip here! 

Mom two in her words: Saw Noah; So on point and so very good! A must see. Bring tissues. Special effects good if you’re into that stuff. I liked how it was filled with passion, love, respect, mercy, teaching, good and hope. Also addresses human choice and responsibility. Love hearing God referred to as ‘The Creator’, reminding us that we are not such, and instead serve a higher power and purpose beyond. Really good movie. Definitely bring tissues. Don’t understand the controversy regarding a movie with good messages… At least I believe love, hope, and respect are good messages to teach and learn.

Drowning in Distortion — Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah”  Said Dr. Molher

Noah is a homicidal maniac. God is an angry tree-hunger who avenges himself on people for harming the environment.-  Fr.Z blog

The Film Shows The Bible States
“In the beginning, there was nothing.” In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)
Adam and Eve had three sons. Adam and Eve had Cain, Abel, Seth, and other sons and daughters. (Genesis 5:4)
Noah’s father Lamech died when Noah was a young boy. Lamech lives until Noah is about 595 years old, dying approximately five years before the Flood.
Japheth is Noah’s youngest son. Ham is Noah’s youngest son (Genesis 9:24 ).
Japheth releases the raven from the ark. Noah releases the raven (Genesis 9:7).
God used the big bang and evolution (see below for more details). God created everything in six days (Genesis 1).
Man is to be judged because of what humans have done to the earth. Man is to be judged for sinning against the holy and righteous God.
Noah builds the ark solely to save “the innocents” (meaning the animals), and after it serves its purpose, man is to die off. Noah built the Ark for the saving of his household (Hebrews 11:7) and the animals (Genesis 6:19–20).


From: Huffington Post-  The Film Never Mentions God
I have heard this objection repeatedly this weekend, particularly on FOX News and talk radio outlets, and it is blatantly false and ridiculous. The very word translated “God” in Genesis is not a name, but a generic reference that might be translated as “The Powers” (Elohim). One can only imagine the uproar had Aronofsky chosen to call the Creator “The Powers” — which would have been quite biblical. In the Noahfilm, this nameless One is constantly referred to as “the Creator,” but used in a very personal way by all the characters in the film — good and bad. According to Exodus 6:3, God did not make Himself known by His personal name Yahweh (YHVH) or “the LORD” until the time of Moses. The references to God as “the LORD” in Genesis 6-9 in the flood story are accordingly anachronistic — so it turns out, ironically, that Aronofsky’s designation of God as “the Creator,” is more biblical than his critics objections imagine.

After all of this, I think I’ll pick up a bible for the first time in well over 10 years just to read the story again! And yes, I still want to see it for myself. (Blame the marketing! I can just see the “Holy Rollers” battling the “Free Thinkers “– Too funny.

How Accurate-Is-Noah

I think I’ll leave my son Noah Elohim home to mind the animals. (Not a movie to take children to before studying religion)


Wednesday Wow: Safer Chemicals Healthier Family; The Stroller Brigade

We must do better with these toxins. Sure they are everywhere, but some of them are more dangerous than others.

For the last 35 years, the federal law that is supposed to protect citizens from dangerous toxic chemicals in everyday products has been failing us. There are more than 82,000 chemicals on the market today, and only about 200 of them have ever been tested for health and safety. As rates of childhood cancer, autism, learning disabilities and other chronic diseases continue to rise, our families seem to be the subjects of a dangerous experiment. What happens when you expose American babies and children to constant doses of untested chemicals? Unfortunately, I think we are seeing the results in our health care system.

Read more: The Herald-Sun – Fighting toxic chemicals My son the Jedi lobbyist “

I grew up with a politician across the street from me. Mr Pasley is his name. Mr Pasley would never tell me what he did all day, but he always seemed to be in a hurry leaving his home. Dark shades, speeding in and out of his car. To this day, I still don’t know what he does for the government..


I was happy leaving my family on this day.I knew that although it was my birthday, I would be back with them soon to their hugs, laughs and lovely rhetoric. In 2005, I left my family to be with SaMya, my daughter. Although I went back home, I left my 11year old, Samya and never seen her again. That also happened on my birthday, so it’s was all the more reason for me to go to Washington to be heard.mya


The flight was just over an hour. My next ride didn’t come for another 30 minutes. I used that time to return phone calls and text messages. We moms know how to maximize our time!

“All consumers, regardless of income level, deserve to know the products on their store shelves are safe.”

– Shane Shirley Smith (Stroller Brigade mom, blogger, and business owner)

Once we got into Washington, I rearranged my bags and put Noah down so he could walk a bit more freely. He chased a pigeon.Those little hands were everywhere as he tripped and pushed back up. It was a beautiful simple play time for him. He didn’t think about toxins are any other  potential hazards. I immediately thought to myself, these politicians have to pass the Safe Chemicals Act. Requiring a labeling system will ensure our children’s toys, house hold cleaners, carpet, etc. are safer for our babies can continue to run and play freely.

after flying in from Charlotte NC , I arrived in BWI. Took the MARC into Washington. I was greeted with a hand massage.

after flying in from Charlotte NC , I arrived in BWI. We took the MARC into Washington. I was greeted with a “Birthday Girl” hand massage. Nice……….

As a mom that has lost an amazing daughter to toxins, I was happy to share why I think strong laws should be made right away. No one should loose their child to something that could be avoided. I for one do not want to loose anymore children. 1I know that others have read packaging, couldn’t figure if it was a real threat, and bought it anyway. They have no clue how dangerous it was, or trusted that no one in their right minds would poison them on purpose. That’s not right and I think they got the message.

us Moms Rising

We, as parents have to be a voice. We have to ask questions. If not, who will? Talk to YOUR senators. They work for YOU! WE hired them. (Thank you Senators and staff for your time)

Watch the Stroller Brigade here- (click here)  and here –The Stroller Brigade with Safer Chemicals, QC Supermom, Jessica Beals & other awesome stroller pushing participants.                  The fun starts here!

Okay, I'll agree it looks different. BUT it makes sense. Moms SHOULD BE HEARD.

Okay, I’ll agree it looks different. BUT it makes sense. Moms SHOULD BE HEARD.

Mya, Noah (& 7 other kids) mom, QC Supermom

Friday Four: My Birthday, My Yearly Self Evaluation. Hold the cake please!

b day me againIt’s been almost 365 days since my last evaluation I’m so grate full to have another year. I’m up for my “job review”. It’s just like any review. What I have accomplished. What I failed at, and what I would like to improve on as well as where I see myself by the next review.

1st pedicure ever this year at 37 ears old.

1st pedicure ever this year at 37 ears old.

Overall, I would give myself a B+.This past year was filled of many uncertain events. Some were good some bad and others were incredible. My best moments included having Noah Elohim and becoming a doula. The biggest challenge was our 6 month displacement in the hotel and my obstacles with JC, my daughter. Even with those issues, its been worth it to be where I am today!  Which has brought me to my focus for this new year. I have PLANS! (doesn’t everyone do this?)

These are my four goals for next year:

1. Complete the QC Supermom’s “Motherhood 101′ line. (that is all I will say on that.Just watch out for some great things for motherhood!)

2. Grow the doula partnerships and supplemental services initiatives. I want to continue working at home even after I finish nursing Noah.  For all of the experiences I earned over the years, it would be a disservice to not maximize it.

3. Become more aggressive in collective self sufficiency. Gardening, and diy projects are a start, but there is so much more to do. I just believe that days of job security is few and in-between. it’s surly the days where the strongest survives.

4. Position my children to think more often with the end in mind. Did you know that Origami Owl was started by a teenager? Isabella “Bella” Weems has her entire family in the business. That’s brilliant! Origami Owl, a custom jewelry company whose direct sales business model turns would-be entrepreneurs into salespeople and evangelists.

So what her mother had a bout with the law. It didn’t prohibit their success in any way. The girl has made $215 MILLION creating and selling  “jewelry bars,” supplies!

This is where I take out my bull horn: “You can hold me to my past if you want to but I am not looking back there. My future is ahead of me.- Christian “Chrissy” Weems

What about  Zandra Azariah Cunningham the thirteen year old entrepreneur? She owns a fruitful business. It’s called Azariah’s Innocence, a natural bath & body product line. I want that for my children.

Ok,drop the party hats & back to the drawing board. No party this year.I have a lot of work to do before next years reveiw, Onward I go!

Happy New Year To Me!~QC Supermom

QC Supermom  Birthday Reveiw

QC Supermom
Birthday Reveiw