Equal Pay: Put Some Respect On My Check!

If he and I are doing the same job, especially in the same company; put some respect on my check and pay me what you owe me! I shouldn’t have to work four to five more months just to see equal income- right?

Gender Wage Gap is real! I remember signing a form saying that I promised not to discuss my pay with other employees. Thinking about it now, what was I thinking? What was the big secret? How was this information detrimental to anyone else? Was I getting paid more or less? Did my college degrees put me over other less educated colleagues?

Coffee Sleeves and Napkins at More than 30 Small Businesses Feature Gender Pay Gap Statistics to Show Importance of Equal Pay and Paid Leave for All o

April 2nd is Equal Pay Day (the day that symbolizes how women, on average, have to work all of 2018 and until early April of 2019 to earn what white men earned in 12 months alone),

‘I hadn’t yet learned I was less valuable than a man
By Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Momsrising and Main street is teaming up to mark equal pay day with a fun and high-impact gimmick. I plan on joining in because I have both male and female children. I want them to receive what they deserve and have enough integrity to call out the bull crap when the see it!

Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) pay data collection initiative which was started by President Obama  

The initiative would have increased transparency around wages and prevented race and gender gaps from getting swept under the rug. “Would have” are the key operating words here, because now it’s on hold.

Here’s the deal: While in office, President Obama moved forward several measures to advance equal pay; but now President Trump is stopping them from moving forward even though studies show that one of the best ways to ensure equal pay is to increase transparency around wages and prevent race and gender gaps from getting swept under the rug. Specifically, last August, the Trump administration’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) blocked an important equal pay initiative that President Obama started – the EEO-1 equal pay data collection – which requires large corporations to report pay data by race, ethnicity, and gender to the EEOC

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Friday Four-Finding Childcare Alone

Mainstream childcare is expensive! The good news is that help is out there! You just have to know where to find it. You have to open not only your mouth to ask, but your home to give back as well.

Queen City Stay At Home Moms are open to watching each other children when needed. They work as a team. Every mom in the group understands what each one is going through and the obstacles to finding  suitable work, and affordable yet adequate childcare. They also offer their members  a discounted childcare service rate through The Big Sister.

Not everyone is in Charlotte, but the concept could work ANYWHERE. Here’s what I would do as a parent without local/ willing relatives or other support:

  • While out with the kids, observe the other moms. Notice if they would be someone you would want your child around. If so make a connection with them. If your child naturally navigate toward their child encourage them to introduce themselves….make friends. Then dive in on the parent. Go on exchange mommy cards.(Create your own mommy cards here)- please 🙂
  • Look for mom groups that match your lifestyle. A good moms group will make your journey in motherhood much more blissful. Of course you get what you you put in it, but building your mom tribe is never a bad idea. If you are active within the group, (keyword is active) you pretty much have created your own childcare system, especially if they have teen children… (In Charlotte? Click Here)
  • Speaking of teens- HIRE ONE! Retired women maybe an option too.Right now in Charlotte, are non certified sitter can get at least $9/hr. Add CPR beatification, more experience and other professional training and your rate goes up even more. If promise to feed them well , you may save even more. But don’t assume.it will happen with “busy-hard to listen little ones” No one wants to watch brats ..not even family members.
  • Find a job that offers free child care benefits. They are out there. Try FlexJobs.com.

big BROTHER little.jpgI will tell you this, the better behaved your child is, the least they have to do, the easier you are to work with, the better your chances are for securing both affordable and adequate childcare.